Jun 16, 2012

Its not just a card game

It was very late . I thought I had to leave the office alone , without any company . The day was very tiring , it would really be good if there was someone to talk to until I reach home . But , today was late and everyone has already left except the hard truth that I have to go alone .

I was walking to the gate when a friendly voice called my name . It was my college mate Vishwa . I was lifted with comfort in seeing a person I have spent 4 years of my life with , especially now , when I badly wanted someone. We were in the same hostel . He is big talker , all that I needed now . And as always he began with his ever so funny way and slowly turned my course towards him , moving far far away from work . I can think about and worry about work later , it can wait . Now I have my friend here , with me and I am going to make sure every second is well used .

He lives near my place with his friends , as do I . He got off the bus and gave me a big bye . I thanked him in my mind, smiling . Without him this bus travel could possibly have been very sulking . I bought some food as my friends asked me to , from a hotel and reached home .  All were waiting for me .. ahem for the food actually . Judging by the way they hurried to open up the packages , I was sure they were ravenous .

It was well past 1 am , when one of my room mate suggested we play cards . It was Friday night and we don’t have to wake up early tomorrow for office and what's better to do and what's more fun than playing cards with your friends . So , we all grouped together and formed a circle , ready for the game .We started playing , and there was nothing else in our mind . What happened , what is to happen and the deeply hidden  painful sorrow of living away from your parents , didn’t matter anymore . We were having fun.
We won , we lost , we made fun of  each other , we teased , we kicked and punched , we did so many things and finally it was 3 in the night when we called it in .

I felt very relieved and light . All that I was worrying about a few hours ago , now gone from my mind . It was full of content and I dozed off the moment my face touched my pillow .
Without these guys , my FRIENDS , I have no idea how I would handle all these , or for that matter how anyone might handle things . The second biggest gift one could get , next to one’s parents , are friends . My friends … the Sparkle of my life .


Jun 10, 2012

Traffic violations–What happens if


In response to my previous post , many friends of mine wanted to write a post about what actually happens when you are caught for dis-obeying traffic rules . So , here it is .

Before I actually get into the topic , I wish to set a few things clear . Traffic police , as in any other departments has hierarchies .There are levels of supervision and each is held responsible to answer the the one under its control . These people in general , work for much longer hours than anyone (usually depending on the place they are in-charge of) . They have their tasks assigned . A particular number of cases are expected to be filed by them . Now this number usually comes with the statistics of the average number of such incidents and to make sure that this avg number is handled to keep things under , if not total control , at least to some level .

So what actually happens when you are caught .The personnel who is directly monitoring these traffic finds such people and takes them to their superiors who have the authority to file cases against one . Initially , it was all in paper but now everything is digitized reducing their work and is recorded instantly via GPRS .This not only reduces their work but also keeps a check on illegitimate activities in filing cases . Also note that these people who are authorized to file cases are under the scrutiny of anti-corruption squad (if not always , at times random checks do happen) .


1.E-challan is instantly generated based on the violations and fined . This is instantly stored in  a main database .

2. The fine varies from 50 to 2500 and goes up along with punishment for very serious issues .

3. The fine is accepted at the very spot and a receipt is given . Only serious crimes and violations are directed towards the court .

4. FIR is usually filed for accidents and other severities and not for basic traffic violations .

These are the very basic stuff that one must know .

Obey traffic rules , drive safely and with all documents necessary . Lets make our roads better  and safer .

Just Fear and No Responsibility


There are many places when you find people responding and bowing down just to threats , cash and fear and not to what is humane . Everything looks fine and seems to be in order , when there is someone around to hold things in chains , trying to control . People just pretend as though they obey but that’s one big sick joke .The moment the chains break or let loose , things go berserk .

One thing that deeply bothers me is the traffic . In day light , I don’t  think we can bring timings in here , so , it would be apt this way : When there is someone watching you, ready to fine you for even the smallest signs of disobedience , everything appears normal and as how it should be . But most talk badly on these traffic personnel . All that we care is that we are losing money , and not that we have failed to follow rules devised for our safety . Please do note that , I am talking only about things that are legit . Corruption among these people is an entirely different topic (Even if so , we are the ones who brought them into this . Lured them from their duties with money and gifts and made them sick . A sickness that has spread wide and long ).

Everyday , I reach my place by 9.45 pm , after work and have to take a 10 minute walk to reach home . With the traffic mess created by the metro rail project it is highly difficult to tread these roads . And during night , when there is no traffic personnel around , the traffic signals just stand there blinking with yellow , red and green which no one seems to notice . There is very rarely one or two that actually give them some attention . Crossing the roads at this state is seriously difficult . At least some cars and bikes stop if they see a group of people crossing but the MTC buses rush towards the group honking and scattering the group to run away to save their lives . They show no compassion to any  living thing .

Last Friday when I was trying to cross the road with a few other people (The signal was RED and for us (walkers) it was green ) , a guy’s backpack just fell to the road and he stopped to take it up and the stuffs they scattered around . It was then an MTC bus rushed towards him and stopped almost dashing him but the driver was kind enough not to do that . But he started yelling at the guy with so many cusses . The person was decent enough not to fight back and so he moved away apologizing . Btw , The signal was still RED. We were all shocked seeing this . We asked the person as to why he didn’t shout back , and why he apologized even if it wasn’t his mistake . He just said ,”What's the point ? I just wanted to get home . I have no time for this man “ . The bus driver on the other hand , was bold and spoiled enough to shout at someone , when all the wrong is on his shoulder .

I was just wondering , what would happen if there was no one to control the traffic and the government decides to let it in the hands of people , thinking that its subjects are mature enough . May be that would work . When they taste the fruits of their mistakes and lack of responsibility may be they will change or they might see everything burn down along with them .

Jun 6, 2012

The Goldilocks Network


An article I was reading recently in a magazine (New Scientist) had this discussed .

Now all of us have heard about Goldilocks and the three bears . In that story she finds a bed that is by all means suitable after trying a few . Now the topic that I'm going to discuss here has its roots in that story .  It is always said that a person can be judged by his friends . That is because friends are the most influential people in our life . They know us and so we share &  discuss everything with them . It is also a fact that the world greatest personalities are inspired by their peers and rivals . Now if we start to search about their social connections , it has a mix of people who are neither too close nor too strange .

Great deeds often require lightning strikes of inspiration . We cannot be creating these on our own like Zeus , but we can lay the ground work for it : Our social circles . Strangers have often proved to be an unusual source of inspiration and ideas . The key lies in finding the right mix of insiders and outsiders , neither too many nor too less in each category .

The article also explains how this network can work with twitter as an example . We search for things using #tags , which directs us to many other strange sources and information which may be of vital importance .

The article , with scientific study also points out that people in a very close knit group help us to batter our ideas but often do not help in generating new ones . And hence we need the goldilocks zone or the goldilocks network .

Now having read this , I started to think how it might be of use practically , especially in our politics . For example , a mix of representatives from different countries formed as a council that supports the education ministry might result in a brand new and much more efficient education system with great quality . Of course , this is a bit tricky , the head of this council should have a firm control on its members or things might go south . A few might also suggest that this might lead to privatization and giving too much power to non-Indian representatives . Education may be considered as a Lighter topic but having this idea implemented in the financial sector of our government will prove to be very dangerous if not handled properly . (we have seen a lot of spy movies ..haven't we ;-) )

This idea can also be used in small scale projects , in our research , in our workplace , anywhere which has scope for creativity and growth .

Now all that said , Can the Goldilocks Network prove to be the key for our nations actual efficient development .. .???

Jun 3, 2012

Regina Spektor - "All The Rowboats"

Couldn't get this song out of my mind .... It just got into me ....
First it was Regina's The Call (Narnia) , then i looked into her other works , found Samson  (Begin to Hope) , Love Affair (11:11) and now this ... nice to hear ...