Feb 3, 2013



The trailer told us what the plot was . The reviews would have told you what the movie is .

In my opinion , Kadal is not as expected , not even close .

The first half has a few noticeable and well placed scenes which really gives off Mani’s aura but it fades and flickers in a predictable , dull and not so interesting second half .

Bermes as pure evil is perfect and so is Father Sam but the growth of these characters is rather naive .

The scene where Bermes tricks , Father Sam in a trap and the whole crowd losing their trust and bringing down a man of faith is nice . Expecting a perfect rise of that character after such a downfall , i was left disappointed as  Mani had just decided to let it be , just like that .

On the performance front , everyone has done their best . Gautam Karthik has the stuff and has performed very naturally !! Thulasi Nair was actually a pain to the eyes !! Somehow i just couldn't see  beauty or innocence in her .

The coming back of the man of faith – big let down . The end of Bermes , the evil – predictable !! Thomas and Beatrice – cute enough .

The crossing of swords between the two isn't well made and the poignancy expected in a Mani’s film is no where found .


* Diff websites give diff name for Arjun’s role …. Bernes is just another version .