Nov 22, 2011

In the middle of the sea


Hair rippling and waving  hysterically , my whole body damp and cold , I stand on a slippery rock with no one around . Waves hit the rock and splashes above , trying to reach me , leaving only a few droplets over my feet ,spraying . The salty air circles me making the dampness get onto me sending a bond deep chill . Yet I stand there motionless with my mind trying to clear away the fog surrounding it . I feel tied but my hands are free . I raise them and begin to stroke the breeze around me , trying to break open the veil of air that has imprisoned me . A ray of sunlight ripping open the dark clouds fell on my face , the only ray of light in the dark watery prison around me . The warmth of the sun loosens the cold , clutching my face allowing me to feel the blood running in the veins . A sudden realization that a boat dropped me here , makes me turn back and I find nothing but water splashing around as if dancing in fun .

The boat came for me when I was in the shore , and waits till I decide after a long time to board it . I chose this place , I let the others leave me , I left them ,to be here , to be alone in this rock . I couldn’t remember why . I didn’t chart my course well and I allowed a few dark things make me this decision . I realized , no one is coming back for me . The loneliness is making me shiver in fear . I drop down to my knees and bury my face in my damp hands . Tears started running down my face , tears of fury , tears of fear and loneliness . A lump has formed in my throat and I scream , I scream so hard , so loud , but it is carried away by the sea . It sounded nothing but a squeak .

The only ray of warmth and hope vanishes and what once appeared as a calm sea turned wild . The waves now splash with rage and they have reached me , drenching my whole body . Its as if the waves are hitting me from all around piercing me with a sharp sting of coldness .  The clouds turn to a dangerous grey signaling a ruthless storm .The lightning spreading out its branches and spear like edges , teases me and the thunder , drums fear down my heart . They want me to surrender , to bow down and accept the failure I am .  I crossed my hand around my chest , trying to comfort my pounding heart and my agitated mind .The stormy wind makes it hard for me to stand . If only , if only I let go , they will carry me away to an endless oblivion . But I don’t want them to . I don’t .

I try to bring my feet up , to stand  , the anger in me , anger of making the wrong decision , anger of whining over the past , anger of not letting go and anger of cowardice to face my problems fuelling me to stand my fort and fight . With this new found resolve I stare at the wild endless sea , the fog around my mind clearing out , allowing me to think . The booming thunder reduces its rigor and the lighting thin and weak . I close my eyes and  try to calm my mind  . It worked , it finally worked , I am muting down the noise around me , the sounds that scared me are no more and the waves aren’t strong as before . A voice at the back of my mind says , “The turmoil and agitation is in you . Let go ….Let go” , in soft soothing voice . I tried to and a sudden brightness and loud horn , makes me open my eyes and I found a white sea-gull flying towards me , directly towards me , and behind it a boat , a boat to take me out .

Nov 19, 2011

Chennai–Red Faced


I was literally shocked when the bus conductor told me that 30 rs ticket which can be used for a day’s travel is 50 rs now . Just to clarify , I asked him again , with a slight tinge of hope that my ears got them wrong , but I was proved there was nothing wrong with my hearing .  Looking at my deranged expression , the conductor offered some realization . He took out a small piece of paper from his pocket and showed me the changes in the ticket fare for each stop . He also claimed that he took them as notes as he couldn’t remember when his superiors informed him of the change . He finally finished with a big sigh indicating that he has been doing this for a lot of people since morning and he is bored .

Soon , other commuters started sharing their shock and expressed their distaste with the government’s decision . One man grunted that good things that are promised by the government haven’t reached the common man’s hands yet , but things like price hikes take only a day to get into action , strangling our throats . True Indeed , I sighed . This was the topic of discussion even in office . Most people I met yesterday were angry about this but no one wondered why . I did .

Enlightened about the fiscal matters of the government , after reading few news papers ,  I was convinced but not satisfied . Figures of overall losses reaching a mark of 1 lakh crore left back by the previous ruling party , the government was forced to take such a decision , mentioned a daily . The Center seems to have given a 22k crore as a revival package  for West Bengal but has rejected all the requests so far by our state – I wonder why .  All the figures and statistics is not going to matter for the common public . Making public transport and daily essentials like milk , red hot to touch , the mob is going to get awry . Trimming the wallets of those whose spend on movies and costly gym memberships is fine , because they can spend a little more , but not for the gen pop .

I began to think what the Ex-CM has to say about this and found this ,

“Officials had pressurized me for a price hike when I was in power . I refused to do so only because I’m a very kind-hearted person (Duh !!) . I now pity the people who voted her to power ” .

Now ! , what sort of a  statement is that . He is kind-hearted to leave such a huge debt for the public and all he can do now is feel pity for the people ??? Crap !!!! .

First the secretariat followed by the issue with school syllabus and Anna library and now this . With all the freebies that she promised yet to be distributed and no big positive reform so far , all that madam CM needs to do now , is provide the mob with a phenomenal distraction like some kind of improvement  , else the red-faced Chennaites are not going to change their color .

Nov 16, 2011

Malevolent Beauty


(A short story)

The door to the king’s chamber opened slowly , and she entered . Lips red as blood , hair black as night and skin pale as the moon , she is a beauty like no other . A beauty that Gods envy . The guards stationed outside the inner chamber drew their weapons out and stood in a fighting stance . Five trained men against one , would be a easy win for them but not against her . Not against , Yelena ! . She stood and stared at them for a moment . Her lips curled up to an evil smirk and she took her switch-blade out and waited for them to make the first move .



All five men came running towards her with swords held high , but she didn’t even make a move . They surrounded her and a man in front of her said , “Give Up ! Yelena . And we shall arrest you with dignity .” with a commanding voice . He then said , “We don’t have to make your pale face bloody , Yelena . Do we boys ?” , looking at the other soldiers with a wolfish grin . The others smiled and nodded in agreement .

“Drop your weapon or die “ , he beamed angrily . In a swift movement , she ducked down and circled with her switch-blade making a huge gash in the men’s legs piercing through their flesh . Blood gushing out from the laceration , the men fell to the ground with their backs on the floor , groaning and moaning in excruciating pain . It was like a flower , spreading out its petals .

She moved past them and paced gracefully to the inner chamber where the sick king rests . She opened the door and found the king peering outside the window , leaning on the wall . The sound of ongoing battle and cries of despair filled the room . The King turned around surprised in shock and stumbled to find balance and finally fell over his bed and managed to turn himself facing her . She stood there watching his pathetic state .

“Please leave me ! Spare me ! ” , pleaded the king .

“You know I cant , love !” , replied Yelena .

“I thought you loved me , you were my queen . I trusted you with everything ” .

“You are wrong . You are nothing but a pawn in my game and now its time for your life to end.”

“No ..No ..Don’t their cries of despair , mean anything to you ? ….please ..”

“Their Cries give me strength , love ! and stop begging for your life ”

“You have to spare me , you have to , for all the good times we had together have to ” , said the king , his voice breaking .

“Shhhh ! I am going to make this real easy for you love , just close your eyes and accept your fate ” , she said and moved towards him .

Accepting the fact , his eyelids met and sealed them shut, forcing down the tears from the corner of his eyes . A slight jab of pain and he didn’t feel anything and hot blood gushed out of his throat , staining her hands , red .

“Good bye ! My love !” , she whispered in his eyes and moved out of the room .

There it was , the king’s throne , in all its glory , waiting for her . She walked towards it , the king’s blood dripping down her fingers , staining the marble floor . She crowned herself and adorned the throne with her beauty – her strength , her weapon . She breathed out , and smiled at the cleverness of her plan . All the pain since her childhood , the betrayal , the torture and the loss , has made her what she is – An Avenger , a ruthless one . 

“I have avenged my sisters and my reign of Reyan begins today ” , she mumbled to herself . The taste of power has never been enough for anyone , and its no different for her . The thirst in her for power has become addictive and her story which once started ,to avenge the death of her loved ones ,  has taken a huge turn to anarchy .

Vying for far greater power than this , she closed her eyes , planning her next move .

Nov 2, 2011

Lovely Bench Life

   Life has been moving - crazily fast  . A lot has happened since i started work . A lot has been said and lot has been done , but nothing related to work and my company is paying me for that , as we - friends meet up everyday in office , sit around a table , chat , tease , argue , eat , do all the stuffs again and leave . Hundreds of new trainees flock around in the cafeteria once in every two weeks and the spot is no different from Ranganathan Street , T.Nagar . All that I could think of , when seeing this is , "Dei ...yennada nadakudhu inga ...thiruvizha kootam maari iruke da ".

A few boys get energized on witnessing such a colorful crowd and very soon what appeared to be once a random mix of boys and girls in groups , soon became pairs , with each pair sitting in a table drinking a coffee for an hour or eating the Spl Jamun Ice-cream  ("yeppadi than ada avalo slow a saapiduraangalo") . In a group that is chatting continuously for an hour , suddenly everyone will stop realizing that a voice is missing and there he will be busy - kadalapottufyin  ("Cycle gapla lorrye otturaanunga" ) .The foodlets ( that's the short form for food-outlets .ok ? now dont ask me , if there is really such a word ) will be crowded for a solid 3 hour period and they cash in , with all these mokka people , mokka pottufying with mokka pieces . I know if any of these pairs read it , they ll simply say its stomach burning . This is for them  : "Aama da , ennaku stomach burning dhan what ? " .

The only place that is really pavam , is landmark and the library . Library is strictly a no-man's land and landmark ! - its crowded alright , but everyone walks out with empty hands . "Purse la 10 rooba kooda illama ennada window shopping rascala ...? " . There are some really good souls (appadinu sollikiraanga) , who fret about the wonderful time that they have wasted and lament about how they would have utilized it by doing some courses and all .. "Adhan aaniye pudungalala ...appram yenda alareenga ..kadupethuraanga my lord !" .

Last week was only about the diwali releases , each one bickering and claiming that one movie is better than the other and quoting the punch dialogue of their favourite's . The one dialogue i have grown to hate is "Naan summave kaatu kaatu nu kaatuven and all the blah blah blah that follows " - by our great Dr.Vijay . Ada , even he said that only once in his movie , but his fans keep reciting it like a prayer . Arrgg !!! (No offense guys) .

While one category sits on the staircase and rates people , another group starts practicing for their future career in a bharat matrimony . The way they link up is seriously amazing . They weave a story and begin to brainwash you until you give in and accept that you seriously have a feeling . Now a few have been trying this on me and i gave them , "Odi po rascala ...indha paruppu kadayara vela yellam inga venam" .

Recently , i made a bet with my friend that i would not talk for one full day in office - with a few exceptions . Everyone was so sure that i would lose, being such a loud talkative mouth , and me not being a cruel guy to disappoint them , i let them win . I am a good guy you know ?. ("yennena settai paanunga theriyuma ") .

It has been a month full of fun . All play and no work , is making Hari a lazy boy . Its not that i love to work  , i just mean that it would be better to earn for some real work .
(Atleast now do u accept that im a good boy ?)