Oct 16, 2011



I have no idea why I chose this title .

I have been waiting to see this scorpion friend of mine , I used to challenge with in some funny games and travelled together with during college days . Saravanan aka miki  , my college mate who also happens to be my colleague and a best friend of mine and the guy who wished to hang out somewhere probably a movie and the guy who booked tickets for The 3 musketeers movie and …..Phoo ! enough with the ands .

So , I just called up susee and he was ready to hit it but initially he didn’t believe it , as we rarely spoke in the last 4 months . So plan confirmed .

When I boarded the bus yesterday  afternoon , a text message with a very friendly  word reached my mobile , which is ..”Dei Donkey , Im in your bus da ..come front ” .  I was surprised , people don’t call me donkey , not that they don’t call me by names , they just don’t call me donkey .

So there he was , few seats in front of me . We started chatting with the usual questions …” how have u been ? , how is everyone , how is your work ..blah blah blah blah ” and finally reached express avenue . 2 musketeers IN , 1 yet to come .

There was still half an hour left for the movie to start . So what would u do ??? . Oh Ya ! We did the same …Window shopping and ofcourse some site seeing :p . Express avenue is the only mall in chennai where you could find so many foreigners that you begin to doubt if you were in chennai . It was so crowded but as always the shops were empty . People flocked around ( not IN the shop) the outlets which had cool posters with good lighting and nice interiors and started clicking photos with their friends , each one taking a turn and posing as if they were some super models .

(Hey psst…we were doing the same thing too …now keep it low :p shussh…)

And then he came , the one which would give meaning to thy name – 3 musketeers . We rushed to the cinema with the tickets . They were making fun of the hall’s name – p(f)lush . Superb decors …superb lighting and superb ..ahh ..u know what I mean ;p


The first thing they screened made most of us in the hall scream out in anguish and disgust . It was the trailer of our thalapathy’s velayudham ….OMG . Then the movie began and it ended ..that’s all . The movie had a very stupid naïve plot , but with the masala and 3d , it was entertaining . Not bad , I would say .

      What next ? …time to eat . I wandered around with sara with meal passes (we get passes from our office) and reached it out to all outlets asking them if they would accept it , but returned back with a no from all of’em . We then bought some to eat in KFC and went down to participate in a few contests that were going on in the ground floor . I found Sony ericsson’s contest pretty easy . I just had to type , I love sony ericsson 5 times , earlier than my competitor . Guess what ?  - I won .Yaay !!!! (I played smart ..my friends called it cheating though) . I was pronounced the winner of the contest and was awaiting a surprise gift and received a ….I was soring in excitement , when she gave me a coffee mug …a coo..ffee mug ??? . Duh! I shouldn’t have expected them to give me a mobile phone for this tedious task .


How did I miss this ?…Sara’s proclivity to drink the krushers – in a different way , was too high , they he removed the top and the straw and had it like bottoms up . This man is funny and doesn’t care about what others wud think . Way to go miki …its really gr8 to be that way :)


Anyways , we three had a great time together and we enjoyed the day . All for one , one for all .

Oct 12, 2011

I am not weak

Eyes widened and heart pounding so fast she stared at the dark hallway . Exhaustion overwhelming her , she dropped down to her knees . 

“I can’t run anymore . Let it end now ” , she muttered to herself . But deep inside her , she wanted to live , she wanted to get rid of all the issues suffocating her . She held her head tight , trying to control the pain , the pain of two voices shouting aloud in her head , one wanted desperately to live and another wished to end it now .

Then a gentle male voice muffled her thoughts . She released her head and relaxed .

“Everyone makes choices in life. Some bad, some good. It's called living, and if you want to bow out,  then go right ahead. But don't do it halfway. Don't linger in whiner's limbo. “ , said the voice and left her in dark deep silence .

She decided that she wanted to live . She was ready to face it . She stood up  managing to harness every ounce of hope and energy left in her . With slow trembling steps , she entered the hallway . Her eyes focused to the darkness and she scanned the hallway for any noise before she took another step . Out of no where , a sturdy hand gripped her and pulled her towards a pillar . Surprised and shocked , she tried to loosen herself out of his grip . He laughed out aloud and whispered in her ears , “You are so fragile . You are mine , there is no one here to help you ” and started molesting her . She cried for help until her throat went dry . It was then , anger rushed through her veins and she pushed him away from her . She then stood in a fighting stance facing him , growling .

“Interesting !” , he said and threw him over her . She dodged away at the right moment and swiftly turned back and held his long black hair from behind forcing him to kneel down .

Picture Courtesy : Thanks larafairie

“I am not weak ” , she muttered in his ears . A dagger materialized itself in her hand . Without even wasting a single moment , she plunged it into his neck and crushing his wind pipe . She then kicked the dead vessel away , pulling her dagger out and started walking .

Her victory was like a butterfly resting itself on you , momentarily .Then came few voices booming out of the darkness , which sent a chill down her spine . Angry curses and  villainous laughter  filled  her head . The torturous voices made her trip down and she fell down to the floor .Then everything turned silent . She stood up and started to build a protective brick wall  around her , in her mind .

“ You have learnt a new trick but very naïve . A brick wall ? Against us ? If you think this will prevent us from entering your head , you are a fool ” , came a voice and broke out laughing hysterically .She then heard something hitting her wall . Very soon , her wall started to cripple down .

“You are still weak my dear . You cannot outrun us . We are your inner demons and only weaklings like you invite us to stay with them ”  , said a voice .

Her wall soon turned to dust leaving her exposed to the 7 demons . She looked at the them , black figurines standing in front of her each brandishing a weapon . She started crying . They all smirked at her pitiful state .

Picture Courtesy : kesha67

They all rushed towards her like smoke and when they neared her , something powerful and big , like an energy shield spread itself out from her , throwing them away . They then managed to stand and stared at her with awe and shock .

She stood up and opened her eyes and pointed her finger towards them and said , “I am not weak . I am in command of my actions and not you .So , be gone ” . The resolve and authority in her voice demanded obedience and they all bowed and vanished into thin air .

A man in white robes stepped infront of her . “Well Done ! You took command of your state and you stopped depending on others for help and you have proved yourself worthy of surviving in this world .” , said the man and moved away from her .

The darkness was swept away by brightness and she walked towards her destiny with new resolve and courage .