Sep 21, 2011

A dream


    The mist in front moved away , and I walked over the grass field still damp with the dew settled in , making my bare feet wet and muddy . A single tree , caught my attention with its shiny red fruits glowing in the early morning sun . The field was empty except for that tree . I strolled towards it , taking in the beauty of each moment . Closer I went and realized it was an apple tree . I stood there thinking if it was the tree from the book I read recently . Hoping it will move away when I touched , as it did in the book , I went near it and placed my hands on its shiny smooth barks , gently . It didn’t move . Glad with the thought it was not the one from the book I reached for an apple .  To my surprise the apple dropped down from the branch and flew away . “How extraordinary!”,I thought . Soon , the apple came back towards me and started circling me . Astonished and happy , I stood there smiling , wondering what it is going to do . The other apples followed it and finally all the fruits in the tree were around me , slowing nudging me to move .


(Pic Courtesy – deviantart .I know its not an apple tree , but just liked it almost looked like the one I dreamt about.)

I  stretched my hands out to reach for one , and one from the top of the circle , flew down and placed itself gently in my palm . I wasn’t going to eat it . I just walked staring at it . Soon the nudging stopped and the apples flew back towards their tree . Wondering where they had brought me , I looked around and there was a big old tree standing right ahead in between two mountains as a gateway of some sort. It looked as if it had been there for such a long time . A small boy with a hat and weird looking body came from behind the tree . His features were more geometrical . As he came near I found that it wasn’t a boy after all , but a wooden puppet with vivid colors and a pleasant face . Mystified , I looked above him/it for strings but found none . I was bit scared and didn’t move . He came closer and stared at me holding my hands . The gentle touch of his hand , smoothly chiseled and life-like  , and his pleasant face ,took away my tension . He pulled me and titled his head to one direction as if he wanted me to go there . I followed him and went behind a tree and walked down a dark old stairway . I could see nothing , just felt the wooden hands in mine . There was a fragrance surrounding us , a kind I have never smelled or felt . A faint golden light came to life ahead of us and grew brighter and brighter . Eager to see what’s beyond I tried to focus …focused so hard , I could find few shadows . I was trying to identify from what the shadows  came from . I could make out a chair , a horse , something glittering , and few other ..

It was when I was trying to find the other stuff , beep went my cellphone and the pleasant fragrance quickly faded away and everything around started swirling around me and vanished into thin air and I closed my eyes and opened it again , to find me in my room and my bed and my phone glowing bright right beside me . Opened the inbox, to find a stupid forward message that woke me up from a weird dream . Crap !!! , I muttered and buried my face in the soft pillow dozing off .

Sep 18, 2011

I wish to be Gifted

     Never had I been this interested in a book . Never before , did a book leave me asking for more . Never did I expect a book that wasn’t a best seller to enthrall me . 
It was Lisa.T.Bergren's . A religious historical thriller . The first book in the series – A novel of the gifted , The Begotten is an appealing story with historical detail that will take you slowly but effectively into its plot and will have you cheering and asking for more . It is not a usual book that you may come across with some drama , some over etched fantasy and dumb action . This book is different and portrays faith in such a way that it gets into you . 

Now , after this I have been searching for the next two books in the series but in vain . I am an audiobook guy and this book is not available as one . Thanks to my friend who gave me the first book . I have been trying to buy the other books with no luck .
Hope , I find them (at cheap rates ;-)  ) , soon .

Google Plus - Ya or Na ??

               " I need an invite " , ""Please send me an invite " , were the anxious crowd when G+ stepped into the battle arena of social networking sites , and taking a head on fight directly with the master - fb . People were cheering in favour of G+ . The mere excitement of seeing something new and that too from google , made the crowd go behind G+ .  I was also a part of that mob.

                So what does G+ have in special ?? More privacy , Circles (cosmetic effects is'nt gonna do any good ) , and so on an so forth , but nothing unique . A friend of mine just commented that , G+ is nothing but fb's clone .  The only main attraction of G+ was the video chat room facility named Hangout . That is a real deal maker .

                There were jokes and funny cartoons of fb going down and G+ touted to rule the social world . But i don't see that coming . It is only those who dared to try the new , flocked around G+ . Many do  not  find this amusing and they dont wish to leave fb to ruin .

               Now with fb , rolling out new features everyday (copied or original) , people get more satisfied and it lures those who went to the other side to its reign .  With growth i.e releasing new features in concern , fb is trying its best to keeps its head high but G+ still  remains dormant .

             The chances of G+ winning this battle and claiming the top position is very unlikely to happen. What do you think ????

Just a piece of info , to those who dare to do the new : You can move all your stuff to G+ and take your friends with you ....Migrate from fb to G+ .