Jan 17, 2016

And the story began...

Nothing gives happiness to a writer than the feeling of holding his favourite pen and the words that are magically mustered at his will . The pen shares an intimate bond with him that nothing else can replace . The bond together , transpires a story so beautiful that it takes the breath away from its readers . Thats how a story is born and is relived a million times in the unfettered imagination of its readers and thereby gives life to its characters .

One such pen of a notorious and a secretive writer nudged the characters to write a story of their own on their own, when exchanged with the right person . And thus a story began with the exchange of a pen . The mighty magical pen started to give life to the words and with life , came love . A Love that brought the moon and the sun together , and sealed the fire and water in a magical sphere for eternity . A love that sealed me with her for life .

When we first met , she used to give me a look . I thought she either found me intriguing or outright non-sense . Her eyes could convey a million things in seconds and those eyes had depth that i never thought would consume me . Being a twin , she was special , and the most talkative/active among the two , hyperactive would be the right word  . Its always a whirlwind of emotions and reactions radiating from her .

"Can i have a pen , please ?" , she would ask . Thats all the conversation we had in the initial days . I never thought Linda Goodman who i was introduced to in my college would forge a bridge between us now . I actually barged in on one of her conversations and asked her if she was a scorpio . She gazed at me and smiled . My observation was acknowledged and she asked me to tell more about her. I seemed to have done really well .

She was young , growing up and with a lot of tricks up her sleeve . Palmistry , psychology , tradition and astrology forged conversations . All her words were filled with hope , character , individuality and a dash of irrepressible intelligence . Her enthusiasm was riveting . We started out playing mind games , giving each other half truths and a lot of lies and nudged the other to find the real meaning .She was enjoying it and so was I . We were trying to prove who was more clever . She always had the habit of twirling and twisting her hair on one side and i kept teasing her a lot for that .

I for someone rare reason was forcing her to talk to me in emails . A very rare one ofcourse.  Who types out an email when you whatsapp??!!?? She was intrigued and at the same time annoyed that i didnt think of sharing our phone numbers . I seriously dont know why i resorted to emails with her but that intrigue of hers changed a lot of things .

Days moved , stories were shared , and people connected . A storm was brewing and in this way we both fell head over heels into love .

Initially there was no confession of love from my side , i was rather secretive , but we just randomly jumped into talking about our marriage and making plans for that . We talked a lot about our past and how things transpired to bring us together and feel all nostalgic .

When everyone called me a robot for the lack of emotional responses , she chose the word snowy as in snow man . It was something special and warm . So now me being a typical snow man , i just stood in one place , she had to drag me around and sometimes it really drove her crazy . Then as you can imagine it resulted in a full on war . A war !!! seriously !! My emotions are rather rare and short lived and hers is the exact opposite . My anger would fly away in an instant as i would forget it and it lingers around in her mind consuming her and then she would find light and smile upon me , with so much realization like a mother's smile ( I know why you did that , kinda smile ) .

She is a good singer but is always way too shy to sing for me . I will have to ask her a million times before she goes into a silent mode and when i ask her the reason for silence , she would say that she is getting into the tune and then a melody will follow . She will be solid , in choosing only the songs that matches her range , anything else suggested will be shunned away mercilessly .

My writing , though being average at best , was consider to be good and she liked it too much . She would always ask me to write out an email for her and i would , at times . When i dont , its either a sweet dissapointment ( i know u cant write until you feel like ) or the blow of a war horn . I considered her to be an over sweet idly van . Idly van !! Rare aint it ?? . Thats because she gobbles up idlies like anything and she would want a hundred varities of chutneys with it .Hush-hush , thats a secret .

My entire world became hers . She was instantly a favouite for my mother and to all my friends . They all adored her too much , which sometimes backfired for me . She would say ,
"They all love me so much and you of all people , sit in one place like a rock . Dushta !!" .
Yes i am the dushtan for my raakshashi. I became a dushtan whenever my reactions or words became restricted . I would reason with her , but reasoning with her when she is upset is like trying to make a baby eat something that tastes unpleasant . She would wiggle out of the reasoning zone and there stages a thaandavam , which is better only if i sit silently and watch and anything else makes it a ferocious one .

Whenever im out with friends or family , she wont even ping me . She granted me my space and believe me its a huge space that i demanded and she only smiled for it . She had so much understanding and there was so much freedom . I fell in love with that freedom . I fell with her understanding . I fell in love with her passion and trust .
She sketched for me , wrote letters , emails and she was doing a lot of things . Her passion made her to cook . The easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach and she knew that very well and she was a natural when it came to cooking . Paayasam  was the first to my heart and when i dunked a spoon and took it out i could see loads of cashew and pista and with that,  all her effort and love .  I am a biriyani fanatic and she is becoming an expert at that too . What more can a foodie wish for than a partner who can cook well and with love !! Blessed , i am .

An opposite to me when it comes to movies . I am crazy about movies and TV series and she being a kid cant sit in one place for minutes together . She would watch a 3 hour movie in 30 minutes and text me with numerous smilies that she finished watching it . I used to be baffled . I still am , how can anyone finish a movie in 20-30 minutes !!! Seriously !!!  Music too calls for a fight . Its a typical Illayaraja VS ARR , with her supporting Illayaraja claiming that all of his work is heavenly and nothing can even come close . I like Illayaraja but can never give up on ARR and so a war is called for .

My indifference , restrictions and selfishness would rattle her and her uncontrollable anger would infuriate me and then begins the clash of the fire and water sealed in a magical globe for eternity . Fight , love , more fights - more love .
Whats so rare about her is that she never expects anything other than time . She is not materialistic , doesnt mind anything about money , values people a lot , cherishes family and understands its importance . In a world where expensive gifts and star hotel treats make women happy , she would be elated with one email from me , a short one is enough to lift her mood up and make her jump in joy . A rare one she is!!!  She is a solid woman , yet a extremely mischievious kid for me . A kid that no one else could have and probably would never see . And that is how the dushtan fell in love with the raakshashi and was consumed by the depths of her magnetic eyes .

Below is a very crude poetry of sorts for her... 

Sundari penne
Kaarmega koondhal azhagi
Meen pola kannazhagi
Muthu siripazhagi
Oyyara nadai azhagi
Agangaara kova azhagi 
Adangaadha kaadhal azhagi
Ende parvathi..