Jun 19, 2011

The road to perdition


(An attempt in writing a story)

Breathing heavily , soaked in sweat and hands stained with blood they both kept running through the dark pathway , surrounded on both sides by life-less trees and ravens feeding on dead bodies . It’s a place where no light can enter . It’s a road , taken by many in recent times .


“We have been running for a long time and we have crushed many lives ” , said one of them , worried .

“Don’t think about the past my friend . We have to do this . We have to , for what lies at the end of this road ” , replied another , with stern determination and scratching the big scar on his cheek he added  , “It is necessary that we waste them . We should be the only one to own that ” .

Together than ran , not stopping for anything and not knowing what lies ahead . All they wanted was to reach the end of it . Blood splashed from the roads when they ran . They stopped suddenly hearing a low moan from the mist the stood before them . They glanced at each other , surprised .The mist and the voice sent a chill down their spine . They moved slowly through the mist , taking each step carefully . The voice was getting clearer and they could make out , that someone was crying for help . Suddenly , something grabbed his legs and they both jumped back in shock . Then , they realized that , it was the man crying for help . He had fallen into this pit , somehow . One of them went and kneeled down to help him .

“Stop !!! Don’t help him out . He may trick us and moreover we don’t want a stranger in our company” .

The other , gave a confused look wondering what has gotten into his friend that has made him a monster , and stepped back . The rude guy , came front , took his gun out of his jacket and shot 3 bullets down the pit , after which the moaning stopped . They , then moved forward and started moving swiftly , and stopped again after sometime when they heard footsteps in front of them . They moved slowly and found a girl , running towards the road’s end . She stopped and turned back , with a suspicious look . After glancing around , she started moving again .

One of them , threw a knife towards her back . The knife flew , towards her . It was a perfect aim but she ducked at the right moment and missed it .

“Come out you spineless maggots . How do you think I came so far ..I have wasted more lives than yours..I know you are there come out ..” , she shouted , staring in the direction from where the knife came . They both , stepped out of hiding and stood facing her .

“Don’t want any competition , Do you ??? ” , she said in a mocking tone and took her gun and shot at one of them , so quickly , that they didn’t have time to move . The bullet drove through one’s shoulder and he fell back , wincing and wining in pain . The other scar faced guy , moved forward and fell to his knees and started begging for his life . She came towards him and said , “You filthy moron . You don’t have any honor . All my life I have never seen a man , kneeled and crying for his life” and started laughing wildly . Taking that to his advantage , he darted towards her , and plunger a knife into her chest and gave her a beastly grin . She laughed back spitting blood and said , “ You treacherous , honor less being !!! “ and closed her eyes welcoming death .

He moved to his friend and took him in his hands .

“Please help me !!! ” , cried his friend . But he closed his eyes and  placed a gun at his heart , which he took from that girl . His friend’s eyes went wide , “I’m your friend , we were going to do this together …please don’t do this to me …” , he cried tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry . You were always the weak one , I have no use for you anymore and there cant be two knives in a hilt” , said the other one .

“You have become a monster . What is all this ??? What is this for ??”

“This is survival , my friend and weaklings like you cannot win ” , he replied and pressed the trigger , sending his friend to the far beyond . He had become a complete beast .He scoured his friends clothes for anything that’s useful and started running again .

After a few more monstrous acts ,he kept running. Weak and tired ,he tripped down and  found it hard to rise again . He closed his eyes and flashes of memory started hitting him .He has left his family in perils , cheated and killed many , even his friend . All for what lies beyond . He is and always has been the stubborn one . So , he tried his best and stood up and started strolling through . He found something glinting right in front of him , which made his heart pound fast and he tried running towards it . Thirst for power and wealth , in his eyes , he went near it and found a huge silver gate in front of him . Adrenaline rushing through his veins he opened it and went in , for gold and diamonds , but all he saw was fire blazing  from everywhere , people like him burnt down and few still crying and moaning in pain . His heart dropped down to his shoes .

“This is not what I came for …No ..no……” , he cried  burying his face in his hands .

“This is Hell and this is where you belong ” , came a voice echoing from within and fire pulled him into it , for eternal damnation .


Jun 18, 2011

The fight


The most important question :


The mystery of whose story it will be......of who draws the curtain.

Who is it that chooses our steps in the dance?

Who drives us mad......lashes us with whips......and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible?

Who is it that does all these things?

Who honors those we love with the very life we live?

Who sends monsters to kill us and at the same time sings that we'll never die?

Who teaches us what's real and how to laugh at lies?

Who decides why we live and what we'll die to defend?

Who chains us?

And who holds the key that can set us free?



It's you.

You have all the weapons you need.

Now fight.


* Quoted from the movie Sucker Punch *

Jun 16, 2011

Why so stupid ????


Boy 1 : Hey ! Nice shirt dude .

Boy 2 : Thanks man . Its just 2500 bucks u know…pretty cheap actually .

Boy 1 : ( In his mind )– OMG!! he is gonna start it again .

Boy 2 : Its some American brand it seems …but very cheap .

Boy 1 : Oh ! ok da…I have got some work to do . See ya later . (and he runs , never turning back) .


This sort of conversation is common among girls too . You might have listened to such conversations or may be you would have been the victim of such morons .

How do you choose your clothing ?? . First comes the color , pattern/design , quality and finally the cost . But for many , this order is on the reverse . All they look for is a branded clothing and something costly (way too more than it actually deserves) . I agree than no one can compromise with the quality but claiming that only the branded stuff , preferably international , provides you with the best quality is totally absurd .

The hilarious part is that , they choose stuff , which shows off the brand logo in a brighter way , so that people will notice . The want the panther / tiger jumping big time , in their tees , not at the back of your neck where it actually should be . This is not only the case with clothing , but applies for other accessories too .


This made many international brands to open as many outlets as possible in the major cities in hope that they will do better business . But ,  people proved them wrong . This brand frenzy attitude , has brought duplicates to lime light . The branded stuff , which was once common among the peter boys and mary girls , was made available to the common public . All those morons , who just wanted to show-off , opted for these look-alike stuff , which is way too cheaper than the original .

I misunderstood , that these people would stop with their shirts and pants , but their craziness went a bit deep too . They didn’t even leave inner-wears. A particular brand (very  famous one too) , has a collection which has words like , “license to kill” , “ Born to kill ” , etc., printed at the back of the briefs . And there are these stupids , who feel proud in wearing them and goes on telling everyone that ,

I have one from that collection u know ..!!! It has these words printed in it which is like totally cool and its just 500 bucks …”  .

Oh Come on !!! These guys never grow at all . Who cares what the hell is etched in their inners and that its costly ??!!??

Clothing or whatever – Quality is important , but definitely not this kind of stupid behavior .

Morons , straight out of kindergarten .

When it rained

“ OMG !!!! you are completely wet . Cant you wait somewhere till the rain stops ?? “ , my mom exclaimed and came running towards me , a towel in her hand and eyes wide in shock . Its her usual way of reacting . A small scratch in my finger and she covers it with rolls of bandage .

“I actually waited for a long time mom , that’s why it took so long . I thought I could make it here when the rain eased a bit , but…” . I cooked up a story , with the completely innocent face and she bought it .

Its raining , finally !!! . After getting deep fried in the extremely hot summer sun , who would want to miss the rain ??

I was in a bus when it started raining . Most of the bus commuters  welcomed it with a huge relief . But still , they closed all their windows . I couldn’t . It was great to look at the patterns those raindrops where making in the front window and the wipers  putting up a fight with them to ward them off its territory .  I sat there enjoying the rain and the sweet smell of damp earth rising up in the air and people running to take shelters and a few in their bikes , completely soaked and smiling – showing  signs that they love the rain .

Courtesy : BLACKJACK0919@deviantart.com

Very soon , I hit a road block . A smug faced 30+ guy sitting next to me wanted me to close the window . He didn’t look like the happy happy kinda guy , so I closed it unwillingly , muttering curses on him . I was totally devastated . I couldn’t just stand it . So got down a few stops before mine and started walking , arms swinging and smiling , surrendering to it in complete satisfaction .

It rained harder and very soon water was flowing swiftly through the streets . Take the  pavement ?? – No way . The roads were deserted , with people take shelter wherever possible . I was the only one walking the streets , actually I was walking right at the center , as if through a red carpet and people crowded at both sides staring at me like some celebrity . It felt great – just awesome .

Soon I had some company .  A few kids were playing splashing water over each other and enjoying the rain . It is always good to see kids playing and that too when its raining . Their pure innocence shining , in the rain .
Finally , ended up in my home , bidding a ta-ta to my friend .

Jun 15, 2011

Turning Two ;)

My blog is turning two today !! Yippeee !!!

Thank you all for following . Ok. Now , at this happier moment i would like to say something and here it goes . Through this blog i have shared a bit of my life , made u laugh sometimes , and made u yawn a lot and sometimes made u think (i guess) ;) . Its all because u cared to read and comment . Thank u for that . I will try to do better stuff in future .

This blog really means something to me .Its special and its more like my online diary and im really , really glad that its turning two . So , Im really happy - dont have any serious words to put in  .Well ! Thats it . Thank you all .

Jun 12, 2011

A soulful happiness

It was a unique feeling . Something that could lift all the weight in your mind and leave you elated . It’s a mix of pride and happiness .

If u are a follower , you should have come across the post LOST , where I have mentioned that I felt guilty for ignoring the old lady  on the streets . What good in just writing if one doesn’t care about following ?  I did try and believe me , it gives you  happiness like no other .

That old lady doesn’t actually beg for anything . She always stays by the temple , alone . There is something in her which shows that she once lived a good life and now caught in the whirlwinds of fate . She always hesitates , a lot , before she asks for something . That day , I decided to do something . I went to a nearby bakery , bought something for her to eat and came back to give her .

Her old dry lips curved up to a big smile when i gave it  and she raised her hand and said , “Nalla iruppa” .Its was right at that moment I felt something great , running through my nerves . I gave back a smile and went on .
I know this might look like , blowing my own trumpet sorta thing and rip off from a few good-willed movie characters . But I don’t care . Believe me , it is better to live the experience , than to watch someone else do it .
I strongly suggest you to do so , and im sure you will feel great .

Don’t forget to tell me , how you felt :)