May 3, 2014

Richmond Park - My London Diary

Nightingale Road !!!

I stand on the road all paved and narrow . Tranquility and beauty was all i could sense .

The sublime glow of a chimney lamp from a small cottage across the road , and the green blanket around it added to the beauty of that moment . I now have to find my way to the place and a steep curved walkway up the road will take me there . It was a place of antique beauty , will thick shrubs around , blue bells popping out from few of the them and the smoke rising up to the sky from the chimneys of classic old brick houses . But without the sun, this would prove to be a dark and brooding place we read about in novels , perfect for a crime  , witchcraft / wizardry .

To the right lies Petersham , a beautiful medieval style hotel , tall and wide with a wonderful view to the other side . 

I could see cars parked around and the hustle of people leaving in small groups for a walk . Up the narrow lane and a few minute walk to the right , i have reached my destination .

I expected roads unpaved and less trodden , the absence of honking and the vrumms of cars , people like me walking for an experience but to my dismay i found the road trafficked and noisy with people bustling around in cycles and walking . I entered gawking at the unexpected crowd of cars lined up near the entrance and stared beyond to see two long roads running through the place all busy with a single file of cars and cycles moving around IN and OUT . I started walking by the road holding my camera and looking for a way out of these mundane things and i did .

It was probably acres of woods and greens by the side of the roads that seem to cut the area into half . I came by a sign board directing me towards Holly’s Lodge , something thats not in the immediate viscinity and probably hidden amongst the trees . I don’t want to take a paved path stretching infront of me , i wanted to stray and explore and so i went the other way .

I strayed out off the road and wandered the field , where the pathway for me was hidden and the trees appealed . My shoes crunched the tried leaves around and i heard a soft hustle . Smiling i tried to tread slowly and softly and i found them . A herd of wild deer grazing and there i lost the grip and the stomped on a branch leaving a loud crack and i knew i have lost the moment . The herd was no more there and i was again alone crunching and stomping things under my feet .

The woods welcomed me as i moved deep into and far away from muggles .  There weren't any dried grass or broken branches around now . With every footstep the beauty unraveled and birds started to sing .I looked around to the beauty of solitude and then spotted him . He started directly at me , his crowned head high and without a flinch . I moved further towards him slowly and with respect . I take my camera forward to capture the moment and that's when he slowly moved away . Desperate , i followed and he sat comfortably behind a fallen trunk and there i was with nothing but few feet in between . I clicked . I clicked again and then stood there wondering at this straight gaze upon me .

Its time for me to move on and explore .I kept walking the wide stretched grassland and i stopped for a moment breathing in and my jacket slowly fluttered in the wet breeze that brushed gently past me and making the hair on my head dance in joy . I now knew where i had to go -  Straight !!! 

Crumbled and weightless , free from the chaotic chains of self , i stood there mesmerized . Another wave of breeze  made me a dandling blue bell and i slowly rested myself on the ground and straight ahead in front of me was a lake , blue as sapphire and adorned with a dense pack of trees all around . I was there , only me . Most unique thing was a single tree standing right in the middle of it all . Magnificent yet simple . I didn’t want to leave the place and i sat there for hours capturing every bit of it my mind and if it am a great artist i would sketch them exactly the way it was , as i did not want to forget such a place ever . It was like a treasure chest guarded by the mystique ancient woods which granted access only to a special few .

Miles of walking followed and i came across people sitting around with picnic baskets , playing with their kids and some with their dogs and i did not want to sit . I wanted to walk , wander around as much as i can , enjoying the serenity . The path i chose was uneven , unpaved and less trodden and that led me to places no one else could . I decided to circle back . It was long and alone , adorned with woods of ancient beauty and visited frequently by a gentle wind and my walk stretched for a 5.2 mile distance and i arrived near the roads occupied by muggles . I walked along slow and steady as i didn't want to dehydrate myself more and finally i was here . Where it started – Nightingale Road !! .

A long walk with nature @ Richmond Park .