Oct 12, 2013

A Fresh Start - My London Diary 01

  Writing ,  always felt comfortable . The flow of words from your mind to the screen has a kick to it . I am not a good writer but i like to write .

My London diary is not peacockery , its nothing but a way to share the experiences of a Chennai Paiyann in London . This is actually my first long trip ever , out of Chennai . Amidst a lot of emotions , tears , smiles , surprises , excitement , fear , big and long byes , i left Chennai . Everything beyond that line was a first time experience - Flight , the view from up top (Chennai looked lovely) , air hostess , conversations with a stranger , it was all new .

A cold breeze , welcomed me to London , making me shiver, forcing me to wear my jacket and ruined my challenge to handle the cold . Shivering , i walked across a lot of strange faces , through a bunch of formalities and finally to a face , i knew all too well  - My colleague .

Its been a long time since , and if i started typing about every single moment , its gonna be a very big essay that even i wouldn't wanna read later . So long story short - London is good and i am all settled and well . I miss home , but sometimes few things have to happen . This life , though being hugely different , is not as difficult as i expected it to be . I somehow have adapted to it .

MY LONDON DIARY , will be a collection of this Chennai Paiyann's memories , that will last forever .