Jul 1, 2015

**I.T Happens

Yes I said it and I'm sure most of you will agree too.

Over the past few years we all have been running towards an ever changing and a complicated route to an invisible target,  influenced either by the society or our decision to be like everybody else around. 

Technology has made us more efficient and supremely lazy.  This technology thats ruling all our lives demands everything back in return. Years back,  expertise in one skill would have made life easier.  Our dads and grand dads would have lived happily with being an expert in one area.  But now,  time is running fast and specialisation in one area is bound to make you obsolete,  not in the long run,  but in just few years or may be less than that.

Being in I.T field,  expert or trying to be an expert in just one area or tech,  will give you a mighty chance for the coveted pink slip or a way to total oblivion. I understand that there are a lot of no-expert guys around for years,  but would like to not comment on that. One has to keep changing and adapt to the constantly upgrading mechanics.  Be one with the dynamics or don't be at all.

The so called Continous learning is a tedious task.  To adapt,  you might starting learning something on our own. Self learning with nothing but the interest to learn is a total myth.  There has to be strong motivation or else we all know how things will go.  Half way thru or may be before that we will stall that and succumb to the million diversions,  poking us connivingly every day.

Now some people dont give in to this bad habit of learning and would let things go as long as it goes and in the way it does.  These are cool dudes or dudettes. Now I am and I know most of you will come under this category.  We are the ones that find I.T creepy.  There are several Boltons,  Baelish and cerceis around in various roles and levels waiting to slit your throats in April and sometimes whenever there is chance to. 

Apart from being creepy,  everything around is monotonic.  Same bus,  same gate and the same desktop for years to come and please know that I made a 'damn it' face when typing that.  I even try entering via a different gate at some point just for a change and that doesn't help much. This drives us crazy and a sub-section of us begins to think .

These dudes and dudettes go through these phase in I.T , shocking similar to the 6 stages of exorcism :P.  Please note that guys with girl friends or wife in I.T do not fit into this category.  No comments on that species too ( aama da jealousy dhan)

1. The Presence. The field establishes its presence and lures you in .

2. Pretense. Attempts to make you believe in work life balance , career growth and a peaceful life and a buttload of money .

3. Breakpoint. This is the 2 year confirmation and the namesake promotion that will state its firm hold on you .

4. The Voice. Also a sign of the Breakpoint, the Voice is inordinately alluring and promises a change in everything . This phase will involve onsite and the good payslips tagged with that .

5. The Clash. As the Voice dies out, there is a tremendous pressure and the need to stand on your own legs . This is the phase where you begin to explore other carrer options for life thats in your control . The battle begins between the comfort I.T offers and the urge to move out ( this includes jumping to another company , going for higher studies and starting an own business )

6. Expulsion. In a supreme triumph of your will to break free of cluthes and be self made, the person leaves , and the honour is reclaimed. 

Whats happens then , should mostly be happy . 

Im currently in the 5th phase . I might win it over or surrender to it but every person i see , right from auto drivers , gym owner and any investment banker i accidentally get to meet , im asking for options and ideas , collecting details through every new thing i get to see , for me to establish something on my own and be my own employer . As said before , all these could die out for numerous reasons , leaving me tapping the keys in my key board for years . Lets see how things goes . 

Now which stage are you in ??