Dec 26, 2010

Hair cut in a parlour .

I always get my hair cut in a normal saloon .This time i decided to try a parlour . I know that both may mean the same , but the indian way of  defining a saloon and a parlour is completely different . The one with good stylish interiors , people in uniform , and that which charges more is a parlour .  
I was wondering which one to try first among the 3 or 4 in my area .I just walked through the misty streets , drifting in my thoughts of what is going to happen after an hour .I was so worried about talking the decision to try something new . The first thing to come to my sight is “Foot fetish” .The moment i saw the word fetish i decided that this is where im going to do it or get it done . 
I was like looking all around , assessing the interiors but at the same time , thiru thirunu mulikiraamaadhiri irukka koodadhunu , i was like , heads high , eyebrows raised and tried to manage a gethu look . Saw their pricing and i was glad that the hair cut was just 90 rs/- , but still its a 30 extra from the old one .  
A guy came near and asked “Short or medium short sir - how do you want it” (in a british kinda accent)…I was like namba kitaye petera !!! Then started talking . I said i wanted a different style but something decent . he then started combing my hair and claimed it to be really long and falling , so not many styles would suit me .After sometime , he said something , “inga partition , anga short , inga medium ” , and all . I couldnt make out what he meant . Then decided that the fate of mine is already decided , so enna nadakanumo nadakattum nu ,i said O.K . I removed my glasses and kept in on the table .At the very moment , the whole place got engulfed in a kind of mist leaving my vision blurred . This always happen when i remove my glasses . Then i could just hear the clicks of the scissors and feel my beautiful hair falling over my shoulders . I then started praying “Maariyatha , endha asambaavidhamum nadandhuda koodathu”  . A few more clicks followed by some spraying and hot air blowing through , it went silent .After around 20 min he finished and i drove the mists away , wearing my glasses .”Haiyaiyo !!! Poche !!” .Aedhodho sollitu kadaiseela military cut adichitaan :-( . Then i consoled myself that whatever happened has happened & feeling bad for it wont change anything . “Poi tholayidhu po !!”
For those who wish to get a hair cut in a parlour , hear my advice , its nothing but some flashy interiors , few gadgets and pucca vetti scene . So dont ever abandon your old barber .

Talking to old teachers - always a pleasure !!

Yesterday was the usual saturday as always . With my friends it was loads of fun , chatting , few fights and compromises and blah blah blah - the usual stuff !!! When things became a bit boring we wondered wat to do next . Then i came up with an idea to call our English teacher - Mrs.Anita Sateesh and convey our christmas wishes . I called her and just said “Merry Christmas” . “Hello !! Hari…eppadi ma irukka” - came her voice with so much warmth .I was very surprised .Its been a long time since we spoke to her , but still she remember my voice .That was just gr8 . “WoW! How did u recognize me , moreover im calling from a different number” . “Ethana varusham pazhagana kural . avalo seekiram marraka mudiyuma” . It felt really proud . I have always been special to most of my school teachers , but never thought she would remember my voice for such a long time …its been nearly 6 years .Talking with her made us all so elated , i just dont have words to express how i felt . We all spoke to her ,she remembered us all ,we then promised to visit her by next christmas with a big cake .
Then we called up Mrs.Banumathi .Spoke to her about where she is working right now and about us . She was the same with so much happiness in her voice .She then talked about the lighter moments we had when we were practising for drama , which we usually do every year . She was like talking to her own children studying else where .
“I’m really proud that my students still remember me , not many of u call us back , this is really great , this is the best gift I could get for a festival , this is what a teacher wants Hari !! Thank u so much for remembering and do come home sometime . ” - this came from both of them , may be phrased and expressed differently but meant the same and definitely with so much love .
Christmas is the season of joy . It is not only about gifts but sharing love . We all were really happy and i’m sure my teachers were even more happier . Friends ! Do call your teachers . It makes them happy and will show you how much they care about their students , which will make you feel special for sure . I hope you will call, atleast one, for new year .Wont u?

Dec 17, 2010

Placement experience - Sara special !!!

For the request of the readers , here comes the untold story of the great Sara . As said in my prev post , myself and sara were isolated from the group . We were actually looking for a beautiful HR , to send our resumes to . But fate had its role to play . We were waved to a corner . A guy came and asked for our resumes and asked us to follow , i was quite but here comes the conversation between him and the ingenious sara .

Sara : Oh! here is my resume sir !
Guy : Hmmm !! PRPC ! what is that ?
Sara : It is petroleum and petrochemicals sir , petroleum but more chemical but specilization in petrol #$@## and blah blah blah ....(im sure he didnt get anything :-D)
Guy : ( Confused )Oh ! fine . So you are interested in I.T uh ?
Sara : Hmm..ahhh....hmmm .....not like that actually , not interested and all (I was like what the .....)....but wanted to , going to do MBA , so chose I.T ...really interested to work (ada goyango !!! enna da solla vara)
Guy : Hmm. Oh! Ok then ...please be seated here and i will call you .

"What the hell were you saying...? Im +ve that he didnt understand anything . Then sara was like , "Vidu Vidu !! paathukalaam ."
Then , after being interviewed  he came out from the room , with his unique mickey mouse smile . I asked him how it was .  " Was easy da !! mokka !! But , im sure they didnt understand anything :-D " ......

Neengale sollunga , ivaru terror dhane ???????

Dec 16, 2010

Placement experience - The first and best !!!

It was 10th when i had my ppt for TCS placement . I entered college by  around 4 p.m.  I always see people chatting and laughing loudly all through the premises , but everything was different that day . The strong sense of seriousness spread all through my college .It was a strong aura and it was more strong near the auditorium . There were murmuring , whispers of so many questions , and a few giggles here and there . One could see the lines of questions running through everyone's mind as their face looked so grim as if they are about to enter a battle -a battle indeed but why so serious ?!! . The evening sun started to flicker , it went to sleep very soon that day . The darkness creeped in and so did the anxiety and tension . The ppt was over , was the usual kind  , with some really dumb questions from the students side which drove our director crazy . I dont think i can forget that face for sometime , he stared as though he was going to slice through , but not his fault , who would stay calm if people start asking questions which they r not supposed to !

The next day was the interview . I expected a whole lot bigger crowd than it was ,that day .Everyone was in their own world , engulfed in thoughts and preparation . A few were light , laughing and making fun . They made the tension ease . They were like the specs of light in a dark cave . Their corona spread widely , and everyone kinda returned back from their thoughts . It was fun then , till we were separated for the interview . I got separated from my crew , but thank god ! , i had miki with me . We were roaming , peeking through all the windows and doors that came across , to get an idea of the atmosphere and to decide on where to sit , seeing the faces of HR . We were , probably I was in an idea , that i could judge them by seeing their faces and to choose the one that seemed easy to handle .As i was serious in my analysis , there came a voice , bold but wavering , guess he wasn't concentrating only on us . He asked for our resume and took us to a corridor and asked us to sit there .We had no idea where our resumes went . The corridor looked alien , and a few boys sitting opposite to us , was staring  but i could sense so much fear in them . Most of their hands twitched and a few were hitting their heads in big books and were asking the interviewed , about the scenario inside . I was wondering if we came to the wrong section and it didnt feel quite right . Miki enquired about their department , and we were taken aback to know that they were M.C.A . Oh!  no , i was worried if i am going to grilled with tech questions . But miki was cool , that helped me to get back to my usual self . I had confidence in my language and wit (scene podradhu) . "Saravanan . A" , shouted a voice from the corner , he left to last room . He took more time than the others to return back , i was wondering what was going on , probably he is writing some programs . Miki is always good at that , but what will i do , if asked to code something . It was creepy . I distracted myself observing others . It had always been great fun in doing that , and my heart started beating  normally , the high pitch rhythm vanished , it was a low note now . Then came miki , with all smiles , everyone there was anxious to hear what he was going to say , and he said "It was easy da , no coding , nothing , just HR questions" . I gave a huge sigh of relief ,"Appa ! no coding " . Then miki left , it was my turn now . I went in calm and cool . Questions were obvious , a few tricky , but i answered well , with my eyes steady and with a few hand gestures . I guess i communicated well and they liked my answers . Got a few " Good " here and there . I could see it in their eyes that they liked my answers . It was definitely more than 20 min , but flew like dust in a strong wind . The day's work is done .Now all that i had to do , is wait till the next day for results .

I entered the audi by 4 on sunday, it was unbelievably crowded . The same aura existed here . I was lost in random thoughts . Then started the meeting with the HR giving feedbacks and thanks . I guess nobody paid any interest . The director announced that he will be reading out the results now . The dark blue background turn misty and black .Suddenly everything went silent . It was only the pounding of so many hearts . The director looked as though he had a glowing ring over his head . As he went on , the silence broke slowly . I was waiting for him to utter one word , one name .I guess everyone had the same feeling . "Ranjith . N - PRPC , Karthikeyan Muru - PRPC" , something pulled me down , i was falling deep down in a creepy hole , but suddenly  there came a glowing hand for my rescue and pulled me up and i found myself back in the audi , and then heard "Hari Kumar.R - PRPC" , the mist vanished - Ka'boom .My cell phone beeped , it was an SMS from Muru - "U r placed " . The aura lifted , it was like , i had wings protruding out from me and i was flying over cloud nine . Another beep and then i came back . I could see many faces with so much delight , shaking hands and cheering for their friends , and messaging  . And  a few looked  sulky . The names were announced , it was all over . Came out of the audi after some motivational speech given , then went directly to CUIC with friends to see my name on the list . We were really glad and after some chatting i left home .I felt bad for those who deserved but lost  . Boarded the bus and went home with a heart full of happiness . It was a wonderful experience , a lovely memory to cherish for a lifetime , the first and the best .

Hari Kumar.R

Dec 15, 2010

Norway is preparing for 2012 !!!!!

In a recent history channel video that i saw it has pointed out that Norway has begun preparations for impending doom in 2012. It can be implied by the article that Norway believes there will be a major catastrophe to occur in 2012 and in order to preserve our current way of life, Norway has created a “doomsday seed bank”. Yes, thats correct… that is Norway’s official name for their global seed bank. The ultimate goal is for the continued survival of plant species if (or when) there is a global disaster. This storage of crops/seeds will ensure regrowing of plants after the disaster and ultimately lead to the continued survival of human beings.
Single entrance of Norways “Doomsday” seed vault. Image taken from National Geographic
Main Tunnel of Seed Vault. Image taken from National Geographic
Refrigerated cooling units to keep vaults between -20 and -10 degrees Celsius.
Image taken from National Geographic
Taken from
Deep in Norway’s frozen Svalbard archipelago sits a high-tech facility that could save the world. If global catastrophes like asteroid impacts or disease pandemics were to strike, seeds stored in this first ever “doomsday” vault would ensure that humans could regrow the crops needed for survival.
These crops, researchers say, are the raw genetic materials needed for breeders to adapt the global food supply to survive climate change, water and energy shortages, and even shifts in food preferences.
The trust is the leading force behind the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a repository built by the Norwegian government to store backup copies of as many as three million different crop varieties.
Currently about 1,400 seed banks are in operation worldwide, each serving as a genetic library for anywhere from a handful to several thousand different crop varieties.
The Norway vault will collect samples from local banks in so-called black boxes. These packages will stay unopened in the Svalbard facility unless the need arises for a variety that is otherwise used up or wiped out.
The mission is crucial, Fowler noted, because the stored seeds provide researchers with the raw genetic materials needed to adapt the global food supply to survive climate change as well as water and energy shortages.
To view the entire article, click HERE

Dec 6, 2010

Lovely Rain

The day light flickered with the light blue-black cloud covering the sun, curtains blew softly, in the slight breeze coming through the open window. I was sitting near the window staring out into the dark grey sky. The sound is calming, the soft patter of water falling on the roof tops. The rain drops are dancing with the ground and the tapping , Oh! its so wonderful .Birds chirping, sitting in pairs under the comforting shelter of the window sills ,and romancing. The rain is persistent, coming in thick sheets that cover the streets and side walks in a glistening layer of water. My eyes never phased out from the dark grey sky, lightning flashing every so often. I feel the cold hit my cheek and my fingers getting numb , i ve got goosebumps all over .Its just lovely . I only want to run to the cold and stand smiling in the rain . 


Hari Kumar.R

Dont compare with others in life for few things?!!?

I read a blog post recently saying that comparison is always bad and shows your are jealous and your inferiority complex and so on .I totally disagree with this . Comparison is definitely not something thats bad . We all have a role model and we do our best to be like one or at least follow their principles .I say, that is a way of comparison too and its good .This can be seen in every individual .Comparison leads to competitiveness and spirit to win or grow .So its definitely not bad .If India had not compared itself with other growing economies , we would not have grown so much . Development is purely based on comparison   . Its not for India alone but for any country for that matter .Jealousy , inferiority complex and blah blah blah all depends on an individual's perspective and this topic can never be generalized . Comparison is a good thing and it fuels growth .


Hari Kumar.R

Dec 4, 2010

Placement fever hits

 After a long time , the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived . Right from out teen , we ve always wanted to go out , see what is there outside and what is waiting for us , and to become independent . The time has arrived to stand in our own legs , to buckle up for the race to grow and succeed in the corporate world . Its time for campus placements !!! . With so many companies lined up for recruiting , students are giving a sigh of relief . Most of 'em having made their decisions already, are gearing up for the interview . Few , wondering  how to prepare resume , some hitting their heads with all those aptitude books out there() , some confused on which company to choose and some are as cool as always , confident enough about getting placed , relying on their talents .Everyone is so excited about moving on for the next stage , its almost like waiting for the exam results .Placement fever hits all colleges . I wish everyone good luck for getting placed in the company they desire .


Hari Kumar.R

Dec 1, 2010

Environmental Impact Assessment - study material

A collection of study material (ebooks) for EIA - Environmental Impact assessment . 

Download Link :

Chemical Process Safety - ebooks

Collection of ebooks and other material for chemical process safety .

Download Link :

Environmental Engineering - Ebooks

These are some of the books that i collected for this topic . Below is a list of ‘em and the download link

1. Air pollution Control technology handbook - Malestrom

2.Basic Environmental engineering - Malestrom

3.Environmental Engineering - Weiner , Matthews

4.Handbook of pollution control and Waste minimization

5.Solid Waste analysis and minimization

6.Environmental Pollution and control - Jeffrey , Ruth

7.Encyclopedia of Environmental science and engineering

8.Handbook of air pollution prevention and control

9.Air pollution control - Lawrence

Download Link :

Folder :