Dec 15, 2012

Needhane En Ponvasandham - My opinion

The movie began with deafening roars,  claps and whistles from the audience - not for the hero - but for Santhanam. This man is clearly the fav of the masses. 

The movie is all about the emotional outbursts between Varun (Jeeva) and Nithya(Samantha) . They fight,  break up,  meet up after sometime and again fight - break up and there u go...  That's all the movie is about.

It did look cute,  when it began and slowly it turned out to be totally annoying. The crowd became restless even before the interval and there were disaapointed voices from the audience like " Gautam ku enna da aachu?  " , " Machi ! Idu theatre la oru vaaram kooda thaangadhu polaye" , etc... I leave the rest to your assumption. 

This movie is completely Samantha-centric and she is gorgeous at times and also the other way around .
["Kudutha kaasukku mattum nadima plz " - audience voice. ]

Jeeva is just the usual romantic - dude!!  Nothing worth mentioning there. 

The music is the only thing that can make the movie watchable,  atleast once.  I just felt like the movie is overpacked with music and does make you uneasy,  occasionaly.

Towards the end,  audience completely lost it and few started to leave and there were irritated shouts and grunts from majority of the crowd. 

NEP will do no worthy business in B & C centres.  Even in A regions - it might hold on for a few days.  Its way too dramatic even to be enjoyed by people in love.

The end credits were welcomed with a big sigh of relief and applause.  Most crowd came out with a - "Shabba mudiyala da saami ".

NEP - is a successful, headache provider.