May 27, 2012

Is Lord Ram the culprit ???

The Caste system in India has long prevailed and has been a dirty devil to play with . The politicians however seem to have signed a pact with the devil and use it as a perfect tool to muster up votes during elections . Too many movies were taken and far too many poets and activists tried their hand in vanquishing the devil , but they were mere nudges , not the actual PUSH our people require .
How to eliminate one is a whole different story altogether .. what I was more concerned about was where it all began . There were so many reasons , ideologies & theories , but most had their roots in Hindu mythology .Rama_slays_Shambuka
Varnas , which were introduced to sort and assign duties to people and result in efficient socio-management , finally resulted as a never-ending entangled coil of web . Lord Ram who was considered to be a supreme and a most efficient ruler , has been a great supporter of one . The Shambuka incident clearly suggests that he did support the caste system by slaying a Sudra who did what was only reserved for elites . Some even quote that he actually introduced this system .

Now looking around , there seems to be very little or no evidence at all , for such a caste system in other religions . However there are incidents here and there , like Ambedkar  writing that the social evils in Muslim society were "worse than those seen in Hindu society". Ancient Rome which seems to be the root of christian upbringing , seem to have a very similar caste system which might have been re-invented and implemented in the course of time .  Indian Christians on the other hand have incorporated the Hindu caste system and there are so many citations and evidences in the web .

But one clear proof is that the ancient scriptures of Hindu mythology or religion ,( however you would like to see that) created and supported the caste system  . Whatever good-willed reason and however flexible the system may have been introduced with (if any) , has now resulted to be a chaotic plague .
So , Is Lord Ram who is considered to be an inspiration for so many Indians and the one who is widely cherished to be THE Maryada Purushottam , the culprit behind this ??

May 20, 2012

The key to memories


It is really fascinating how even small things can remind us of something big and how they serve as clues to bring together the scattered pieces of a puzzle .

I realized this very recently . The bus stop , a broken pen , an old bus ticket that somehow remained in your wallet , a song , anything can be the key to your memories . I just started to ponder upon this , when I very accidentally came through an album of Enya . This was the album that encapsulates my training memories –the very beginning phase of work . New friends , especially THE one , the rain , the long walks to bus stop , the treats in the food court the very first salary , the happiness of being financially independent , the tests (God!! I wish I forget those) .  It is just enchanting how a song can remind me of so many things and letting those memories become alive again , as if watching a video .


enya The Very Best of Enya (Limited Edition) album cover

The way our mind works – Splendid !!!

It all has finally come together


Truth be told , I just couldn't get around the fact that my friend lost the very book , I was asking of him , since long . If you are regular visitor and if by chance you have noticed , I have been rambling and going on and on about a novel – a trilogy actually . It was almost a year gap between the first and the second book . My interest in the book intrigued  many people I know , especially the one who gifted me the others . Seeing me , absorbed in the book , made them more curious and they wanted to give the series a try . And so I began , the search for the long lost book , possibly with the person who rendered it to me . I was soon confirmed of its presence with him . Then came the difficult part .

People kept asking for the book , my friend kept forgetting to bring it to me .It just seemed like pressure to accomplish delivering the book . Now yesterday , the day me and my friend usually meet , I kept reminding him via texts and finally by noon , a text came , “Sorry . I searched by couldn’t find it :( ” . I was immediately flooded with thoughts of embarrassment and disappointment . I  just kept treading water and tried to keep my head above the flood line . Something told me that this was all a ruse and nothing more . I was soon convinced it definitely was one . But I didn’t want to let my friend know it . He usually does this , an act that would make you sulk for a long time , and smile up brightly when he hands that to you . He enjoys it . I decided to play along , with a glimmer of fear , of course !!! I would be a fool if he had actually lost it .

But I was delivered off the trouble . He came grinning wolfishly , with one hand behind . Then , I knew . The book has come . Though I was mentally prepared for this , I couldn’t hold my excitement . I would let everyone know . Yes !! I’m excited . He bobbed in satisfaction .

Finally , all three books are together , waiting to enthrall its next reader .