Nov 26, 2010


This post is coming hot right after watching the ‘Into the unknown’ program of Discovery science channel  . Timbuktu had a lot of gold mines and still does .It was during the reign of Mansa musa , the place flourished .It had so much gold . The unbelievable thing is that they exchange gold for salt (weight basis) . I was shocked to see that . One man exchanged a thick gold bracelet for small lemon shaped piece of salt crystal .Wow!! The next thing is that , the people there give importance to their heritage than anything else . The nomads have the habit of digging deep holes in the desert and bury the ancient manuscripts which are considered to be precious . “We have lost everything , our heritage is what we have left and we would never let anyone take it away ” - this is what came from everyone when questioned about the books . Really Amazing . Timbuktu’s defeat in the battle against the Moroccan ruler who intended to take all the gold to build huge structures , left Timbuktu in a very bad state . But still , the city is famous for its gold and its priceless heritage .

Nov 22, 2010


Dark rainy clouds , rain drops gently hitting the window , a misty view of the streets , water running down the roads . It was a great weather .  The rain drops hitting the glass looked like it wanted me to open the window .I was worried i would get wet . But i couldn’t hold , i opened it . The rain drops caressing my face , the cold breeze’s scintillating touch , the music i was hearing , all these made it heavenly . I chided myself for not opening it earlier . She made me happy  - the rain . I wonder how many had fallen in love with her like i did .  But soon she disappeared ,leaving me desperate. She will return soon and give me the delightful experience as she did always  .

Nov 2, 2010

Mysterious Life

I met this guy in my coll . Actually the first one to whom i talked to . It was like we were friends for a year or so , then i had a huge misunderstanding with the gang and started treating them as my enemies . I hated him , wanted to slice him to pieces , even had dreams of annihilating him and his friend . But ,things changed - I changed . It was the influence of a friend . I think it was a good move to patch up with those guys again . I did , and it was kind a good - giving u an impression that you are actually a good and understanding person . It great great to have changed . I was once a complete egoist - not anymore .This is as far as the self-analysis goes .  Foe being a friend is quite a different thing .This guy showed me his version of fun and friendship . I didnt & dont want to get into  or accept his perspective but I still i liked his concept .
I was the sensitive type - cant  take in , if anyone says anything wrong about me .I was known for my short temper .But now , i am not . I have learnt to take in all the ragging and the jokes on me , in a very light way , as i've guessed and am in an idea that , this is their way of showing friendship and that i should accept people as  what they are . Accepting people , controlled temper ....I believe all this is going to help me in becoming a better person .
But still , the other side , keeps telling me that i have made a mistake and that i should teach these people a lesson that they will never forget - but i have developed a kind of deafness to this voice and i believe everything is for good .
Life / Fate is indeed mysterious . You never know when a character will appear and how its going to influence . Its full of unexpected twists and turns and I'm amazed with its brilliance in having so many lives connected  with an interesting plot .