Apr 28, 2011

Harry Potter - Sketches

I did these sketches today . It was very hard to get the villany in the Dark Lord's face . I did my best .


A modern dictionary defines Impression as a strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings,conscience, etc. or perception upon the mind - sensation. I believe we can say its kind of a pre-judgment .Impressions , are the ones that get us friends and foes and plays a role in initiating and breaking relationships. The one that is talked about a lot and lives in our history and in future as proverbs,quotes and as stories . First impression is the best impression , A good impression is hard to earn and so on .

The moment we look at someone , we keep them in a balance , the one that we have designed for ourselves and which many of us deny to possess . Friendship begins with impression , or any relationship for that matter .  No one can deny that . When we enter a new place , do we start talking with anyone ?(in a way to seek friendship) ,just anyone ? Some telepathic connection driving us towards them ?. No ,We don’t . We talk to the one that appeals the most . Ofcourse , it is not only the appearance , it is also about how they talk or behave . You like his manner , you befriend him .This is why a few become friends at the very first meeting and others become the Hi-Bye kinda guy . But then , this is all about the beginning . They are a start-off thing but plays a great deal more in maintaining one .


Didn’t you have a teacher in school , who always had a grudge against you ? . Always complaining and finding fault with you . The one who once gave you nightmares . This happens even in college , where Impression is accompanied by , Partiality . And this continues , almost in all walks of our life . Why do we try to present ourselves well , when meeting someone special ? . Isn’t it all for or about , Impression ?

When u have placed someone in The Good Guys list , It is hard to move that name from it . No matter what you hear of them , you seek proofs and even with them , we will find it hard to strike that name off . But this is just the other way around when its about “ The Bad Guy “ . You get one news which might give a perception , that he is wrong  , you jump and your lips curl up wolfishly and your mind starts shouting “I Knew , I knew !!”, knowing that you have been right to put him there and then you bring him to the top (Worse). We never even try to understand things clearly . All that our mind seeks , is something to prove that we are right .
This is mostly because of Mr.Impression , guiding us in our way to put people in places . HE is a big crook , capable of deceiving and showing us what he wants us to see . We seek a quick analysis and HE helps us . Its quite a difficult thing to get rid of him . Only a few succeed .

There a many of us who claim that we don’t judge people when we talk or hear about them , be it good or bad . The thing is , we actually don’t . This is because , we have a characterization , a mini judgment , that we have already written about them , which decides on how we take a person ,in times that demands our opinion .
At the end , its like looking yourself in a mirror . The reflection gives you back , what you give it . You smile , it smiles . You  stare at it , it does the same in return . The whole world is just the same . You get back what you give , may be not instantly but eventually . You mark someone as bad and you are most likely to get only the bad from him .

Do you accept that Impression – is kind of a pre-judgment ??

Apr 26, 2011

Always Together



Sketch , by me :-)


Ease your storm , My Love

You needn’t worry

You needn’t fear

Time cannot separate us

For I , hold the power to control it

Fate can never take you away from me

We shall Always be Together .

Always Together .

Apr 24, 2011

A weekend with cute birdies and Kajal :)

This weekend turned out to be one of the best times I have ever had . Most of the things that happened , were not pre-planned  and the surprise made it  thrilling and lovable .

Last friday , I was surfing through the net , majorly fbooking . My brother who is also in his summer holidays , came to me and asked if we could go for some movie this weekend . My eyes went big and my head started nodding even before I knew it . I liked the idea . So looked through the websites for ticket status .
Our first option was KO . But when my friend said , it was not very good and that they have somewhat copied the climax of dark night , I dropped the idea . There is always the torrents :) I just had to wait for a few days . Next we were in a fix between Mr.Perfect (telugu) and RIO . I just , so so , wanted to see RIO . But Kajal lured me to her movie Mr.Perfect . So I called my friend Suresh , to check if he could get tickets for RIO this sunday and for Mr.Perfect on saturday . He said he’ll try .I left the responsibility to him and went on fbooking .

Next , it was time to inform my dad . When he came home from office , I told him that we would go for a movie tomorrow . He immediately said NO , it was as if he knew what I was gonna ask him . “Why ??? , Shud u see a movie the very next day , it got released , No , you shouldn’t go .” , my dad said and closed the topic . I didn’t say anythin in return as I knew this would come and I very well know he is gonna pay for our tickets . The next day , he went to work early , and I called him about the movie and got this in return , “It looks like its gonna rain hard today , go and come back safe” . My lips curled up , for a big smile . I knew he would say this . Its always my dad’s thing , to say NO first , followed quickly by an YES .
So , then I called over to check if my friend has got the tickets , and Kaboom , he said he couldn’t get one . Frustrated and so desparate to see Kajal in big screen , I decided to go directly and try my luck . It was 8.30 a.m and there was one hell of a crowd in Pvr .But my super brother somehow made his way through the crowd and came back smiling with two tickets for Mr.Perfect . (RIO had to wait for some more time.) The movie was so so good . The wonderful music , entertaining screenplay and Kajal in saree (WOW !!!), made it really awesome . The movie was nothing new  . A triangular love story  with family stuffs and fun . The one thing I like about telugu movies , comparing other language films , is that they give so much importance to family values and comedy , which just makes them a complete entertainer .

And evening was time for my friends . My friend Satya called up 2 , and asked me to get ready by 5 , to go and get the cakes that we have ordered . It was somekinda offer . We had ordered one Butterscotch and Blackforest cake (1/2 kg each) .We rushed back home with the cakes and kept it in the refrigerator to save the icing . We were waiting for my friend Suresh to come . Each minute passed away like something . Our taste buds were craving for it . We were so desperate , that we became angry . When he had arrived , we gave him a look , but didn’t yell , cakes were more important . I just opened the box , the cake just vanished . We were way too ravenous that we finished it so damn soon . It was a nice cake . We then continued on with our usual chatting and all the blah blah blah’s :)

It was 10 , when I really got the big surprise . It was an SMS from suresh that made me jumping in my bed . He had got tickets for RIO – 3D, Yayy !!!! . I was so damn happy , that I dozed off the very moment , my face touched my pillows .

Sunday was RIO time . It was just so awesome . The best movie I have seen so far this year , I guess we could rope in last year too . It was funny , colorful and way too cute and that too in 3D . Awesomeness  to the core . Wonderful movie . It was when we were watching this comedy happened (with my friend Suresh).,


Overall , It was a fantabulous weekend :)

Apr 22, 2011

The Dobakoor Awards

First of all , thanks to my friend Sathya for this idea .

Read this only if u know Tamil .
It is finally over . I have written the last exam of my college life .It is only a few more days , till we bid the final Good bye . As most of you i entered the college with loads of confusion and fear and with the eagerness to learn more . Well , I learnt a lot . Not from the professors , but you my friend . I could see a very big change in me , from what i was then , to what I am now .You have added some valuable things to my life . I have laughed with you , fought with and fought for some of you . I ve teased you a lot and got mokkayed in return . I have had my share of bitter experiences , but i can forget them easily  with the over-whelming happiness you have poured into my life . The photos we took , fb , mail and sms will keep us together .

Now , I would like to present you , The Dobakoor Awards . Awards that are given to special people with special talents . This is meant only for fun . No feelings , ok . This post is for me , to record my memories . If u like it , i would be glad .

So, lets begin The Dobakoor Awards , and the awards goes to ..............

Kadalai Mannan Award :

Nominees : Hari (myself) , aravind , athinthra , Raja , ranjith , vivek - romba periya list pa .

Winner : Bingo man - Ranjith .

Why ? - 24/7 busy a , phone la ye  varuthukuttu irupparu . Ulaga makkal elaarukuum therinja visayam .

Gaja Gaja Award :

Nominess : aravind , blessin , athinthra , ranjith and muru .

Winner : Aravind - the snake .

Why ? - Ellarum pakaradhora niruthunaa , ivaru adula research panni PhD ye vaangiduvaaru .

Thirutu Kaludha Award :

Nominees : krishna kumar , aravind , saravanan , sruti , nisha .

Winner : Sruti

Why ? - Nalla ponnunu sollitu theriyira pucca accuste . She also wins Illicha vayee and Koondai vittu parantha kili Award .

Cyber-crime  Award :

Nominees : Ranjith , saravanan , Muru .

Winner : Karthikeyan  Muru .

Why ? - Ivaru dokku cell phonela kooda GPRS pack pottu , pala velaigala paapaaru .

Sheila Ki Patti Award :

Nominees : Sangee , Divya and Preetha .

Winner : Divya engira aaya .

Why ? - Endha function nadandhaalum , stage la yeri , dance aadiye saavadikira .

Item Award :

Nominee and winner : Blessin paul .

Why ? - Ivarukku pottiye kedayaadhu .Avan avan adichikittu line la irukaanunga .

Kadupethuraan My Lord - Award  :

Nominees : Raj kumar , Swami , Shahid .

Winner : Shahid the great  .

Why ? - Kitta vandhale , ellarum therichi ooduvaanga .

Nadunisi Non-sense Award :

Nominees : Most of the hostellers and Thulasi .

Winner : Thulasi .

Why ? - Adu dhan unnaga ellarukkume theriyume . Ennaku oru dvd kedaikuma plz .

Appatakkar Award :

Nominees : Ranjith , Hari , Krishna , Sruti , Raja , Preetha .

Winner : Hari - naanedhan .

Why ? - Vetti scene poduradhula enna adichikka aale kidayadhu .

Paalvaadi Pulla Award :

Nominees : Blessin , Deepan , Prasanna , Raj Kumar .

Winner : Deepan Raj .

Why ? - Avara paatha , unnagalukke theriyum - puriyum .

Glamour appeal Award :

Nominees : Nisha , Ranjith , Siva Kumar , Ammu .

Winner : Siva Kumar .

Why ? - Avaru chumma appadi cross pannaruna , Guppunu oru smell varum paarunga .

Vada Poche Award :

Nominees : Pala peru .

Winner : Yarrum illa .

Why ? - Ellarum ore level irukkanga pa .

Nalladhoru Kudumbam Award :

Winner : Petchi , Vinoth , Satheesh and co .

Why ? - Ivanga adichikka aale illa . Ore thatula saapittu (ooti ooti saapitu) , onnave sutthum kudumbam .

Soringa oppicer Award :

Nominees : Krishna kumar , Swami , SRK , Vinoth .

Winner : Krishna Kumar

Why ? - Ivaru pesa aarambicha , ungalaala , idha thavira vera yedhayum solla mudiyadhu .

Rich girls Award :

Nominees : Nisha , Sangee , Thulasi and Preetha .

Winner : Nisha .

Why ? - Avanga dressa paathale , chumma Richaaaa irukkum .

Adangamaatiya Neeye Award :

Nominees : Shahid , Thulasi , Ezhil , Ammu

Winner : Ezhil

Why ? - Evanga saadharanama pesuna kooda pulli vivarathodadhan pesuvaanga . Gud morning collected madam .

Paadri... (sathama paadri) Award :

Winner : none other than preetha .

Why ? - Vera yaarupa irukkanga . She also receives the Alagumani Award .

Enna Koduma Saravanan(srk) Idhu  - Award :

Winner : Thulasi

Why ? - Bus u kulla fulla mukkaadu pottukittu , onaaruba chappalukku , orayiram socksa maatittu , sun la irundhu protect pannikiravanga , enakku therinji vera yaarum illa .

Hamapke Raincoat Award :

Nominees : aravind , karti.m , Karthigaiselvan .

Winner : Karthigai selvan .

Why ? - Avaru panditaama ...avare appadi sollitu theriyiraaru .

All in all alagu raja Award :

Nominees : Muru , Ranjith , Karti.e .

Winner : Karthikeyan . e .

Why ? - Enga class first androidunga avaru .Photographer , representative , mokka writer , ippadi pala therama , avarukkulla irukku .

Paavam - Avare Confuse aayitaru award :

Nominees : Shahid , Saravanan , Swami .

Winner : Saravanan .

Why ? - Mathavanga ,  aduthavangala dhan confuse paanuvaanga , aana ivaru adikadi confuse aayi ore rolling dhan ponga .

Karagaatakkaran Award :

Nominees : Karth.M , Petchi , Anand (prpc) , Satheesh .

Winner : Karthi.M

Why ? - Ivaru dhan konjam nalla dancer , plus aa voo na , thalaila thanniya oothikittu aada vandhuduvaaru .

Start meusic Award :

Winner : Sudharson .

Why ? - Super singer boss avaru .

Avatar Award :

Winner : Ada vera yaarunga , namba Soumya dhan .

Neenga ....Romba sappa pigara irukeenga Award :

Nominees : all the girls .

Winner : all the girls .

Why ? - Award title dhanga kaaranam .

Those who havent received your awards , consider yourself lucky . Neenga ellarum Romba Nallavanga . I hope i didnt bore you . If this post could make you smile for a moment , whenever you read this in future , i have succeeded .I believe stuffs like these will materialize and store our wonderful memories for a long time . We will part our ways soon , but lets keep our friendship intact .

All those classes , generator room chats , mokka lectures , our canteen , the fun , the sadness , those tears, the hurt , crushes and love , fights and differences  all has made our memories strong .

Thank you all for giving me such precious moments and your invaluable friendship . Im glad to have spent 4 years of my life with you all . Always keep in touch .

The Kingdom of SHE

A place so beautiful , the morning sun gleaming through the bright blue sky , waking up everything back to life . Flower buds open up to greet the shining light , birds spread their wings to enjoy the playful wind whooshing through them. Sounds of her progeny , fill the air with life . The rivers splashes across , the green fields , creating a wonderful silver line .Earthly and heavenly !!

The majestic mountains , the valiant soldiers of the woods and the powerful council men , serve her as her legion.With the power to give and take life ; the heart to punish and please ; the anger - violent enough to startle the grounds open up and take in the traitors , burn down her foes and splash away the honor less and the love that could make the whole world soak in happiness , spreading the fragrance of fun , filling the air with life , she rules .Wild she is .

With her kindness and valour , she rules and defends her kingdom . The kingdom of Earth . Its her special day , our special day . Her kingdom celebrates but with sorrow creeping down their hearts with the pain of her own children turning against her and tears running down her eyes . 

I wish to earn her love but not her anger for i fear that .I shall not stab her with her own knife , i swear to protect my siblings . Which side are you in ? Do you swear to protect her ? Will you let this happen ?

Apr 20, 2011

Lady Love - A dream , i wish to come true !

 My exams are like almost over , so i just took my sketch book and started drawing a girl . I have always wanted to draw a girl as i believe its quite difficult .So here goes , the sketch i drew and the colored version . I just used crayons for coloring . Im happy with the result .

I was listening to one of my fav tracks (Dan gibson's solitudes) , while drawing this . I had the same dream again , i was moving through a green field wearing a white shirt .The fragrance , the color of the flowers and the gentle breeze caressing through , carrying the moisture of the rain that just stopped , all made it a wonderful scene . Few flowers wanted me to take them . I couldnt deny a request from something that was so beautiful .I strolled through , enjoying every moment of it . And finally there she was , standing under a big  tree , its wide spread branches telling me it has stood there for ages .The breeze made her hair move as if each strand was dancing with joy, holding hands with the wind . Through the dancing strands of her hair , she looked at me , that gorgeous look , shining . I walked towards her and moved her hair to look at her face . She smiled , the smile that one could spend their life watching .I would . I gave her the flowers . They looked even more beautiful with her .And then .................................................................................... :-p 

Oh ! I hope i find someone like the one in my dream , to be my lady love :-)

Apr 16, 2011

Total Quality Management

Just finished my TQM exam yesterday . Here's my take on it . I think its self explanatory . Please feel free to leave your comments .

Apr 7, 2011

What If - I were blind

This "What If " is one of the ideas i have been keeping dozed for a while in the dark corner of my mind . Now , I guess , the time has come to wake it up .

So , here goes the very first post on the "What - If " section .

Most of us , hate darkness . This fear has been dwelling deep inside us right from childhood . When i was a kid , i believed that there were mean denizens of dark , lurking to hurt you . I was so damn scared to take in as much as a foot inside a dark room .The fear of what lies inside sends chills down the spine . Now all those incidents brings a smile on my face . Im pretty sure that you might as well have had some experiences as such . (Ahem ! !! here goes a philosophy : Isnt it more like the fear of future - all dark and misty . I believe its the fear that keeps us running alive ) . Would you dare walk into a old house in the outskirts of the city , spooky and isolated , right in the middle of night ?? . I certainly wont . Not that im scared ..Ahem ..Ahem...Why get into unnecessary trouble ?? :-p

So , coming to the point . I think i've strolled around enough . I saw a physically challenged man in the bus stop . A dim light flickered in my mind . I grinned , wolfishly . I have got an idea to write about :) - What If , i were blind .

The realization that they spend their lifetime , a whole lifetime , in dark , with only the light of hope and confidence guiding them , amazed me . It was more of the Awe factor . So , when i reached college , i picked a safe road (i did not want to fall or get hurt), and tried to walk with my eyes closed . I very well know that our movie heroes have tried out this concept , a lot , to chase after blind heroines . But no harm in just trying , Is there ??

As I closed my eyes and let the darkness engulf me , so many visions flashed through my mind .
  1. I stumbled and fell down , and  rose up with a bloody face .
  2. A vehicle hit me and the driver was abusing me in all possible words he could get rattling his brain .
  3. I fell into a pit .
  4. Someone was watching and teasing me .I was standing motionless and embarrassed .
So many , in almost a blink of an eye . I understood the real difficulty and took a deep breath and slowly the waves of fear , ebbed .

I started to walk , more confidently , but slowly . My other senses came to my aid . I stopped for a second to listen . Birds chirping somewhere in those wide spread , long branches of the trees , the low murmuring of people inside the building , the buzzing noises of the vehicles out my campus , the whoosh of the wind and above all the slow beating of my heart . It was quite something actually .

I reached the end of the road and i wanted to take a peek . I started voting inside me , and finally chose to do so . I was near the wifi-hut . I extended my hands slowly to the brick fence and walked along with my hands following the hardness of the cement .There was a gap and i moved in , found a seat and touched the table . It was marble or granite or something of that sort . It was cold , cold as ice , but oddly comforting . I sat down and sought to enjoy the feeling and experience more of this . 

It was then , i heard someone giggling behind me . I winced . Turned back and found a friend . He chuckled , at my surprised face . "Hey !! Have you made friends with some visually challenged girl ??" , he asked . I scowled . "Or , are you trying to get some attention from anyone spl " , he grinned extending the last word . Same expression from me again . There was a pause and he said , "Its ok , lets go some where else and start the work" . I stood up and left with him .