Dec 17, 2013

Against Solitude

Long has it been .

The feeling of togetherness,fun and frolicking almost forgotten but never cleared away as they are memories of a good time that always linger around . Memories that remain to provide company when solitude begins to suffocate .

The blistering cold wind rips the color and life off things around .It also leaves a storm swirling in your mind that brings flashes of memories that bares the emptiness in you that you no longer feel the difference between the bare branches of a tree and the lifeless journey for money and fame .
Scrolling through the contacts in phone , remembering and listening the past thats bonded with each name and the beeps , takes away the forced reclusion and brings life closer.

The fight against this wilderness would have been lost long ago and made confinement hold my fort if not for my phone . The heads bent down and the fingers clicking the hard plastic or the glowing glass screen , in trains and buses , in places around , reminds and comforts that this is a war of many and not just one .

With science as the only bridge between time and distance , many stand their fort against solitude and only hope to win . But hope is all that is required to keep moving ahead .