May 10, 2015

Arjun Prasad

"You get what you deserve"

Thats an old saying , i dont belive in . One that survived the years , because it gives hope . Hope - An excuse for lack of action , for those who are weak to fight for it and those without desire .
I am not you . I do not live everyday of my life struggling to just live and claw the way for a middle class that no longer exists .

I have money , enough to be happy but to stay happy i need respect not the one that comes towards an act of kindness but the one that demands it - Fear . Because people forget good things , its the bad that stands for time , passed on to generations , to make them believe that there is always something or someone who can get to them and make them suffer . Its this feeling that drives humanity . Its the fear , that makes the whole world docile , except for few men with true vision .

So Yes , i am not from the world you see , not from yours , but from the one hidden in its shadows . Shadows of your indifference . Your lack of interest in anything that doesnt affect you directly . Its the men born from these shadows that rule you now and make you cheer for them . Men with desire for power and the ability to act the leader you want to see , you want them to be and make you believe . They take everything thats yours and deem you irrelevant and treat you worthless. I am not them either . I dont need anything thats yours .

I do not have desire , I am a man with ambition , principles and conviction . You dont need an actor , you need an doctor . The one that can heal this city .
A step towards a change needs surgical precision and patience . Things that matter - needs focus , focus away from texting and the 1000 channels and their worthless shows in the satellite dish .

I am not worried with some nay sayers calling me bad . I am the necessary evil , the one that this city needs . I am born from the shadows , but i belong with light . I will rid this city of those unworthy lives . I will take it from the hands of jugglers and recreate it . I will clean the dirt with the blood of those that infect my city .
It needs order , and that comes from respect and fear . Fear me , for i shall help you . Fear me and i will make this a better place . Wrong me , and i will kill you and the ones you love .

I dont get what i deserve . I get what I desire , with coercion and intimidation . I will earn fear and respect and will be the only king . 

My name is Arjun Prasad and i will be your ruler .