Dec 18, 2011

Old friend


(A short story)

I looked at the mirror and was relieved to see the change of clothes from the usual blue I have been wearing for the last few months . I combed the very few hair that remained stuck to my scalp . Age has given me many lines on my face . People call it wrinkles but I prefer to consider them the best lines of my story . Each line reminds me of the wonderful life I have lived so far . I ran my fingers over those lines , thinking about the best times I have had so far . I sat on my bed waiting . The boring white color and the silence around started disappearing in the wind and glimpses of my past replaced them . I looked at them as if watching a good old movie and my heart filled with happiness . A sudden knock on my door brought the sickly white interiors back . I turned back to see my son standing .

“It’s time dad ” , he said . I nodded and moved towards the door . The next few hours of travel flew away just like seconds with me mulling over the beautiful past and the wonderful future that is going to present itself in a few minutes .

I stepped down from the car and stumbled but steadied myself by holding the car’s door . My son offered to help me but I just smiled at him thinking , “Don’t you know me boy ” . He smiled back nodding and moved back realizing that I would not prefer to depend on anyone . I then started to walk . The loose sand made it a bit difficult but the excitement in me nudged me forward . Now I was almost near the water . The wet sand was much better to walk . I was leaving my footprints and a dot nearby , a mark left by my walking stick . I turned back and looked at the trail of prints . A pair of prints were near mine and it brought back some good old memories I cherished . I smiled at it . A sudden breeze brought me back to the present and the footprints near mine was not there. I turned back and strolled towards a bench nearby . I could feel the cold water caressing my feet . It was lovely .

I reached the bench and sat down , breathing in the cold fresh air . I let out a huge sign . It had been ages since I came here . I stared at the waves . Their dancing always felt like they were saying something . They carried me into their realm but a voice brought me back . A voice that I had longed to hear , a voice that was once with me always . I turned around with eyes wide open and grinning to find him standing there smiling back at me . It was a feeling I couldn’t explain. It was wonderful .

He came and sat next to me and punched me friendly in my stomach and said , “You are still the same da gunda(fatty)” smiling . I knew he was lying , I know how the last few months in bed had changed me but it is how he usually called me , gunda !! and I liked it too . Age hadn’t been very merciful to him either . But he tried his best to present himself well and make me feel happy .

As any old friends who met would chat and laugh about the fun times they had , we sat there talking and laughing .  I felt light and young as I were once . He was making faces , mimicking my voice and reactions and making me laugh out as much as I could .I was laughing from my heart after a very long time . Happy that I met him , I closed my eyes and took in everything , everything I could and I laughed for one last time and everything around went black and numb .

I could see him , my friend , the only one , the one who has been a part of me , holding my motionless body , his eyes closed and crying softly .

“This is what he wanted . He wanted to get out of the hospital and wanted to meet you one last time . This was his last wish ” , said his son crying , who came there now and saw his father in his friend’s arms .

“I’m gifted to have a had friend like you ” , he whispered in his dead friend’s ears .

I am now into the realm of the waves  dancing with them and bid a final good bye to the two souls I held dear .