Oct 17, 2010

Aravind's Golu

   Awesome singing , great fun ,  train travel , sweets and sundal  made last wednesday a memorable one . The travelling was great fun especially the part where swamy tried to catch the running bus and travel by footboard . Scene poda try panraan . But it didnt work out :-p
   Aravind's golu was bright with so many idols , the marapachi and the panchamuka hanuman  were my favourite . Few of us sat in the hall and let the Golu room to the girls for singing , few went to his system . It was so much fun with the chem guys . I laughed a lot that day . Aswin , blessin paul and sriram was the crux of the fun or the target for everyone . So much fun , Thank god we were left alone .
   Then we were served with the special sundal and milk (paal :-p) sweets , which everybody enjoyed a lot and kept asking for more until it was all over . Azar , though he was with us all the time , mysteriously evaded the crowd and had his private time in a special room :-p .
    Among the girls amrutha and preetha sang a few songs . Others as always were acting -nalla ponnu maadhiri . Thulasi escaped from being the target that day , as she didnt wear her finger - socks which very much looks like something worn to cover some allergy  , but she actually calls it a anti-tan socks .Worrying about getting the feet tanned !!!! Wooo...thats something !
     We all left after sometime . It was so much fun there . Thanks to Raj Kamal for helping us out with detauls about train and stops...

Oct 13, 2010

A great evening

   A colorful page in my book of history .Yesterday , my friend sruti's house was crowded with us - her friends , honouring her invitation for the Golu . It was around forty of us under one roof other than our college's . Sruti inviting everyone is usual , but the unusual part is me attending the function with my friends .
     First , the Golu experience . Sruti and her beautiful younger sister smriti welcomed us . I was imagining sruti to be naughty , but she looked just the oppsite . More like  Romba Nalla Ponnu  kind of look  . Her mom was so warm and that sundal was really good . She was a perfect host - making everybody feeling comfortable , and made the evening joyous with her talk  . When we were talking about our studies , she mentioned that education is just 10% but  skill and capability -the remaining 90%  marks the growth of a person . I really liked it . Our class super singer Sudharson sang a few songs for us and most of us really enjoyed it . Sini's dance performance needs a special mention as it became the favorite among the audience . Her mom claimed that Pragassh became leaner and Ammu to be good girl . Both these are close to impracticality . Most of us were shocked to hear that . After so many rounds of sundal , kesari , juice and coffee we left signing good bye . Overall the evening there was fun-filled . 

Oct 4, 2010

Traffic Chaos

         As usual , i was enjoying my bus ride to my college with the company of my favorite music . Things around me looked normal ,except that my bus was a little crowded than usual . My phone kept on vibrating with SMS's from my friends , questioning if i got a bus as they haven't and that there is a wave of tension spreading through out the city because of a fight between some political face and the bus drivers of a particular junction .I reached college and slowly others started coming in , a little late actually .
        That wave of tension hit me when i left my coll . Friends of other departments were sending messages that there were no buses in the roads . I  kinda got nervous as i had tickets for endhiran and had to reach there in time .I was worried and there came to my rescue , my beloved 47-A .Got into it happily with all the tension relieved . But that calmness vanished when i reached T.Nagar . First the bus was diverted , the driver got confused , then came along the same road . People became restless and started panicking. The panic level increased as a man , middle aged , came near our bus and asked the driver if he wishes to see his family tomorrow or not , in a tone and style which a characteristic of Indian movie villains . That added more masala to the scene .People started rushing out of the bus and i was worried if the conductor would return the money . (Deluxe Bus !!!! 10 Rs/- total waste) . I too got down caring less about that money and more about how i would reach for the movie in time .
        T.nagar which is usually crowded with people , was crowded with empty buses all the way . I guess around 40 buses blocked the road . I walked amused and to get a neat story of what happened there , i talked with lady selling fruits by the roadside . According to her , there happened a fight between a few supporters of that bus driver who got into a fight with the politician , and the other side . I happened to get a glimpse of few school children crying and people busy talking to friends and relatives about the incident . I was advised by my friend  and my father to get an auto or travel by train . I walked some distance , and there came my savior , in slow motion , I was way too glad to see 47-bus coming to give me a ride . That bus alone was allowed to get through because of the school children in there . Great !!! Thank God !!! I was so relieved   and got my lost hope back , that i would reach the theatre in time .
           Overall !!! It was an interesting day ..