Jan 29, 2012

In ruins

In the land of seven realms , it's a tradition that all the prince and princess , the heir to the royal throne or of the royal blood get trained together in the land of Ivanah . Ivanah , is a land that belongs to no realm . It has kept its peace undamaged for a thousand years even at times of war among the kings . It's a safe haven for all . It is for that reason and the belief that when all the noble blood get to learn things together it would result in a fruitful political endeavor and to know and understand , other potentially powerful heirs of the realms which might prove beneficial in times of distress to manipulate one's move .

This time , the end of the white season , the training begins in all the categories like magic , swordplay , politics and battle strategy . The land of Ivanah was all set to receive the royal line of all the realms . No cadet from one realm is allowed to see the other until the beginning ceremony .

It was The day , the day of beginning . Irah the prince of  Arwan was the first one to be introduced to the ring for their very first lesson on combat skills . Followed by all others , the training began . Irah was the first one to talk to them all and in no time he was friends with everyone . Who won't like to befriend Irah ? He soon became very close to them all . His mature behaviour and his loving nature made him the one to rely upon .

One fine day , Allister , a prince asked , " why is Arwan very secretive of everything Irah ? We know nothing of its wealth or glory ? We haven't seen anything in our own eyes ? Judging by your nature and ur land should be one of the wealthiest .No news  passes across those  big walls around your realm , unless you people want to . Why is it so ? As we all have become friends we would like to visit your realm . "

" Ammm !! " , Irah mumbled , trying to get out a suitable reply or a clever way of distracting them . The others were really taken aback by his irrelevant answers and a clear sign off distaste on the topic .

Everyone was so confused on why he was acting strange and being so resistant in talking about his realm . They started believing that his friendship is meaning less and just an attempt to befriend us for our wealth . They began to avoid him in everything . Irah still maintained his usual , irrespective of not getting anything back from the others as they once were . He could clearly see the wall growing between him and the others .

Facing failure in all his attempts to bring them back , Irah started to feel bad . One day Allister yelled at him , " what is wrong in visiting your realm ? If u can't even invite us for courtesy what kind of friend are you ? Is that all your friendship is ? why ? Aren't we important to you ? Oh ! Bloody bones ! I shouldn't waste my time like this ! Talking to a rock !! " and moved away from him .

Hurt and eyes gleaming with tears of pain , Irah sat alone in the table . He could understand how hurt his friends were . It pained him for being so resistive at this . He started crying . Everytime when someone requests to visit , he turns his back on them , and it seriously pained to do so , thinking how hurt and shocked/embarrassed  his friend would feel . But he could do nothing . All his friends were born in a wealthy realm , gold and rubies all around . They all take him to be a wealthy one , with how he carries himself around . But no one knew the truth that his realm and his palace is actually in ruins . A secret that is kept away from everyone for reasons . Irah doesn't want to invite them to a realm in ruins . But he promised himself that one day , when all is right and when his realm is in better shape , he will invite them all , hoping that his invitation would be accepted . He wiped his tears  , forced a smile on his face and left the room to meet Allister .

Jan 26, 2012

Just another post !!


It's been quite a long time since I have posted something in my blog . I seriously miss blogging these days . My work is consuming most of my time , not that I'm totally busy , but still , the travel and stuff leaves me with very less time for blogging . At times , when something noteworthy happens I decide to post them in my blog , but as time goes , I gradually lose interest in that and that special moment takes a walk through the forgot lane .

Enough with the laments !!!! Coming to how things that  have been going , I'm enjoying my work . New friends , new stuffs everyday . Somehow or the other , u keep growing and changing everyday . Everyday , every person u meet gives you something to take . It's quite amusing when u put in some thought towards it.

College made me less sensitive to stuff that doesn't require any attention and very few people in college helped me with chiseling out the negatives off me . While , work has made me to be open for all thoughts and opinions , its not that I have grown completely cold and hard , rather I have grown to separate and identify things that require my attention .

People are not always the same , I change too and each one is different . It's not an easy job to get into someone else's shoes and see what he/she sees . In work it's even more difficult with many ppl wearing a mask of professionalism & hiding themselves from their true self and pretending to be someone else , not only fooling them but those around too . College teaches you and introduces you to this world of masked faces and that experience gives you something to stand your fort here . I wish I could see through those intricately well-made masks .

The best part is my friends here . I never believed a few people saying that , it just takes a few seconds to identify your true friends , those who really care about you . It usually takes sometime for me . But here , after coming to work I realized how true those words were . Your friends are a big part of your life , either in college or work or life altogether . Can u imagine yourself in a workplace or a college without any friend ??? That's serious crap . Ain't it !!
Here I have made some wonderful friends and I have identified the best ones too . The best ones who will get in THAT list of mine which has a very few entries . There is no coffee break or lunch without them .

One among those made me realize how naive I am in certain issues and how hurt fully sarcastic I have been and a few other things as well  . Thanks to him , I'm trying to change . While its good to have someone who always supports u , it is equally good to have someone , to hit in some sense in my daft head . If I have to mention names , it would be Krishna kumar and anand kumar , who will fit in this category .

There are very few people who get attached to you or the other way around , quickly . It is for these people , you bend your principles . Many know me as a practical fellow with very less or no emotions at times . But the few people in that list know the true me . In my 21 years of life , apart from family , I have deeply missed 2 people when they weren't near or when they had to move on . But they came for me back . I feel blessed to have them in my life . Of all the memories I hold dear , most and spl stuff would be with them and those people would be Sathya and Shiva .

Initially I thought I would share these to a very few . But they made fun of it . I was taken aback and then decided , Come on ! What's wrong in telling your world about the people you care about the most and so , there you have it .

With these people and the others in that list , which has suresh , saravanan , sruti and aravind , my life has so long been good and I strongly believe it will be for the years to come .

If you have really come to this line , I'll give u this : you are a great listener with great patience  :)  Silly me !!!  , I started with something else then went on an on about something and now The END .