Apr 22, 2013

Bus diaries - a pleasant one!

Sometimes,  with the remains of the day we will feel pleasant and contended for no reason.  That time,  when every song you listen to is wonderful and everything you see is beautiful . Today,  is oddly that kind of day for me. A pleasant eccentricity!!

With half a window open, I invite the wind and the world to show me its wonder. The bus was moving rather faster today, leaving more entry for the wind to play around. Streaks of hair from a girl sleeping in the front seat,  was dangling and trying to reach out from the corner of the seat . It brought a smile on my face.
Smiling,  I stared outside to see the world - busy and colorful.
Buildings with colorful lights ran behind me,  bikes and cars honking and moving,  all rushing to be at a place they want to be.  Every office building is releasing its set of lives into the road and sending them off, to their wife and children,  to their parents,  to their friends or to their solitude,  eager to talk,  eager to fight,  eager to eat.... Eager to live with,  they rush by.  The wind brings the flavour of the food being cooked,  from the restaurants,  adding masala to this tranquility and gently waking up my hunger with the tasty smell!

I sit here enjoying,  while the  conversations in the bus ,try to seep into my ears through the gaps in my music and asking for my attention. The turns of the road,  slowly making me slide aside,  as if with a friendly nudge and the brakes in between,  bringing everything to a momentary standstill. The road running in front and the driver chasing it to my place with all those tiny little vehicles running around, makes me look with amusement,  as if a prince watching the court jesters play around to put up a nice show.

I sit back,  my right hand casually over my head,  and taking this all in and thinking how an odd sense of calmness can change the way we see things.  A rare feeling!!!

May be its the wonderful voices singing to me!!