May 28, 2011

1 A.M in a bus

Last week , i was on this bus with my family , - a tour . The best thing about bust travel , when you dont have your headphones on , is the variety of characters , you could see . I always enjoy my travel to college in bus . Its quite an interesting thing - overhearing ! . You think its wrong ? - I dont .

I am basically a sound sleeper . A full meal and a nice cool breeze is enough to put me to sleep . That day , i just woke up in the bus . Maybe its a small jolt which is quite a common thing in our Indian roads . I just couldn't sleep after that . As one would do , i peeked through the window and found the tress and buildings running back . You know , we people just dont realize that kind of beauty .  No wonder , why poets write about it . The  moon , was like chasing me . It was kinda nice and funny that i was giggling . But , as the bus turned to another direction , i missed it .

Frustrated , I turned around , and found that almost everyone was sound asleep , snoring . A man , tall , dark , well-built , in his mid-40's and with that big mush of his , looked pretty scary when he first entered the bus , but now , he was there curled in his seat , hands by his head , along the window - sleeping , with a smile on his face . Guess he was in a nice dream . Interested in the way he was sleeping like a child , i started to observe others as well .

There was this guy , thin and dark , really funny looking , with his huge wife - Huge , i mean really huge , she would take two seats for her , but he managed to squeeze himself in .  He was such a big complainer . He started yelling at the conductor that the Push-back wasn't working properly and asked him to kill the lights and the music . He was such a nuisance . But his wife was calm , controlling him from bursting out .  Looks are deceptive indeed . Now , he looked even more funny , he was turned to a side with his legs over the seat and holding his wife's hands , so tightly , like holding a teddy-bear and he was drooling . Funny - guy .

There were others , mouths wide open , curled , smiling , holding something tight and some snoring so loud . A guy , around 20 , by the side of my seat , suddenly woke up and looked at me , his eyes , red , waking up from a deep sleep . I was just startled . He then said , please dont tell my mom ...and went on blabbering for a minute in some other worldly language and went back to his sleep . I just couldnt stop from laughing , but managed to keep it low . My brother woke up and looked at me shocked , "What's gotten into you ? Stop laughing and freaking everyone out . Freak !" and rolled to other side . I then somehow managed to get out from that hilarious moment and went back to staring at the trees . I didnt know when i  fell asleep .

The next morning was even more  funny , to see everyone getting into their day-time character .

There is no "Adult-like Sleep" . Is There ????

Picture Courtesy - Deviantart .

The Tunnel 2011 - WOAH !!!

Ok. Im not going to lie . When i first saw this movie in the internet available for download . I didnt have any hopes for it . Come on . Will you download a movie that's directly out in the net and available for free download , legally ? . I certainly didnt at first . One will start to think that its some kinda crap which couldn't even make to the big screens .  How much effort would have actually gone into the movie ?

Actually a lot . I had such little expectations for this movie ,but it just proved me wrong . This turned out to be one of the best horror movies i have seen . Going underground - was really very intense . Its the kind of movie that will keep you at the edge of your seats and make you totally believe that , everything (the footage) in the movie is so real .

The vital thing about a horror movie , is the sound . It can make or break a movie . In this case , it is just great . The Sounds proved to be a  perfect companion for the well-written script , fantastic performances and creepy sets .

The movie has this extra parts , than the thrilling footage , to add a bit of suspense . Initially , it may feel a bit dragging , but just be patient for a really nice show that follow it and keeps you glued .

This movie is in the lines of Paranormal activity , The Blair witch project and Rec .If you are a fan of these movies , you will love it . If you haven't tried this style of movies, you will enjoy this to the core .

I would have given it a 9/10 , if it came a few years earlier . Now , as i have gotten used to the style , I would
give it a 7 / 10 . No wonder it has bagged some prestigious awards .


Official Download Link

May 27, 2011

Transformers and Ancient Astronaut Theory

 This is a Guest Post by Mr.A.Saravanan aka Miki .

Hey Guys...Actually I’m not a serious blogger but i just felt like giving a try. Well, it’s about some scientific facts which I came across and found it interesting.

It’s about a well-known movie “Transformers Series” which had many of their concepts linked to Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Let’s start with simple one---- Transformers movie.

The movie states that there were Advanced Robotic Organism existed several millions years ago. Yeah it’s true; there has been possibility of existence of Advanced Organism other than ours in the space. Luckily, there has been many sightings of UFO to confirm it (Most of them are just hoax though).
If you see in the first movie of the transformer series, they used the concept of Cube-“All Spark” which gives life to all the crap things present including Xbox 360 comes to life when Sam slips away the Cube (can be a good advert for mountain Dew and Microsoft).

In the second movie, the film states that these shape changing metal pieces came before humans were civilized and built pyramids to hide their antique stuff. During the climax of the movie, the Decepticons (or Evil ones to be simple) use the great pyramid of Giza to destroy the sun and use its power to harness their army against good!!!

Well, it’s true not to that extent but to some level. The pyramid of Giza doesn’t have rooms to rent for pharaohs not even lodge dead corpses of them but have slanting chimneys which could produce energy sort of stuff.
In the third part( yet to release), those creatures come out the moon’s surface, gets teleported to destroy our Earth and all those blah blah things aliens do as depicted in movies.
There are several theories stating how moon was formed. Mostly by high angular velocity of earth or collision with Earth billions of years ago. But the fact remains; there are no neutral elements (oxygen nitrogen or carbon). Those elements are present here why can’t it be there?? Except for the traces of water are identified there.

Let’s get on with The Ancient Astronaut theory.
AAT says that the Astronauts from other planets with high scientific advancements came to Earth in search of valuable resources (E.g. Gold, You could see most of our Indian Gods wore mostly gold), during their inhabitation, they cultivated life on Earth (E.g. Adam and Eve according to Bible) and guided them to live accordingly to their cultures.

Eric Von Daniken wrote a book “The Chariots of God” which explains many incidents where most of them portrayed as Gods are actually Aliens from other planets.

Kinich Janaab Pakal, one of the rulers of Mayan city 603-683 AD, near Mexico (now). Look at the picture. The Sarcophagus lid of Pakal looks familiar to an Astronaut in his Space shuttle in our present times. 

Many theories were set forward by the believers of AAT; sadly they have to get evidence to prove their findings.

Enough said about Ancient Astronaut Theory. Let’s see our connection to the movie.

Most of the Christians know about The Ark of the Covenant, which the Gods guided Moses to build one. It contains the Tablet with Ten Commandments. With the powerful device, Moses was able to split the River of Jordan. In the Battle of Jericho, the city walls fell when the Ark was encompassed around the city.
During the capture of the Ark by the Philistines, people who merely looked at the Ark were killed by its power. The Priests who served in the Temple housing the Ark were told that viewing it at an improper time would result in immediate death.

After the fall of Babylonian empire (lastly held the Ark in their Temple), the Ark was lost and its location is still unknown .So, The Ark is the only piece of Alien Tech in our planet just like The Cube in the Transformers movie.I don’t want to bore you with words, so here’s a video which describes Pyramid of Giza actual purpose according AAT.

You’ll see the coherence of the Transformer’s 2nd movie (esp. in the climax) to their Ancient Astronaut theories.

Finally, you have 2 videos,
One is the Transformers 3rd part trailer which clearly shows about the Transformers remaining dormant on Moon. 

The other we have here is the AAT explaining about Moon’s secret and Apollo 11 mission.

Try to watch 2-6 min in the video that’s where the topic revolves around.  

So, Apollo 11 mission is a failure?? Don’t know!!
Is US Government hiding secrets?? May be!
Is Michael Bay adopting AAT in his Transformer movies?? Yes Indeed!!

May 19, 2011


I was sitting under a tree in an unnaturally cold summer evening , ipod plugged to my ears , and enjoying the scenic beauty of that place . The clouds were a yellowish – blue signaling the time for sun – set .  The light faded off with the sun slowly going to sleep . It was when , a boy came towards me . Roughly around 6 years old , he was round and cute , his hair shiny black but his face had sadness all over it  .
I stood and went near him . Kneeled down and took his hands . He looked at me and his sadness engulfed me .
“Is anything wrong ?”
He gripped my hands tight and said , “Yes . Can you please come with me ?” .
I nodded , forcing a ‘Everything is gonna be okay’ kinda smile , to make him feel better . He took my hands and led me towards the setting sun .
Suddenly the air became hotter , it was a morning . For once I thought I was dreaming , but the boy was walking with me in a place that looked so familiar . After a second of puzzlement , I realized that I was in the street to my home .
He took me near an old lady , thin and weak , lines of sorrow running deep in her skin . She was lying in the pavement curled holding her bag . Hunger all on her eyes .
“You walk this street almost everyday , with your ear phones plugged and ignoring her like a piece of dirt . Did you ever think of getting her something to eat ? Atleast one day ? ” , the boy asked .
I stared at him surprised . I couldn’t answer his question and bowed my head in shame .
He griped my hands again and  led me . Now , I was in some other place . Engines roaring and horns buzzing . Air filled with dust and smoke . It was bust road . He took me further and pointed at something . I followed his gaze and was shocked to find myself standing in a bus stop with a friend . My eyes went wide open and I asked him startled ,
“Who are you ?” .
He just turned to look at me but didn’t say anything . I stood there , staring at myself , amazed and with a thousand questing running in my mind . And there came a screeching noise , tearing the silence in my mind and bringing me back to that place . There was an accident , a car hit a motor – bike . I saw the other me , just turning to look , and getting back to the chat with my friend . Only one guy , from the crowd , ran towards them and helped the man up , and gave him some water .
“You saw an accident and a person bleeding . Why didn’t you run and help him ? Has life of a stranger become less important ?”  , the boy asked .
His question stung me really hard .
“The world is full of people like you that I have lost my place in it” , the boy added .
Ashamed and surprised , I stared at him and asked , “Who are you ?” .
“I was once a part of you . I am what you have lost and that guy who helped had .”

May 18, 2011


 I lay in my bed sleepless . Hoping for a cold breeze to take me to my dreams , i turned towards the window . The curtains danced in the gentle wind , letting in a shimmer of beautiful light . It was so magical , i believed i was dreaming .Time seemed to have stopped . I moved the curtains up and found it hiding behind dark clouds , revealing only a glimpse of its beauty.  I prayed for the clouds to move and they did . There it was, silky and white , shining ever so bright all through the darkness , glowing with life . Trees stood as dark silhouettes , leaves dancing with the wind , enjoying the glorious sight and adding more beauty to the night . I lay there staring , with my eyes wide open capturing every bit of this dreamy night . It was a sight of contempt , a sight of purity , a sight that took me gently to my sleep .

May 15, 2011

So-called “ Friends “

The important thing about college life is friends / friendship . College friendship is always touted to be the best and long-lasting one . You may think differently but I am just talking about the majority here . There is always a debate about which friends are better ? or which life you enjoyed the most ? - college or school . Since the introduction of questions in facebook , this topic has been running in the news feed  . But , I believe school or college doesnt have anything special , I mean they are not very different . Both offers the same - Knowledge and friendship . It is only the people who differ . So the definition of friendship differs with them . Expecting the same kinda thing from everyone is a big mistake .

True friendship is a different thing and im not going to talk about it here .

Like any relationship  , the first level of friendship is sugar-coated . Impressions get you friends and you either bond with or split , later when your opinion differs . A class looks and may really seem together as one but soon comes a split , and you can see gangs formed , each one behaving In their own way . These gangs are formed due to similar tastes or by some kinda blind driving force . You hang out with them , just because you started doing that with them and you begin to think that others are some sort of weirdos . If a guy hates someone , the gang follows that and no matter what , the gang supports them blindly . Soon , your entire college life will begin to move around your gang , happiness and sorrow all within the gang . Any step taken to glue these gangs together will always result in chaos . I have seen a few good-willed people getting hurt in taking such attempts .

Some be a part of the gang not knowing that they are being ignored and some gangs have splits in them . Some thin line keeps them together which is definitely not friendship .

Picture Courtesy 

I have seen most of those relying on their gang , turn to ruins . It is not only their behaviour but their perceptions  / thinking also changes . The one thing these so called friendly gang members shouldnt do , is talk about a girl or a boy . One statement – she is beautiful or he/she is very kind or good , is enough . All that the gang wants is fun , and they don’t even care if its at the expense of someone getting hurt . They feed you with their perceptions and leave you in a confused state . Soon they enjoy developing it to crush and further more . They enjoy every moment of it . And you think they truly care about you . I think , I can say that in most cases love develops because of friends , directly or indirectly . And finally , when their enjoyment comes to an end leaving a person in torn apart , they find someone , someone who really cared , to blame on wearing the We are your true friends mask and you blindly believe them .This so called gang , never stays intact for a long time . One with clear insight can easily identify the differences in them , the misunderstandings or the fights between them , even if they do well to hide it from others . You must have seen friends (so-called) fighting together . They raise their voices , sometimes their hands for petty issues . And some have such big head , to apologize even to their friends .

There are few other gangs which doesn’t really care what happens to others or what might happen . They never even think about helping the weak . Not in terms of money , but with true good-will for his/her future . They eat together , they go out to movies together , they play together and they just leave them to rot , while fun is all around them . Leeches can be easily spotted by anyone out of the gang . They suck you completely and leave you when things go sour .

Having talked about love and fights , they next thing these gangs are formed is for fame . One kind , mocks and hurts everyone they see , and stand over them and enjoy being feared or called bullies . The next thing stick out for serious fame . The very clever , teacher – favorite , conspirators who always wear an artificial smile on them to hide their inner dirt .

All these poor people stick together until their job is done or until they find a better gang to hang out with .They are two-faced, liars and thieves . If you call them out on their dealings , understanding what they really are they will act hurt, so you begin to trust them and they again throw you in the dirt.Im sure you might have seen these kinds . You may find me cynical , but all this is true .

People who are a part of every gang – I mean the good guys – are rare to find and they are the ones who really care and get hurt for that too . Im glad i have earned some true friends , both from school and college .

May 9, 2011

The lightness of being

It is when I tasted the essence of it . It is when I gave myself in . It is when I started doing things I couldn’t . It is when I started to dream , I felt alive .

Holidays sounded fun for a few days . Left me in an isolated box , the next week . Bored and having nothing to do . I sought to find a respite . I chose Internet . I soon realized it was a very bad choice . Books were of really great help . You Know ! Its quite a common thing among readers to visualize what they read , especially fantasy lovers . I do that and I really enjoy it too .

Some times when im literally bored , I try to re-live some of those moments . Call it Day dreaming ? . Believe me , Its just the key to big new experience . Its is more like being in a fantasy world . You become a part of everything there . You can change a small gold fish to a big dolphin which will take you to its world and even change them into piranhas and let them chase your foes . You could paint with the colors of the wind , hear the whispers of the trees . You can fly , you can fight , you could do all that you couldn’t  .

One day I was staring down from the balcony , at the busy roads below . I wished they looked different .  The dusty black tar roads replaced by lush green velvety blanket . Trees all over . Sweet melodies of the birds rather than those noisy horns and roars of engines . Rabbits running around . Flowers , wide open and smiling in different colors . Sun light seeping through the tress to embrace you . An enchanted realm . It came true , it felt so real . A place I would like to visit very often .

It feels God-like , to live in a world you create .

Life can’t be more interesting .

May 3, 2011


 A few days earlier  , i wrote about impressions and in a few comments i came across the word instinct . Now that made me curious to know if they are both related and i found out that they weren't . People said that instinct , intuition all go hand in hand with impressions . I think differently . Impressions are responses of the brain that are driven by certain benchmarked analysis and  has nothing to do with instinct which is an involuntary function . So , then i wanted to discuss about instincts , and here it is . Believe me ! This gave me a serious headache , esp when  i tried to differentiate instinct from impulse .

Instinct - this word is used by people to refer unexplainable feeling , action or impulses . Dictionary says  its  an inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to certain specific stimuli . A simple example would be , the tendency of newly hatched turtles to move towards the ocean . It is a fixed pattern of behavior for a stimuli .

Do Instincts go with evolution ?

I dont think so . The most important thing in human evolution is the discovery of fire . There are many articles around the web that points out instinct drove them to the discovery . I deny it . It was just an accident . A guy playing with two stones in a cave would have found sparks , which then lead to fire and obviously its not the same everywhere . In some places it is dry sticks and in some iron and quartz and even lighting may have influenced . Hunger and fear are the next important things about evolution . When you are hungry , you eat . But its an urge than can be controlled  . So is fear and violence . These are impulses and not instincts which are completely involuntary . Its like when you grow you start to walk with your legs and not your hands  - thats instinct .

Is Language an instinct ?

Language is one of the very important things that led to cultural evolution .Every child starts with noises to communicate . It is slowly moulded and developed by the societal and parental influence . Language in general , when considered as a way to interact , may be an instinct , but what about nouns ? verbs and adj ? .

Can Instincts be developed ?

Yes , many are . Its goes with maturation . A young bird caged in , right from its birth  and when let go at the right age , can fly .(without any experience) . A painter , by default paints the hair in black and not green . Though it may be a result of cognitive response and learning , it happens almost involuntarily . You do not think to choose the color of hair . So that proves that instincts need not be a "born-with" kinda phenomenon and can be learned or developed . Most of our behavior may have instincts as roots .

Societal influence and Instincts  - Are they related ?

These influences define our habits and behavior . These get transformed into memories and gets imprinted in the gene . So a gene pool , largely influenced by the society or culture may develop a set of unique instincts . Cant they ?

How is instinct different from Impulse ?

Instincts are uncontrollable automatic responses , just like the turtle thing i said before .Impulse is an urge - a biological response or reflex that can be controlled .

 I believe this is enough to make you think .  If you think differently about this , please drop in your comments and lets discuss . Hope , you dont get a headache .