Sep 29, 2009

Dan Brown Rocks

I'm currently in the 62nd chapter of the lost symbol and god its awesome...i find it really hard to leave it....Today in my class some of us started talking about Dan brown, the symbols and secrets of  Washington.D.C, the masons, noetic science and the invisible collage.Time just flew away .The more we talk about him and about his books the more curious we got to know more about all those hidden stuffs.The Da vinci code,last supper, the holy grail,mary magdeline, the illuminati,angels guiding u in the lofty quest........God it was great even to discuss about these.....
If u havent read the davinci code or the movie...well u should just watch this video clip and u will know....Believe me the book is 100 times better than the movie.if u are impressed with this.....i bet that you will definetely go for the book................

Isnt it just amazing.....i know what u r thinking....if u are reading Dan's book for the first time, then you will have a question..."Bloody Hell ! Are all those  true?"..........well  yes it is true..........


Sep 23, 2009

Exclusive: The Lost Symbol Audio Book,Ebook

Have you read anything by Dan Brown yet? If not, start with Angels & Demons or The Da Vinci Code. They are better thrillers. If you have already read Brown and enjoyed his previous books, you will probably enjoy The Lost Symbol. Robert Langdon's third adventure is another fast paced thriller that involves secrets in art, architecture and history. Brown does not break any new ground, but he does provide some good beach reading.


  • Brown's style keeps the pages turning as readers try to connect the dots.
  • Symbols and mythology in a familiar setting provides a fun chance to toy with conspiracy theories.
  • 'The Lost Symbol' does not require much effort to read.


  • A familiar formula & mediocre dialogue keep Brown from accomplishing anything new.
  • 'The Lost Symbol' becomes tedious when it strays from plot and tries to make profound points.
  • The "national security crisis," when revealed, falls short of the build up and character reactions.
  • Long, less-than-captivating denouement.
Its Overall a good book....actually more than just good....

Download ebook- click here

Download the Audio book
Download lost symbol part 1.rar from

Download Lost symbol part 2.rar from

Its great to listen than to read.............

Sep 18, 2009

Music: Step up 2

01 Flo-Rida Ft. T-Pain - Low
02 Missy Elliott - Shake Your Pom Pom
03 Cherish Ft. Yung Joc - Killa
04 Plies Ft. Akon - Hypnotized
05 Cassie - Is It You
06 Trey Songz Ft. Plies - Can't Help But Wait
07 T-Pain Ft. Teddy Verseti - Church
08 Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling
09 Enrique Iglesias - Push
10 Cupid Ft. B.O.B. - 369
11 Bayje-Impossible
12 Sophia Fresh Ft. Jay Lyriq - Lives In Da Club
13 Scarface Ft. Trey Songz - Girl You Know
14 KC - Say Cheese
15 Brit & Alex - Let It Go
16 Montana Tucker, Sikora, Denial - Ain't No Stressin

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300 - Graphic novel

300 is a great comic book story. The visuals here are some of Miller’s best. The story is rich and made even better by the fact that it is a true one. The savagery and dedication of the Spartan warriors is truly shown here as they lay down their lives for their country, their honor, and for glory.It seems to me that Frank Miller truly knows this story. It comes from the mind of a man that has held this story in his soul since he was a five year old boy seeing it for the first time on the silver screen. If you like Frank Miller’s work, do yourself a favor and check out this comic.

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Music : Half Blood Prince soundtrack

01. Opening
02. In Noctem
03. The Story Begins
04. Ginny
05. Snape & The Unbreakable Vow
06. Wizard Wheezes
07. Dumbledore's Speech
08. Living Death
09. Into The Pensieve
10. The Book
11. Ron's Victory
12. Harry & Hermione
13. School!
14. Malfoy's Mission
15. The Slug Party
16. Into The Rushes
17. Farewell Aragog
18. Dumbledore's Foreboding
19. Of Love & War
20. When Ginny Kissed Harry
21. Slughorn's Confession
22. Journey To The Cave
23. The Drink Of Despair
24. Inferi In The Firestorm
25. The Killing Of Dumbledore
26. Dumbledore's Farewell
27. The Friends
28. The Weasley Stomp

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Spl mention:The Bold ones are my favourites.

Half Blood Prince Game soundtrack

1. Return To Hogwarts
2. Quidditch Tryouts
3. Wandering Night
4. Race Ginny
5. Duelling Club
6. Mixing Potions
7. Slytherin Combat
8. Slughorn
9. Hogwarts By Night
10. Quidditch
11. Get To Potions
12. Get To Quidditch
13. Fred And George Return
14. Wandering Day 5
15. Lovesick Ron
16. The Boathouse At Night
17. Wandering Stealth
18. Loss At Hogwarts
19. Bellatrix
20. Fenrir Battle
21. Wandering Day 4
22. Chase Draco
23. More Potions
24. Exploring With Luna
25. Wandering Day 3
26. Wandering Day 1
27. The Final Battles
28. Sadness At Hogwarts
29. Friendship Theme

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Part 1
Part 2

Thermo Torture

Thermodynamics is a favourite subject of mine.We enjoyed learning thermodynamics and it was simply great when Mr.Pandiyarajan happened to teach us during second year.Now in the name of"Petroleum Thermodynamics" we are learning all those again , but its worse now. Thinking why!...its because of the faculty.The notes he gives is total rubbish. "What do u mean by a steady state?" ,if this question is asked people will try to define it as technical as possible, but do know wat this was explained it is..."If a state is steady , it is called as steady state". Starting with these basic stuffs its gets even more complicated when it goes advanced. Its very hard to sit in the class listening to such nonsense. And one more thing.....have u ever heard of the word "Advanced Basics"?...well, we have...! When told to the concerned faculty that all these were already studied..we were informed that those were basics and now its advanced basics..Guess what! there is no change or any advanced concepts in what he is teaching us now .Thermodynamics is supposed to be an interesting subject , but now it has turned out to be a .................u know what!....

Special Mention: If u take his precious note book from him when he is teaching.....thats all...he cant move or speak...he'll stay there bluffing something....or just staring at u.

Sep 15, 2009

Music : Elizabeth-The Golden Age

03.Now You Grow Dull
06.Bess And Raleigh Dance
07.Mary's Beheading
08.End Puddle/Possible Suitors
10.Destiny Theme
11.Smile Lines
12.Bess To See Throckmorton
13.Dr. Dee (Part.1)
14.Horseback Address
16.Love Theme
17.Divinity Theme
19.Walsingham Deathbed

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Should You Fear H1N1 Swine Flu?

With increasing numbers of deaths in India , and more incidents of possible swine flu being identified across the world, we seem to have little control over this advancing disease, possibly pandemic, giving us reason to fear it. But should we really fear the swine flu?
No. Fear is unnecessary. But a healthy respect is definitely called for.

A "Public Health Emergency"

It does sound frightening -- those words -- "Public Health Emergency." And calling swine flu a public health emergency most definitely gets our attention.
Behind those words, though, is the fact that the actual declaration is really a vehicle for making money available and suggesting that local governments begin using their predetermined plans for managing public health problems. It doesn't mean there is a crisis.
Let those words remind you to take precautions yourself. But don't be afraid of them.

Flu is Flu

H1N1 swine flu is one more strain of flu. It sounds scary because it originally came from pigs, and that creates some mystery.
But it behaves like other flus. We catch it the same way, and we can protect ourselves the same ways. We can make choices to protect ourselves and our families.
Do you fear the seasonal flu? Probably not. And this flu is really no more frightening than seasonal flu. Seasonal flu takes tens of thousands of lives each year. Deaths from H1N1 swine flu have not approached those of seasonal flu.

Pandemic Describes Geography Only

We hear the word "pandemic" used by the media and that reminds us of history class in high school. It sounds like it means millions of people might die. But that's not what it means at all!
Pandemic simply means it is found large groups of people in many countries around the world. Pan comes from Latin and Greek meaning across or around. Demos means populations or people. Pan-demic. Geography and demographics. Not deaths.
Learn more about the definition of pandemic and how it could affect you in the 21st Century.

What About Those Face Masks?

When I see those masks on the people on TV, it reminds me of SARS and bird flu in China a few years ago. Again, that was scary because so many of the people who contracted those diseases did die.
Masks just keep the wearers from inhaling the water droplets that might be breathed out by someone who has the flu bug. Or when worn by someone who has any upper respiratory disease, they may contain some of the spread of that illness. They aren't a bad idea, but they don't indicate that the flu is any more dangerous than any normal flu.
Thousands of people die of seasonal flu each year, but we don't all wear masks.

Why Does It Seem Like We are Unprepared?

Another reason some fear the swine flu is because, unlike seasonal flu, we seem unprepared to stop its spread.
We do have two drugs available to help with symptoms, which the CDC tells us is in plentiful supply. Relenza and Tamiflu, both of which are used during seasonal flu seasons each year, are also useful for helping swine flu patients, too.
H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine has been developed and will be available for vaccination in October 2009. Stay up to date on its availability.

Put Your Fear Energy Into Protection Efforts Instead

Fear takes a lot of energy. It makes much more sense to put our efforts into protecting ourselves and our loved ones, and protection is not difficult.
Begin by developing a plan in case someone in your family gets the swine flu. From storing food and water, to filling your medicine cabinet with the right drugs, to defining sleeping spaces for the sick family member, by being prepared, you will be less stressed.
There are travel considerations, and prevention steps like hand washing -- listed in H1N1 Swine Flu FAQs.
If you have upper-respiratory symptoms like coughing or congestion, stay home from work or school so you won't pass the germs to someone else. They may not even be flu! But there is no sense in taking chances, plus rest is an important way to fight those germs.
Most of all, like any empowered patient, informing yourself about the facts is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here is more information to keep that fear at bay:


Sep 9, 2009

Inauguration of AOT

The Inauguration of Association Of Technologists -Chem Department went well today in Raman Auditorium.The chief guest of the meeting was Mr.Rajagopal Perumal Samy , DGM(production)-ONGC, who is an alumni of A.c.Tech.
The meeting started with Invocation song and then the dignitaries were honoured.The welcome address was given by Dr.Velan(HOD) who is also an alumni of the esteemed institution-1983 batch.
The Presidential address was presented by The Dean-Dr.Raamamoorthy, who started with his history.He finished his UG in REC and PG in A.C.Tech ...then he did his Ph.d under Dr.Laddha and he got his doctorate in 1976 for his research on Distillation Column.The he spoke about the efoorts taken by Dr.Balu to get the Teqip loan which comes under the world bank education improvement program.Loan amount of Rs.5.8 Crores is being used in various ways to improve the standard of education.The whole idea of AOT is just an improvement of "Research Colloqia"-which was a technical disscussion forum of Chem department in the early days.Dean concluded his address with the info on TEQIP-Phase II project.

The office bearers were then introduced:
President - Sunil Bafna
Vice-Presi- T.Roobalingham
V.P.Lady - N.Nithya
General Secretary-S.Abdul Rahman
Joint Secretary-S.A.Praveen
Joint Treasurer-N.Janani

and then the Executive members of AOT are:
Geofry Dominic and Sindhu Balu - 2nd year chemical
Amrutha and Janesh Krishnan -3rd year chemical
Goutham and lavanya- 4th year chemical

Prachi Metha and Ananthanarayanan - 2nd year PRPC
Vivekanand vaidyah and Divya Priyadharshini-3rd year PRPC
T.Anitha Mani and Karthick Kumar -4th Year PRPC

Then office bearers were congratulated by the chief guest who gave a very informative speech.Finally the vote of thanks was given by Jaffar hussain.
The Aot has requested a separate room which would help them in many ways.
Good Luck To AOT........

Sep 5, 2009

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Sep 1, 2009

Change is refreshning - videocon ads

After the zoo zoo ads i believe it is videcon taking the floor...really cute animation


It is said that dreams are just a portrayal of your feelings .
I am now and have always been sensible and genuine. I am very short tempered and straight forward (sometimes rude) .If i am angry it is 100% sure that nobody can stand in front of me and argue,because i dont let them to do so(exceptions are there).But eventually if i feel what i ve done is wrong, i go directly and apologise.It is quite hard for people to adjust or tolerate this but close ones do know about me and tolerate it.They just take it as my nature and leave it.But one very sensible friend of mine asked me to change my way of expressing things and not to be rude.I felt that was correct and very sensible , so i promised him that i will change.
But there are people who i dont like ,for lot of reasons. I dont change an impression(i ve) on a person that easily.If i dont like him , I dont,thats all..There are some whom i hate a lot, i do ve reasons to back it up.

"Don't show your attitude to me
Because i ve my own"

This statement is to one of them, who always feels that he is right and he is too stubborn...Bloody hell!...I have an extremely strong character (according to me) and my attitude clashed with his many times. The other one is a very funny guy...but doesnt realise that he is hurting someone too bad when he is laughing.Insultation is something i cant take and this fellow insulted me so badly in front of everybody and this will never be erased from my memory.Usually when i fight with this fellow ends up to be a big joke...because nobody can shout at his totally funny and smiling face. But this time i couldnt take this lightly ...
Though i developed so much hatred and vengence against these two, at one point of time i felt that it was all stupid and went on to have a causal talk but i was insulted more than before...those words..that f*****.....Now-a-days i dont even think about these ...but i have such dreams in which i being a cruel lord punishing them in a brutal way...I have these dreams frequently...and i start smiling when i think about such dreams and even my friends do so.....
I dont want these to happen and i never want to be a cruel fellow.....