Feb 28, 2012

The irony of client visit

Yesterday :

The team was abuzz and running around busy and serious , making preparations for the client visit tomorrow . Right from setting up sign boards & posters to cleaning up our desks , almost everyone was busy doing something . Around 7 p.m , a new mail notification with a critical symbol , started blinking at us from our monitors . It was from our project manager , asking us to come by 9 am tomorrow ( which is almost an hour earlier than our usual time ) , well - groomed .

Today :

Today we all gathered in the office by around 8 - which is actually the in-time for the first bus , the next one is only at 10 , so we could afford to miss the first one . After breakfast and some usual chit-chat to ward off the sleep still clinging on to our eyes , we started our work and simultaneously awaiting the client visit to our workplace .
The clock was ticking and there was no sign any whites , even after lunch . Anxious and irritated we sat still waiting wondering ,
" Evening vara pora client ku , yedhukku pa kaalailaye , adhuvum Avalo seekiram vara sonnenga " .

I guess , somehow our pm sniffed our thoughts and was kind enough to inform us that the client would visit us by 5 and would go on only to about 15 mins . Thankful and happy , that we have got an answer finally and that we would be able to catch the 5.45 bus to home . We all decided not to go out for a break now as we will be leaving office sooner today .

Hunger started to play its music in our bellys and the sleep that we kicked out started it's reign over us . With hope that it's going to end soon , we sat there waiting . The clock struck 5.30 & still no sign of them . Confused and panicked , we thought ," yenga da pooneenga ???? " , and finally found them in a meeting room discussing seriously about something .

With our plan of leaving office by 5.30 , crashing down to pieces , our patience went down and hunger and sleep started to enforce its reign on us .
Finally they came , by around 6 pm . Our pm , started running to all our desks and asked to be professional . It was almost like , "Pasangala !!!! Moony-Kannan Varaan , silent-a irunga " , and so we did as he asked .

Our patience was growing thin on seeing them , talking to people of one cubicle for around 20 mins .
" kaatu mokka poduraanunga pola "
" dei Avalo nerama enna da pesureenga ???? "
" Ayayo !!! Ippadiye pona 7'o clock bus mood a poyidume "

And so many thoughts started whirling around in our minds . With every cubicle they both moved on , we were expecting them to reach us , but they were just moving away from us , which in the rate they are progressing would take around an hour to reach us .

We were all like " Ayayo Rama mudiyalaye " .

That's it . They have reached the limit . We can't wait anytime longer .So we all left our cubicle and surrounded them , throwing some forced smiles at them . The sickening part of introduction began . Each one was trying to harness and bring up the best accent they could , to impress these londonaites . Few turned to be weird and different , sounding other worldly to them and resulted in them , making weird faces . Amidst all this confusion , a victim of irritation , disappointment , hunger and sleep , a friend of mine began to introduce herself and ended up with a unique role ,no one has ever heard before - The Desi-developer ( it was developer , but she started with designer by mistake and tried to correct it and ended up with something like that ) .

Everyone had their hands folded , with their best smiles on and nodding vigorously for anything and everything they said and were about to say . A few just staring at them and their rapidly moving jaws , trying to understand what they were saying , but with their heads still nodding and a few just amusing how fair they were in complexion .

" Ivan yenna dhan solla Varaan "  & " vellavi vachi dhan senjaangalo. Illa veyulukke kaataama valathaangalo " , would be the perfect translation of their thoughts .

After a few minutes of Q&A , the clients gave us a big Desi-style vaakkam/thank you and left for the day .
" appada!!! Oru valiya mudinjudhu " . Everyone let out a huge sigh of relief and dashed towards the door to leave .

Feb 15, 2012

The Temptation and the new friend


Temptation is  quite a hard thing to resist .

It was right there in front of my eyes , settled beautifully under a tree . In the only place , that could offer a cold breeze among the others where sun reigns and takes fun in making us sweat and run towards shade , it stays , adding an eerie feel to the spot .

I wanted to go and touch it , may be play with it , but was worried about what people might think or say . It is certainly not the thing a grown-up like me would do . So with all my might , I tried to push the thought to the back of my head . It was hard , to try not to do something that you desperately wanted to do and that too , everyday - Blimey !!! Its hard .

But today , I couldn't . I decided that I shall do it today , strolled towards it slowing looking around making note of what all is happening around me , and if there would be any potential stalkers or if anyone would actually be interested in what I'm gonna do . 

The spot is at the left corner of a west-facing apartment , and among trees ,beautifully located and hidden from the tantrums of the sun . A very busy road in front of the apartment . Its quite a very narrow road and hence the traffic , frequented by school buses and busy office goers .

To its left is yet another busy one , but this one is wide and connects the narrow one . The spot , though not openly visible , is still prone to a few eyes .

It was time , no more thinking . I finally decided to go near it . Placed my left leg on it and my hands holding the top . I pushed myself with my right foot and round and round I went . It was seriously good , flooding my thoughts with old childhood memories . It felt very warm . It was a spin-wheel gate , fixed as a side entrance for pedestrians and may be for kids to play with . I did when I was a kid .


Now I opened my eyes , but still didn't let go of it and was still spinning . Round I went , and I saw an auto-driver , curiously staring at me . I held his gaze for a moment but then averted it . Round again , in this end , I was welcomed my many smiling faces in that narrow road , I told you about . A few genuinely smiling and happy that I could dare to be like a child again , which they couldn't and others mocking my childish act . To the first category , I nodded my head and returned a smile and tried to communicate that it's a lovely feeling . To the other category , the "who cares !!?!! " look .

Round again - and this time , I could sense a pair of eyes glaring at me , furiously . Shocked at the expression , I stopped . He still didn't take his eyes off me . His hands went to his hip and he was standing in a way to prove his authority . Confused , I still didn't leave it . He then raised his head up and signaled me to move back . Now I understood , it was his territory , his spot and I'm a stranger . I then nodded apologetically and moved back . He then got on to the gate and again stared at me , not moving . Realization dawned on me - he wanted me to spin the gate for him . I did - and his scowling face now gave a big warm smile - appreciating my good work .

He was fair with big round eyes and was wearing a neatly ironed school uniform . He should be around 6 years old . I stopped spinning and he jumped from the gate and rushed towards the auto that was waiting for him . He then turned back and shook his shoulders and the school bag he was carrying l along with it . It appeared to be a new bag with a big- colorful spiderman picture . I nodded and smiled , accepting that it's wonderful . He understood it and grinned . He was very happy with that bag . He then waved his hands big and said bye . I waved back , smiling at his cuteness .  Into the auto he went , and left for his school .

There , I have made a new friend . I'm sure our friendship will grow as I'm going to wait there every single day for my office bus and may be greeted with his lovely smile everyday .

I was gifted with the opportunity to visit my childhood and make a new lovely friend. Wonderful start , for a day .

Children are a constant reminder of how beautifully things were – arent they ???

Feb 12, 2012

The Amazing Mr.Holmes

Dear me !! This modern Mr.Holmes is just fascinating .

I have always been a fan of the crime and mystery solving lot . But this one, is way beyond everything . I took a special interest in TV series when all the Jick , Jack and Jones of my college talked about FRIENDS , non-stop . Their long talks about the series drove me nuts and yes i wanted to bring something against it . After a humongous  task of reading the reviews and finding the download links , i chose to start Fringe . I was sure it had the juice and yes it did . And very soon , I created a fringe sensation in my college . Ya ! You could say im proud of it , heads high - if you would prefer to call it that way .

After meeting the notorious Mr.Castle and the splendid Mentalist - Mr.Jane and his friend Red John (very interesting chap ), i had the opportunity to meet Mr.Holmes . I was initially alarmed of the duration , which is 1.30 for an episode , but it seriously is worth it .

Ok . This Sherlock initially looked ..hmm ! Well !!  , rather less Sherlock  .Being a fan of  Downey.Jr - Sherlock , this one didnt feel like would fit in , but appearances are deceptive indeed . He soon proved his ability to pull my interest in . Not only SH , but his brother - Mycroft  , Dr.Watson , Mrs.Hudson , were all good .

Blimey !!! Moriarty was a surprise . Just brilliant , though a bit gay , just brilliant . A perfect playmate for Holmes . Irene Adler , who is weakly portrayed in the movies , is splendid in here . The Thing that goes on between the two is lovely . She is seriously THE woman for Sherly .

Awesome series . Loving it . I strongly recommend it for all the crime/mystery and Sherlock's fans .

P.S : No offense intended on the FRIENDS fans .

When it all ends


Blood splashed over his face as his sword sliced a head off its body . Breathing heavily and gasping for air , he felt like he was on flames . His magnificent strength can take more lives . He was just getting started . Everything  around him was red . Rejoicing the end of one of his enemies , he marched forward with his sword held high . Many came running towards him , only to taste the essence of his blade . An arrow brushed past his hair . He turned back and threw his sword which landed on his skull . He went back and pulled his sword , leaving a big gash in his head , blood gushing out . He stood there , watching the light leave his eyes . He despised these spineless backstabbers .

Circled by a group of archers , he stood there motionless . He looked around and his lips curled up to a big grin , on seeing the fear in their eyes and the sweat trickling down their heads . In just a flash , he split  his sword , revealing a double blade and he was waiting for them to make the first move . An arrow grazed his shoulder – Poor aim . Disappointment and fear rushing their nerves , they all let out an arrow , just to meet their ends . He dodged and let the arrows pierce through their bodies . He then stood up and looked at them . Fear is something you wouldn’t want to bring in a war field .

With a blade in both this hands , waiting to take more lives , he moved forward .His warriors were doing well . He was proud of them . He was now standing in the front waiting for a more worthy opponent .His felt the lands tremble on something rushing towards him . A giant !! 8 feet tall and huge , carrying a hammer , running towards him , breaking anything that stood in its way . He could the sense the fun beginning . Elated , he ran towards the giant , and boosted himself up at the right point and was for a moment in the air , with his blades in front of him , pointing to the giant’s heart . He was like a huge arrow in motion towards the target .Excruciating pain from a great force , pushed him from his target . He was drummed by the giant’s hammer , on his side . He quickly regained his stand , trying to push the pain aside . The giant threw the hammer towards him . Ah ! A weak move . His father had told him not to lose his weapon in war . He has got a small window of opportunity , and he knows better than to waste one . He threw his blade , which went piercing the air towards the giants heart . It just blocked it and pushed it to the side . It didn’t know it was just a distraction . In that window of time , a sword ran up its jaw to the skull and it clumsily dropped down kneeling . He pulled his blade out and kicked it backwards .

The sun was drowning , leaving the sky a bright red . It was as if the the sky is drenched in blood . Everything was turning red around him . His warriors slowly moved towards him , waiting for the next wave of attack . Heavy breathing and the stench of raw blood , filled his senses . His wound , was still bothering him , but he was determined not to let the pain conquer him . They marched forward in unison and stopped at a trench and looked down at the heap of mutilated bodies covered in their own blood .

An arrow swirled and dug deep into his abdomen and pushed him back a bit . Everyone was filled with shock . Few of his warriors jumped into the pit to locate the source and the others formed a protective circle around him . Arrows and swords rained down at them . They were coming from everywhere . His wide went wide on seeing his comrades dropping down , from what what seemed to be a wind of arrows . He found them . They were all hiding under the corpses . Masking them with the blood and bones of their own people . He didn’t not anticipate such a treacherous move .


Pic Courtesy :  When the dust settles – Kaytara . deviantart.com

His warriors though wounded , fought valiantly and and killed those pathetic spineless cowards . It was when , he dropped down , face hard on the ground . He rushed and turned back to see his archrival  standing over him .

“The arrow that you were shot with is laced with a deadly poison . You will soon die .  ” , he said smiling at him . “More than your strength and weapon , it is your this that matters ” , he said , pointing his finger towards his head . “No good in being brave and honest , Cunning and treachery are those that will take you to riches . You have lost ” , he roared , grinning wolfishly . “I will not give you the honor of dying in my hands . You shall die of the poison ”, he mumbled and turned his back and strolled away .

Defeat and poison clouded his eyes . Everything was turning dark and he couldn’t even hear his own breathing .

Feb 8, 2012

Times to Keep

  A sense of urgency suddenly flooded me , it usually does this time of the evening . I looked at my watch . It was 6.30 .

"6.30 !!!???!! Already !! " , I gasped . I still had so much to do , so much to finish . But still  I can't hold my feet in the office after 7 , 7.10 maximum . So I rushed up , finished as much as I could and rushed out of my desk , texting  : " wru ? I'll be out in a min " .

I was near the door , when I mobile beeped with the txt msg , " Im out . you come out soon . "

When I opened the door , there he was - Siva , sitting on the stone bench smiling warmly as always  . After an apology for making him wait , we dashed down the subway to the parking area , which is the easiest access for all the buildings in the complex .

"Gunda !!! Née overa vela seiyura da ippo .. Suthama seri illa " , complained shiva . This was an usual statement . After a blunt reply as always , our conversation moved on to other topics , like , what would u do if had a girl friend like deepika padukone , and how fat I am , which by the way is a big lie , but he likes to tease me that way , not only him , even Anand . I have grown to like that in a way .

We were walking to our meeting spot , enviously staring at all the couples passing by and wondering when we ll be like them and lamenting that all the good looking ones are always already taken and sulking over the same thing .

A big smile invited us . It was Nikita . But soon it vanished and her eyebrows went up , questioning . I opened up to give the same old answer , that I give everyday for coming late , but she just waved the answer away . We three sat there chatting .

 Nikita always saying something about shiva and me jumping in for his defense , which will finally end up with her making a face and muttering , " can't u stop supporting him even for sec " and me grinning for that question and shiva tapping my shoulder and saying  " Nanbaen da !! " -  Is almost like a daily routine . At one point of time , when he is really into it , he will start singing with expressions that even the over-acting actors will try to avoid .

Suddenly , from the back , another brilliant voice ( :-p ) , joined him . It was anand , our hero-director-writer-singer and so on . As many would like to call , he is a fun bomb .   With aishwarya and mohana joining me , in the " OMG !! Not again " , sorta reaction , we begin to plead them to stop singing , which they will do after a long time .  And then comes Jahir ,  walking towards us in his usual dance like motion , signaling that he is happy . He starts blushing even before we start asking him anything . He is the luckiest one among us , with a team full of good-looking girls . " Damn u , Jahir " .  He then starts talking about his team , making us terribly angry . He just liked seeing our face go down in jealousy , and laughing at our poor pity state .

After some time , Jahir and Nikita will leave for their buses . I have to stand in a long queue , right from 7.40 to get a seat in my 8.15 bus . But I'm usually accompanied by my friends till I get a seat . One small chocolate , or anything edible is enough to make anand , jump in joy . Even a sugar packet from the cafe would do the trick . His eyes will open wide and his lips would curl up to a big wolffish grin at the very sight of food . His reactions will automatically make u feel light and smile . He seriously is one big fun bomb .

Then we take turns teasing each out for a while . It usually starts with aishwarya , the so - called jenelia of our gang :-p .

Okay , one thing they usually come up with , teasing me , is how I blush . They have a set a questions which just makes me blush that way .

"hey ! Hari . See . That girl is staring at you ". 

" when do u plan to get married ?.  " 

" hey hari ...there are few girls in my hostel who keep asking about you " 

And sometimes even ,

"hari ippo blush pannuvaan paaren "  .......Would have me blushing . Darn it ! I just couldnt control it .

The bus engine roared to a start , and I turned back and started running towards it .
" hey ! That wasn't ur bus . It was the one standing behind urs " , yelled shiva and aishwarya . But I didn't care , I just kept running towards my bus . It's not that I find it hard to board a running bus , but still ...... U know .

After finding my seat , I wave at them , receiving a big ta-ta in return and slowly the bus begins to move .

These happen almost daily . Smaller , it may be , but still these things , make my day .  With friends like these around you , there is no room for any stress or depression . Thank god for everything and I'm really glad for having such friends . I wish to have the memories saved for a life time and so , here it is , in words - to remind .

Feb 5, 2012

The Irony of Global Village

An event which was planned to give an exposure to the culture of different nations , turned out to be something like this :