Aug 7, 2011

My alternate paradise

             It is quite common among us , to visit a imaginary world at  times . A place where the word Reality has no meaning  . With the regularity of things happening around us , the cycle that going on and on ., everyone needs a place to have a break . Imagination is the key .  I lost mine , but not any more .
           Songs found a place in my playlist , after a very long time . Enya , Regina Spektor and Celine Dion , entertained me . I must admit , they were really good ., especially Enya .  But the thing with songs is that , the lyrics lay fences to your imagination . Close your eyes , listen to songs and the lyrics take you  no-where  new . On the other hand , movie soundtracks and audiobooks , leave you free . There are no limits with instrumentals and soundtracks (fantasy movies) , they can take you as far as you wish to go .

          Now that i have found my old key  which can open a new paradise for me , im moving back . This time i am gonna open my wings and fly into a magical world with Trudi Canavan .

Aug 6, 2011

Life at Work

     The dependent phase of life is over . Work is interesting and is better than what i imagined it to be . Friends , at other IT companies shared their dislike on the training program , which had loads of boring lectures , but here , in my place its a different story altogether . Here , its less time in class rooms and more time in the work zones . Putting us in a Project sorta environment is  cool , stops us from dozing off .  

So , what is this post about ? . Ranting ,my company is this and that and its better than others ? - Nope . Its about  the special things and  special people  .


What would anyone do , when they get into a new place ? - Make friends ! and i made loads of'em . A few of  which , i believe will stand for a long time . Its one of the very important things that keeps you latched to your work place . Im glad i have made so many friends , really glad .

Bewildered , excited and nervous , were the faces of my associates on the very first day . Groups here and there , talking in their own way about girls , experiences from seniors  , few looking around for some familiar faces and few very keenly eavesdropping (me too)  . When i entered the auditorium with my college mate , a hundred new eyes stared at us, scanning and then went back to their own world .We sat together but not for long . The batching process began , and there were a few bright smiles , for being in the same batch as their friends' and a few worried look of isolation .

After the batching process , i sat next to my college mate and started looking around for friendly faces . It is when i found him , Anthony Felix . Fair and thin with glasses on  , he looked just like me , but a little bit worried . So , i started a introduction , and suddenly asked him if he were a harry potter fan . That question came from no where . His face brightened and asked me how i knew , and there , right there i have got a new friend . 

The next is Ram . You are put in a strange crowd , and the first person you may want to go and speak is this guy . There is something in him , that makes you ease down . His absolute casual tone and helping nature , will make you to befriend him . Even now , i turn to this guy to clear my doubts . He is such a warm soul .

Next on the league , is Jahir and Anand (this guy is more like me)  and  the thing that brought us together is Citi bank (Officer Neha) . We chose that bank only for her :) .......and the group got bigger and bigger every moment . 


A person who can impress you in the very first meeting . He is humble and multi-lingual . He can do his work and point out the mistakes in your speech , when you end it , with great accuracy . You get the AWE effect when you meet him . He sees the color in everyone , even if his eyes give him only black . He very rarely asks for help . There is so much more to say about him . Vikas is Inspiration .

Our faculties , Ancy jose (dheivam) , Joseph are all great , very friendly . There is ofcourse one guy , who gives you the creeps , Im not gonna say anything about him .

So far , its going good and i hope it will get better with everyday .