Feb 20, 2011

Good Vs Evil

A long fought battle , in words , thoughts and in action which has left us confused .
A new born baby doesn't know the difference between the two . Life begins with belief . Growth is led by the senses and senses are the store keeper of our memories . So where does this good and evil wind up in the complicated pattern of our life .
Is it the factors of life that determine our status or the intricate genetic pattern that we are born with . If science claims it to be pre-determined , then do we believe in fate ? . The path of life , stores the idea of good and evil in our mind somewhere . Most of us walk in the line in-between , with the possibility of stepping into any side in a moments notice . We either believe or pretend , what we do is right or wrong . Nobody can assume how we will react in a bad situation . Throw a stone into our perfect life , and then we will know how we react .
We see good  in a caring mother and evil in a serial killer . One can give a hundred or more examples from myth , movies or real-life . But is it easy to mark a person today ? . Behind the closed doors and the ever smiling mask of being a social animal , there is so much that goes unnoticed . A sudden glint of hatred/anger in a calm soul and a glimpse of love in a murderous monster - anything can happen anytime . These cannot be asked for explanations and cant be reasoned with . It truly is a mystery to understand .

In our life we go through certain amazing moments and a few unavoidable disasters . If there is Jesus , there is lucifer . If there is Gandhi , there is hitler . Black and white is a part of everything . You smashed my building , now I crush your country . This is what world is like .  .A thin line is what that separates both .Some openly step over the line and some show us only what they want us to see . Its quite a disturbing thought that we do not know what lures inside the one we walk past in our life .Animals hunt and kill for survival . But aren't we better than them , having an extra sense ?? Even animals dont hunt their own species !!

Unless we learn the clear distinction and move to the enlightenment , we remain as children walking in adult forms , not knowing the reality of life . Being good is not a easy job and i can quote only a few names as examples . All this has become a part of our survival . Today , a pure white finds it hard to shine . It can and does shine only with a glint of black , making it a very lighter shade of grey which we all perceive to be pure and unadulterated .
So can we ever learn this ? Are monks and sages the only few who have mastered the art ? Is that the kind of life one will have if we understand the difference ? Is it , in anyway , possible to separate the colors from grey ? Can the complex pattern be untangled ?
As always this topic leaves us with more questions and a distressed state of mind .

Feb 16, 2011

The chase !!!

Taking a stroll through the dark and misty streets of early morning is my fav thing .
(click here to read abt my new years's exp - early mornin thing) But today , I decided to scout  some new areas . So took my cycle and left home by 5.30 am . Few streets around my house don’t have streets lights . But there was enough light to move through them safely without bumping anything .

It was then , it happened . A dog was sitting tight in the dark , as though it was stalking something .I was wondering what its target could be . When I was about to cross it , it showed me its fierce teeth , getting ready to tear some flesh apart .In just a fraction of a sec it jumped towards me , growling .My heart lurched up to my mouth . I somehow by God’s grace avoided it .It landed somewhere behind and gave me one of its violent barks . My cycle started shaking . Then , I realized it was not my cycle but me , doing the trembling job .

I rode as fast as I could , turned right , moved a few paces and stopped near a temple . I just turned back to see if it was chasing me .There it came , striding towards me growling , with its jaws wide open . I caught the glimpse of its teeth again . My heart started pounding so fast . My body reacted on its own and started pedaling the cycle , garnering all the energy I had .

I never turned back , but heard a few more barks and panting far behind. Few more dogs have joined the chase . Realizing that , my heart sank to my feet and I desperately wanted to escape .So , I raised up the speed and after a few min , I was relieved to observe some silence around .  Took a deep breath , relieved in thought that I had lost them for good . I had no idea of how long I ve been cycling in fear . The pounding became lighter and I started to wonder why they followed me .After some thinking I came up with two options . It is either that the dogs are bewitched by some ghosts lingering around or the milky white racks I was wearing .

I ruled out the first one as that sounded absolutely silly .Came home back and I told my mom that im never going to wear that one again . Good bye to that white tracks .

Feb 14, 2011

I Love You !!!

For all those eager hearts who just popped into my blog on seeing the title and hoping for some serious gossip , Sorry to disappoint you .
I just voluntarily missed a P.S. in the front to get a few more hits . Muaahh !!!
Its this book P.S. I love You , that I started listening (audiobook) today . Sword fights , Magical spells , Witches and wizards , blood dripping battle , the chase and all is my thing when it comes to books . This valentine’s day I thought it would be positively different to try something romantic . So, started this one P.S.I love you .
It started off in a sad sentimental note but later turned out to be very light and funny . I couldn’t control myself laughing in some places , that I got some stares from the passengers in my bus . Some people made a face on seeing me , smiley faced and giggling. I would have appeared to be a fool for them!! I just couldn’t control it . But it didn’t bother me . This is actually the first time I laughed on listening to a book .I am thoroughly enjoying this one.
I have just finished a few chapters and am really looking forward to the rest . I hope that this book ends well . No matter what , this is sure to get a place in the list of my favourite books .
I wish a happy valentine’s day to all those love birds out there .

Feb 6, 2011

Internet Explorer–9 Beta - Just Great !!!

The all new internet explorer 9 beta is making waves already . With praises from every corner of the world pouring in , it is evident that , IE is regaining its territory in the browser arena .

Microsoft has been bringing in so many changes to its products , these days , and they are indeed – cool !!! . The windows live essentials especially the messenger , office 2010 – web app – which allows you to store and edit your documents in the cloud - also facilitates inviting your friends to group edit , the active view facility and the bunch of interesting features in hotmail , are all flooded with unique and efficient changes .

Now comes IE-9 beta . Its provides you a fast , smooth , secure and a awesome web experience . It has a very simple interface . Those icons that crowded it are now gone and are pushed to 3 small icons at the top right corner and if you are a windows 7 user , u will love it for sure . It just integrates itself to sleek look of the os . A very notable feature , is the ability to pin your favourite sites to your windows explorer’s taskbar , making it more easier to use your fav sites . By pinning a site, the site is at the center of the experience, not the browser. When a pinned site is launched from the taskbar, the browser frame and navigational controls integrate the site's icon and primary color, providing an experience that's tailored to the site you're viewing.

Explorer 9

IE – 9  beta , taps the potential of your graphic processor through windows to harness the full potential of your PC and makes the web experience , exciting .

With so many features like these , it will capture your interest and will push its rival browsers down .



(Check these links to get a detailed view of IE-9 beta)