Aug 19, 2010

Am i Jealous !

We had a combined Process economics class with the chemical students , so the class strength was around  100 .The scene came in the final half an hour of his class . He distributed randomly all our test papers and asked us to correct it . He was dictating the key words for all the answers , but nobody was actually interested in listening him , instead students were busy in doing  these ;

"Machan , en paper un kitta iruuka da ?" (do u ve my test paper?)

" Dei , enna pass panni vitudu da " (please make me pass the test dude )

" Hey , unnakku 17/20 poduma ? " (Is 17/20 enough for u ?) - to close friends .

I didnt like the whole idea of this and people asking for and doing such stupid favours in name of friendship . After the correction got over  , Our sir , asked us how we felt about the exercise  . I was the only one to nod my head meaning -not good - not fair . I got a bit more agitated when i saw my paper with 12 marks , I did well and i deserved more  . And to my shock ,I came to know that certain papers which had no value , was with 17 and 18 . I was like . What the hell !!! . When the class got over , i went to him directly , and this is what happened :

Me : Sir ! This idea is unfair . People didnt live up to your trust . most of the well written papers got only low marks and if you examine all the papers with 17 and 18 marks , u will be shocked to know that there is literally nothing in most of 'em.

Sir : Really ! I thought they would do it genuinely .Give me your paper .

Me : I deserve a 15 , and im not here to ask for marks , i just wanted to say , most of the 17's did not deserve it , so it would be better if you re-evaluate everything .

Sir : Fine then ! I'll do it .

Everything started here . Most of my class mates were upset with what i did and started commenting in all possible ways . Below is , all the questions that were asked and my answers for them "

  • Would u have done this , if u ve got more than u deserve , like first mark ?  - Yes . I would go and tell him that the idea was wrong .
  • Have u ever followed ur ideology that a person should get only what he deserves and nothing more ? - Yes . I've in many cases given up certain things for those who deserved it better than i do .(i dont want to explain that here)
  • If u were a true friend , u would never have done this ! - What!! Why did friendship come here , there is only ethics and moreover True friendship is not about doing such stupid favours and giving false hope to your close ones.
And comments like , you are going to suffer for this , you are a jealous devil (makes me laugh) , etc., I also feel that a person will do the same thing of cheating your higher level , not living up to their trust , even when they become professionals , which would be a problem to their growth . I would like to quote this old proverb - " Thottil palakam sudugadu varaikum " (Old habits die hard). If somebody is ready to prove me wrong, i am ready to change . Am i jealous ! I dont think so :-)

Aug 18, 2010

Footboard Travelling

 Today , I was not at all interested in going to coll  to attend a seminar in the morning- compulsorily (thats what our class rep told us) .Usually we dont have class by that time on wednesday's , I go to coll only by 1 pm .Only the other elective students come to college by morning . Who in the world will go to coll only for a seminar thats not related to you in anyway !!! But the rain saved most of us from the blade .It was heavily raining when i was in the bus .I saw so many school children , probably 6th to 8 th level , travelling in the footboard , even if there were space inside .When i got the info the the classes for that day has been cancelled , i got down by valluvar kottam and was waiting for a bus to home .It was then , i happened to listen to this conversation ;

Boy 1 : Machan vaada , indha bus la poyidalaam , gaaliya irruku .
Boy 2 : Dei poda , kootama edavadhu varattum
Boy 2 : Hey va va , indha deluxe bus la pogalaam (it was fully packed)
Boy 1 : Dei adhula doora close panniduvaanga da
Boy 2 : Adhanala enna ! door kambila thongikittu pogalaam...seekiram va .
(The coversation was abt two school guys waiting for a fully packed bus , to travel by footboard )

My jaws dropped !!! I would dare not do it  . I do accept that i dont have the talent to board the bus when its running and to travel by footboard . I definitely dont have the guts for that .May be its like , I dont want to risk my life for these petty pleasures .

Then , i started to wonder ,  as to what makes these guys to travel this way . Heard opinion from some of my friends about  footboard travelling and here is what i got :

  • Adhu evalo gethu theriyuma . They consider it as a way of showing their guts and heroism .
  • To get free air , even if the bus is crowded .
  • To enjoy the view, standing there .
  • Its just for jolly .
  • I dont know about that , but im really amazed about their sync in tapping the bus (front and back) and their continuous whistiling . I wonder if i can whistle for that long . Thats truly a talent .
  • Its enjoyment , one should definitely experience that .
  • Stupid fellows ! Risking life for nothing .
  • Why do the police leave these guys , there should be some strict punishment to maintain discipline .
  • They just want to do what their hero does - movie stars .
  • It depends on their area or ambience , where they grow .

Hmmm. Anyway though its a great talent that one cant acquire easily , Im still intrigued by the fact that they would readily risk life for this . So many rules , so many accidents , fights in buses and that too with conductor and driver especially , police's warning , Nothing seems to have any effect to stop or control them . I guess nothing can stop the youth !!!

Anyway , i believe life is more important than these pleasures .

Aug 11, 2010

A Promising Team .

  The team - the office bearers for the AOT has been selected . Well , that happened a week before . Members were selected without much chaos . There were some minor disputes - unexpected., but the issues were all settled down quite calmly and quickly. Coming back to the team , its well cemented with friendship ,with no cracks , anywhere . Its actually a very good thing. With the members gelled well , there will be pucca co-operation , proper flow of information and a better execution of the plan . They have started their work already . With such a well blended supportive team , a totally different , innovative & a better Chemfluence can be expected . Im confident that they will live up to the expectations . Wishing them great success !

Aug 3, 2010

Friendship Day

 The day started with me receiving so many text messages , that  kept my phone beeping for quite a long time . I didn't respond to any , because i personally don't have any interest in this and i dont find the whole concept of alloting a particular day for this , logical . Monday was asusual boring , with some boring lectures in the morning and        an O.K sort of lab , with greetings and wishes all around  , in the air . Then came the "annoyingly friendly"- Mr.Shahid .He wanted me and other two of my classmates to come to the canteen . After some silly scenes and chatting , he got us some drinks , and started giving speeches like , Thanks for being my friend , I value u people so much and ....i hope u can frame the rest. I was quite surprised with his speech and the formal words of his but it was his way of expressing his feelings and it was kind of  nice . Its actually nice to know that a person respects u so much and has given you some space in his world .Ofcourse it is not necessary to show all this out , as friends basically know all this , but it was his way of doing it . The day was not the usual one , as it had a tinge of surprise and friendship (i mean - expessing it ), here and there .