Mar 29, 2011

Fun in Queensland


Last Saturday was day full of fun and excitement . The day we spent together in Queensland . I wanna treasure every single moment of that wonderful time I had with my friends . So , here goes(it’s a bit long)…

Queensland – the amusement park .The amusement and fun was only because of my friends , they didn’t have many interesting rides actually . Each had their part to have made that day a memorable one .

Last friday night , the gentle breeze and the mild piano music couldn’t help me get a peaceful sleep . I was damn so excited , that  there wasn’t even a single dot of sleepiness .We were finally going out . Last time when we planned , it was the project review that came crashing our plan . But fortunately this time , there was nothing to stop us . I somehow managed to get some sleep but woke up way too early and ofcourse I was dreaming about the time we would have there .

Each second moved like an hour , I just couldn’t bear it .Finally ,when it was the time , I raced out , to catch my bus to C.M.B.T .When I got down , I saw Danny walking towards me with that familiar smile of his ,there was someone else with him – “What !!! Is that Danny’s fatter version ??? and without mush !!!” – it was his brother dobbin , who looked almost the same .After some enquiry about the bus routes and the frequency , we got into a bus to poonamalle and were waiting for Miss.E.T (Sowmya) , who as always was late .

I unfortunately took a seat next to a old man , who was yelling at the driver who wasn’t there and started talking and complaining about the present government as if I were listening .It was kinda uncomfortable . I tried to look elsewhere , but it didn’t stop him. But , there came Danny 2.0 to my rescue , talking me into his world of gaming . First it was Assasing creed , then prince of persia , and suddenly persian prince was in NFS ..:) .HE sounded to be an expert in gaming . I slowly let myself into his fantasy and for a second , I was in venice , on top of a tower , locating my target , with the “Eagle eye vision ” .It was fun . By that time Sowmya arrived and the bus started and I was in still in venice . Thanks to Dobbin , the bus travel wasn’t boring .

Our wait in Ponnamalle , was even more funny .When sowmya wore her coolers and started running(in a hilarious way) almost to every bus that passed by ,to ask if it would take us to queensland and came back frowing that the conductor didn’t even respond , the three of us broke into a hysterical laughter , that the crowd got startled and moved away from her . (P.S : Danny knew which bus would take us there.)

Then we boarded the bus to queensland and when we got there , the gang from hostel was already thr and have made camps in groups , laughing , chatting and munching some snacks and a few were busy with their phones . We then mixed along.

Moments later , came MR.Snake  and sruti , dressed and moved as if they were students of M.I.T or Harvard . The crowd might have taken them to be some NRI’s , but we knew that these were two demented souls trying desperately to get some attention :)

  Then , the whole area was covered with flashes from the came camera , taking as many snaps as possible . The last to arrive was Aiswarya (nalla ponnu) and her slave Anand .Aravind started collecting the cash and our I.D’s to avail the student offer . It was then , we found the “Man of principles – Mr.Danny”. His 8th grade brother didn’t have an ID and when a guy volunteered to use his friend’s ID , Danny was like ..”I don’t like that ..that’s so not gonna happen” and as people started convincing him , he shouted.,”If anybody intends to do that , that’s it , we both will leave right away” and turned the other side giving us some time to decide . Those words darted through the air and everyone fell silent . But it soon shifted away and things came back to normal and we decided not to do anything against his wish ..After all , we were there to have fun .

When we went in there was a guy , costumed as a bull , bullying children and girls . When he came running , with those stuffed horns of his , pointing towards my friends , they shouted and rank back . There , I didn’t see girls who are 20+ , but a few 4th graders , who still believed that there is Boochandi (monster) , out there , who would eat them , if they didn’t sleep properly . lol :)

Weekend had brought too much crowd . We started running around to find a ride that didn’t have a huge queue .

Mr.Principle – Danny started walking sideways as if his legs were wobbly and sat down in a bench and never came for any other ride . One simple ride , was enough to make tis 85+ Kg man , nod a NO to all other rides . He was then left as the security for our bags .


Few hours passed , a few more rides , everybody shouting and laughing their guts out and soon all started walking like zombies , completely drained of all the energy and were looking for a restaurant to recharge them . I took the tokens for lunch and the service there was too slow . There were only 2 of’em and they had to attend a huge mob .I stood there patiently ,and Kishore took my stand .We both were standing there for minutes .

Miss.Dimple , waiting desperately for lunch , lost her cool and lurched forward from her chair and snatched the token from kishore and gave us a look like …”What the hell ,were u guys doing so long ???”. We stepped back for her to try her luck .

“Hello !! Brother …excuse me ..” . Thr was no response and after sometime she was like “Ayya..Ayya …Anna (literally beggin)”. One guy turned to her side but just ignored her . She started again .,”Excuse me! …we are waiting for a long time ..can u plz..” . No response again . Miss.Dimple , losing her patience made a face . Her eyes and mouth opened wide and there came a torrent of angry words .

The noise she made , had no effect on them . It was only when kishore requested them again , he attended us . All that performance , all that scene , for nothing . :p

After lunch , they all moved for water game and myself and sruti was left in-charge of all their bags .We sat there for hours chatting about the gossips and stuffs happening n our college and were teasing a few in the pool .

When others came back , they had a hot story for us .


Then , we raced each other to cover as many rides as possible . Even the terror KK , didn’t want to get in the Free Fall . After munching a few burgers and taking a few snaps , we left the park .

A day full of fun .Yet another wonderful memory of my college life .

Mar 19, 2011

Sa re ga ma–again . Oh! Plzzz



Its always a pleasant thing to listen to music when you are completely bored or stressed out . But the music I listen to , in college . Phew….will come to that later .

Most of my classes in college are totally boring these days . My friends , open up their mobile phones , keep them under the desk and start messaging to their friends , in such cases .I am not the always-texting kinda guy , so I just pretend listening and Im quite good at that .

Boring lecture are always comfortable for many , as they could do whatever they want , than to listen .But I prefer them to be interesting. Wait !! Wait !! Don’t get any ideas .Definitely not to listen but to escape from my aquarian friend (My best pal).

An interesting class with equations and derivations will keep him busy . He sticks his head to his notebook and comes out with doubts and questions .He very well knows that im not the one to ask questions to , so he deals all that stuff with others .


Think that he must be brainy ???? Well , Yes , he is but that’s not the worst part , infact that’s not bad at all .

But if at all , it turns out to be anything other than interesting , he’ll lose his interest and raises his hands and starts moving those fingers , as though he has got some health issue . But the fact is , he takes out a veena and starts playing that , a veena that is visible and audible only to him and starts humming or mumbling some carnatic song in a way that u wouldn’t want to hear .


Today I tried to capture that in my mobile phone , but unfortunately , he sniffed out my intentions and I lost my chance right there .Then came this scene .,



Other than this , he is really a warm and a mature person and sometimes hits my daft head to make me realize whats right and wrong .

Avaru semma terror !!!!

(@my friend :10 roobaiku rendu line dhan eludamudiyum pa).

Mar 17, 2011

Looking through

Ah! Finally a genuine reader/follower or probably a stranger.

This time i disabled all notifications to my social networking sites , so i didn't pull you forcibly to this page . I'm glad .

Ok! Now this is going to be a bit boring .

Recently i have developed this habit of sketching .It all started when my friend Sathya challenged me to draw "Metal Beak " , better than him .This nudge made me take my pencils back , which i have abandoned a few years back and now , i just can't keep them down . I ve started to put everything in cartoons - no matter if it looks good or not (Hey! Im improving :) ). I should thank my friends of who advised me to put something of me, in my blog's header . The idea was really good and so i gave my header , a personal touch . I didn't care what others would think , I felt it was good and that is what that mattered .

It's like im starting it all, from the scratch , so i have not got the niche yet and Yes! its a bit clumsy , but im trying and i sincerely believe that its getting better everyday .

There are some friends who really appreciate my work and encourage me to do better and there are those (Duh! Ofcourse..) that are just the opposite . Positive or negative , criticism helps .Its a fact that i have got more visitors after using some cartoons in my posts and i seriously hope to keep it going .(1400 visitors last month ..Yey !!!)

I made a very serious mistake today by taking my sketches to college . I had no intension to show them to anyone , just thought they would be safe in my bag . But , those papers started moving thru the tables and ppl were giggling , criticizing and mocking . I definitely didnt expect everyone to say those were good , but i didnt expect this either . I was like , "Whats so funny about that???" and soon my sensitive side got dominant and i started making a few decisions like changing my blog's name , disabling fb notifications and protecting my blog with a password , so that only those i choose can read .

But as soon as i got my cool back , a few facts started hitting my head and i realized that those were pretty daft and ditched those ideas .First of all , i have only a few genuine readers who drop by to read my posts , even if its a complete crap and i pull others from fb .Materializing any of those mundane ideas would strip my blog off of any visitors and it would soon become a One man's land . I certainly dont want that to happen .

Though im not that profound in my language , I blog and really love to , even about some meaningless stuff .I am maintaining it as an online record of my thoughts .I have been gradually improving and will definitely continue to . Im really happy that my blog's anniversary is only 3 months away .

When i started writing this , it just came out of my mind , rushing out , as i have been holding this in for quite sometime now and i certainly didnt want to lament or whine . Phewww ...but i think i just did that :-p .

Mar 8, 2011

The Tour Plan

As we are nearing our end of college life , we all wanted to go somewhere . Most of all , I wanted to . I was very eagerly looking forward to this tour . As people started planning , i became even more desperate . I just wanted to go out with a crowd , no matter where the place is . Go out and have fun – That’s what was all in my mind .


People started giving suggestions and few opted out of the plan but most of’em was ready to go anywhere as long as there was a big crowd to shout , mock and enjoy :)


With everyone seriously planning and most of’em giving an O.K.  to the tour , I was really glad that im finally having a day out with my friends . But my happiness didn’t last long ….


There came MR.Fate , in Partha Sir’s disguise and gave the report submission deadline as saturday , the very day we were planning for a trip .


And as obvious everybody backed out and the plan came crashing down (my happiness too)….


I hope , Mr . Fate takes leave , atleast next weekend and let us have a fun time together ..

Mar 4, 2011

The celebration

People come and they go and so is each day . But it is only a few ,that finds a place in our memories . And now I have 3 more special days to relish .A wonderful period which I can never forget.
Day 1 was good except for that candle thing .

chem fiday

Of all that we went through these days , last night was the highlight .Absolute fun !!!
Would anyone believe if SR sang for us ? Finally , after a really long time , SR- giving a performance . It was all for the cheers and noise we made for him . I cant forget how he blushed before he made up his mind to sing for us . That was fabulous !!!!

After that , for sometime there was a commotion as to who would start dancing first . It went on and on , we really got bored . It was when cibi and athi started dancing (wriggling like a worm) , the audi roared in laughter and others joined in. It went on for an hour , the audi just got transformed to a disco hall , only the flashing lights were missing .

Each one were dancing in their own way . Shashi and sowmya shaking , batista and goyya rolling , Athinthra wriggling here and there , KK butchering (no one was bold enough to go near him) , aravind slithering here and there to find a place to res , Dany and kishore fighting for blessin (item) , myself and kamal standing at a corner jumping and clapping,a few shouting and laughing and others went into a trance doing the Dappan Kuthu and they didn’t bother about anythin .(Melody ku kooda kuthu kuthunu kuthunaanga pa) , juniors running here and there to capture as many funny moments as possible …..Phewww !!! , that was great fun .OMG !!! I forgot the superstar – Bhuvi , entertaining us with his ingenious belly dance and hip-hop .

After everything , when I walked to my home , tears rolled down my cheeks , tears of laughter . But soon , the mood changed realizing that all these will become distant memories . A month and a few days left for us to say GOOD BYE to our college . I didn’t intend to get sentimental and all when I started writing this , but I just couldn’t avoid it .

These 3 days helped me to bond with a few juniors . Shankar , Gokul ,Siva kumar , Bhuvi , malai , ram , Indreesh and so many . All were really great and interesting . I just started to make friends with them and to know that this friendship is going to be only for few more days , is quite disturbing .I wonder why I didn’t do this a long time before . Gonna miss them for sure .

The heart-aching moment is catching on us soon and im doing my best to collect and record as many sweet memories as possible .I hope you all do the same .

This celebration , the last one in our college life .

Our bonds became stronger , we shouted out loud , sighed in exhaustion , buzzed around doing work and laughed our hearts out . The tension , the fun , the anger are all  the elements of a wonderful memory to cherish for a life-time .

Mar 2, 2011

The Snake encounter !!!

The over-dramatic song bird

    Roars and cheers filled the auditorium when the host (romba paavam ,the crowd never allowed her to speak) announced that the first performance will be by the final yrs’ to kick start the informal events of chemfluence . I was so happy to know that the juniors are cheering for them . But I was proved wrong . The roars got louder when a lean figure crept onto the stage from the side . It was the girl , who sincerely believes that she looks a lot like Deepika padukone , claiming that she has a beautiful dimple . But , everyone knew , that she looked very much like a old granny & tht it was not a cute dimple but a Dokku (as in dokku viluntha kelavi) .

We all know that she has a really really great voice and has the right mix of talents to  become a music genius in the future Smile with tongue out . She started singing well , with Amrutha , but later her voice faded off , when the the instruments got louder . It looked as if she was just chewing somethin with the mike in her hands . All we could get , was the opening and closing of her mouth , but no sound . But needless to say ,there was too much dramatics . It is obviously the area where she is good at . We asked her to dance a bit , just to get a few more roars , and she did . The roars turned into laughter and she stopped doing that .
Sudharson and Amrutha sang really well and she performed well .
I guess , she will be the only final year , being ragged / mocked by the juniors Smile.
She was entitled as the GHANA KAKKA ,of A.C.Tech .(It was my idea)
But she deserves appreciation for being so friendly and for not being the cliched type of senior , sensitive and bossy . She was just the opposite and im glad she had made so many friends among juniors .I seriously envy that .
Preetha ! You are a great performer and a very friendly person .
Simple a sonna – NEEE ROMBA NALLA PONNU Smile.
(I also thought of having , “The song bird that cant sing “ & “the demented song bird”, as the title .)
“Im happy that I had a role to play in both Petrovision and Chemfluence . I felt really great when few staffs and the guest appreciated me that I did really well and that I have a good voice (host). Thank u all :-) ”