Apr 29, 2012

Lady Gabriella Betarrini


A sketch of the main character from Waterfall – River of Time #1 book . Really liked Gabi a lot .

So here I present to you , Lady Gabriella Betarrini , from my imagination .



Apr 28, 2012

I am Gifted !!!!


My wish finally came true .I was finally gifted , at an unexpected time from an unexpected person .

A Novel of the Gifted – gifted for me !!!!

I have been going on and on about a particular book , for a long time and was trying desperately hard to find the rest two books in the series but I wasn't ready to spend more than 500 on one book , so I kept searching the net for months but in vain .All that I could find was more than 700 INR – Nope !! Definitely not that much for a book .

As usual , I let this news , my longing and the unending search , slip into the ears of a few people in my team , hoping they would be able to find them (nearly impossibly , but still worth trying) , in the libraries they visit . The first book The Begotten , came to me via a friend , so why not expect and hope that their libraries would miraculously end my search .

Now that’s said and done . I was trying to fish it out from the net , searching them at least once a week .

The day , was as usual , a typical work day . Bit of chit-chat , gossips , secrets , friends , coffee and yes yes , work !! Of-course!! . Having had a complete lunch , I returned back to my desk and found a flipkart package in my desk for me !!! For me !! Yes me !!! Flipkart !!! And big enough to hold 2 books !!! Yes yes Finally , The Novel of the Gifted !!! and there was only one person who could care to do this !!! I know its her !! I Know the package had those 2 books !!! I knew … I jumped in joy , realization dawning , hands in the air , I was seriously excited , after a long time . I turned back to her , she was still pretending as though she didn’t knew what was happening . I went to her & asked her to give her hand . She gave a puzzled  “What ?? Why ??” , kinda look , but I could see it in her , she was happy , happy that im excited .

Finally she broke her act and smiled warmly and asked ,

“How did u know it was from me ?? You didn’t even open the package ?”

“I know its you . Who else in our team would do this to me ?? ” , I replied , excitement making my eyes go wide .

She smiled back and replied , “Thambi paiyya !! you wanted this right !! Have it !! Enjoy ” .

I was seriously getting sentimental . She had been our(new joiners) mentor since we joined in and a motivator in many ways , in simple – A well-Wisher , a good friend . But this !!! caring enough to give me what I was searching for , trying for a long time , just to see me happy . That’s it . I am getting emotional … I need a pause or I might embarrass myself and others .

I turned around , excited and with a contended  mind , that im among such good people , i ‘ve earned such a good friend , a caring mentor and akka . I couldn't repay that with just a Thanks . But I couldn’t do more at that time .

I opened  up the package and yes , it was them , the end to a long time search . The Betrayed and The Blessed . !!! For me !!!


The bill slipped down and  my jaws opened wide in shock …. 1500 for 2 books !!! and its not even a special day then …. seriously 1500 !!!!   I was just shocked . What have I done to deserve this ?? Do I really deserve this much care ???? …. Everything else drained down , now it was just shocked and I yelped . She turned back and saw me staring at the bill . She immediately tried to cover it up and try to jolt me off the shock state .

A few more prolonged minutes passed away with a mix of reactions .

Finally , I decided . There shall be yet another name ,  etched hard in my book of memories . Yet another name that would stand in my History .

The name is Sujitha Sai Selvaraju .

Im forever in your debt for the care you have shown me . Such a wonderdul Akka you are .

Apr 22, 2012

The name is Siva .

*If any of you have any idea of making fun , I suggest you not to go ahead . Please close this page and help yourselves . I don’t like to joked at when im talking something serious .
There are only a few people who you argue with and never care about the effects , yell or show your anger and be an open book and blindly depend on ,for comfort . I have found yet another special person in my very short list of such people . I have mentioned and wrote about few in my blog before , now its time for the new friend to go down in my history .

With this person , I have realized that it doesn’t take time to find a true friend in someone . The friendship given to me , made me realize , at times , if I deserve all these . Because , I cant even think of doing such things . For a person who doesn’t fail to make you understand that you are very important , you can push aside anything and do anything to give at least a part of his care and friendship , back .

Each phase of my life has offered me something very very special , school , college and now work has given me this precious gift . I feel blessed to be among such people . A very important factor that drives me to work everyday , are my friends .


There is so much to say , so much to express , but I shall hold them in my world of thoughts , or else this post shall become a very sentimental one .

Apr 2, 2012

Bus Diaries : A special travel to home

I decided that I am not going by office bus today and would take MTC bus , for I didn’t get time to meet any of my friends . Not being able able to meet them , when they were on leave is a different story , but today , they were there waiting for me and I just couldn’t miss spending time with them .

Rushed to our meeting spot , and found all of them greeting me with their usual friendly smile .(Nikitha , Anand , Siva , Mohana , Aishwarya) After a few minutes of chit-chat there , we started to leave , as it would take a long time for me to reach home . All these people stay at almost 1/2 hour distance from our office . 

At the very sight of the Shuttle bus (bus service from the office to the bus stop outside the campus ) , we all began to ran , as it is usually hard to get seat in a shuttle bus at this time . We rushed and hopped on to the bus , to find that there was no driver there . All those running was for nothing . Everyone let out a huge sigh and we occupied the last row .

Anand , was still depressed about all the food I had in my team lunch . Food is one among the best weapon to cheer this guy up . A teeny tiny chocolate would do the trick .We slowly diverted him from the topic , and started targeting Siva (gethu siva) , Mohana (our gang’s super singer ) and Aishwarya ( enga gang saami ) .
Then saami and sopy (mohana)  , got into a share auto and left and now it was only the three of us and by god’s grace a comfortably less-crowded bus came for us , and we all sat together . It is always more fun , when anand is around . After all those giggling and laughing , he got down at shollinganallur and made some hilarious signals to us from the road (marakka maataen da , Kandippa siva marakka maataan ) . Then it was siva and me . Siva came with me for some more distance and it has always been specially good to be with this guy .

Its just something about these people . We don’t just talk about some random stuff , make fun and leave , we also share our personal stories , emotions and serious stuffs that one would share with only a few . Thanks is just a small word , to say in return or may be I would rather not thank them and draw a line in-between .

Being with these guys have always been …. u know what its like when you are with people like these and who do not fail to express what they feel , be it the friendship , anger or anything for that matter .

I am seriously thankful that I am among these very caring people I could ever find , even my team (MnS) .

Apr 1, 2012



I opened up my writer tool and just sat there confused on what to write , what to hold and how to hide in the words . The blinking lights on my modem caught my attention and soon the two lights became six . I was lost in thoughts . The lights soon transformed into many fireflies and rose above . I was sure that I was dreaming , but I just couldn’t snap out of it . The more I tried to get out , more brighter they became and started floating right in front of my face . Each bubble of light , joined together and appeared to transform into what seemed like a human figure , bright , glowing and unrecognizable .

It was at the same time , a shadow rose behind the light , smiling at me . Dark enough to subdue the brightness . Both lifted their hands towards me , waiting for me to take it . I hesitated . The brightness soon began to flicker . I began to think that the luminous figure is not so real after all , for behind all this glow there was darkness , a huge one . I started to wonder if all this shining will turn out to be too bright , that people may shut it out . The light began to fade away  , my doubts seemed to be killing it , actually was .

The shadow slowly crept near me and was settling on me , like a skin . Something happened , it was someone actually , I began to snap out of it and blinked and saw that the two figures were actually me , the shadow and the shine . It was like staring at some sort of a weird mirror . The shadow began to taunt the new shine , while the shine stayed eyes glued on me . I realized it was my call . It was me there and it was I who have to clear everything .

“Your glow is pleasant , your glow isn't going to hurt anyone but its your doubts . You new shine is welcomed and is liked and you don’t have to go back “ , came a voice , a voice that I hear everyday , and I long to hear everyday . 


Pic Courtesy : g-leom .

I have decided . The shining figurine , nodded and blinked at me . I nodded back and in a instant , the shadow was pushed far behind and all the masks broke and the shine began to etch itself on my skin , making it transparent . There it was .. now complete and all doubts cleared , a change !!!

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” :)
~Tennessee Williams (American playwright 1911-1983)