Mar 9, 2013

Unfinished - Day dreaming

I think i started typin this sometime back , when i was in bus , on d way to office . This has been lying in my drafts for a long time . I dont wanna complete it now ... it was a broken day dream and shall remain as one . So just publishing it.....

With the horns honking,  engines roaring and the tress moving , it is nothing but a typical week day . But I am left with a discomfort in my heart. My book,  remained deserted with no words to feed it and a fine coat of dust ruining its gloss . I sit up,  determined to revive it and sought for words from my mind,  but it was rather completely obstinate providing me with no words or clarity. 

May be it was because of all the noise around. It was time to switch the view,  change the channel to a more comforting one.  I did  !!! and found myself drowning in a sea that's so unusually violent,  throwing and dangling me to corners... It was as if the waters were playing with me..... I could feel the air moving slowly out of my lungs... The cold water rushed into me . The dampness ran a chill down my spine,  I was scared that I might get lost and I could see things darkening around me.  I was confused !! This is a world I created and why am I being drowned and there came a spark,  a sudden realization that this is indeed my world.  The panic left me that instance and now I could breathe,  under water and things turned calm as I regained control.  I floated and gloated about my control as I stood over a mass of water,  splashing , running and at times gently caressing me.

I kept walking and found the clouds turning a crimson red,  signalling the rise of my friend.  I enjoyed seeing him rise from beyond the mountains. It wasn't a fluke that I saw him first,  so I decided to play around for a while . But he soon found me , making me cringe by flashing his rays over my face - Show off!! 

I treaded the waters and raised let the air around me to push me up.  I shot up crossing through the velvety clouds scattering them from a big pile of smoke to tiny fragments of patterns, left to take shape as willed by their viewers.

Oblivious to the fact that im reaching him , he was shining and playing around. Hair waving like hell with the air gushing around me and drying the dampness off me,  I felt the cold leaving me and a comforting warmth taking its place.  I am now a few feet away from him thinking how I could prank him this time. He turned and found me,  leaving me sulking with disappointment.  That moved away and then he asked me why I was here. I told him about my book and how I wished to write something in it. He just smirked and told me that I have a lot written already.  Bewildered, I told him that I came in search of something,  that's stuck deep down in my mind,  trying to unleash it and flow through my fingers as world making them an part of my book,  but I couldn't find them exactly. You have to go deep to find it was all he said and the next moment I was dropping down out of control and heading towards a most likely, an ugly dive in the deep blue sea.

But this time it was different.  There was a limitless amount of words and letters swimming around,  a few coming close to me and drifting away. Flashes of images and voices were everywhere , whispering things.  One voice was different,  dark and grumbling and came from a deep dark cave beyond . I moved near secret,  the whale came and stood directly in front of me,  chasing away all the words that were around me,  a moment before.  A low grumble and it questioned me,  in a dark................

Bus stopped and i reached office ....