Sep 19, 2010

A wonderful day with the Children of God .

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Had so many memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime .I have always loved being with kids , even my bro calls me Nehru mama , because when i was in school , ill be surrounded by kids during lunch . This happens even now if I visit my school . And , yesterday was a great day with the kids .First i made friends with Navin and Pon mani - 8th graders .

The school , which was started by Father.Parampet , was intended to provide quality education for the children in that area . There is a hostel built  for the destitutes which was constructed  with the fundings from a welfare org - CUOMO  . My coll hostellers were in a Awe ! after seeing that , and they pitied themselves for the kind of hostel they have . It looked more like a resort from the outside  .

The 12 of us left chennai by 7.00 A.M by train . I think it was nearly 2 yrs since i travelled by train . It was so much fun . Me , being the guy who hasn't wandered with friends a lot , found this enthralling . Our friend Prabakar took us to a driving school , were we had our breakfast . Prabha's parents came there to greet us and their hospitality was great . We had the most funniest time of the day in the driving school , and during the travel to that place  . There was so much fun and frolic .
We reached there , and there was , The Noble - Charles Sir , waiting for us . He took us around the school and gave us a brief history of that place . Everyone started to stare at us when we entered . It was kind of strange . Then we served food for the students there , had our lunch with them . I greeted them as 'Boss' and 'Thalaivaa' , so they too called me the same .
The toughest part then was organizing the competition there . It was way too difficult . We all got so exhausted shouting out aloud and giving instructions and all .We had drawing competition , dance , treasure hunt , bowl out , Bun eating competition (the funniest of all) .We donated some money for their meals. After everything , we distributed the gifts and left the school , saying a big Bye  to everyone .
Returned to Chennai , and had our dinner in Buhari . My First TIME OUT with my friends and it was great and i was moved .

   So many lovely hearts , greeting us with smile , holding our hands ,calling us anna , their smile , we serving them food - the joy of giving , Sappa !!!! This is life , the most soulful , purposeful day of my life . How great should it feel for those who shelter them and shower them with love .I wish to have that life !!!!
A great day with my friends and the Children of God . :)

Sep 6, 2010

What an idea !!!

         A recent news in a local daily  appreciated a man from Madurai named chinmayanandham . We all have studied and listened to so many lectures on “Say no to plastic” .But how many of us follow .Not even 10% . With so many problems like global warming  , sea level rise , etc ., what do we do as a responsible citizen to help and save nature in the least possible way that we could ? I guess the answer would be - Nothing !!! . Even I would go with the same answer as we people don’t mostly care of what happens to the environment .

            In such a scenario , I was really moved to see a news that a meat shop owner from Madurai has taken steps to make people avoid using  plastic and  he has actually succeeded in that .He had announced a special offer to all his customers , that four eggs and a discount of four rupees , will be given for those who buy meat  in anything other than plastic .Initially his offer was two eggs and a two rupee discount  , which was not welcomed by the localites as he expected .Being an environmentalist , he was more interested in creating awareness than in earning money .So he increased it to 4 eggs and 4 rs , discount . With this offer people have really started to avoid plastic and buy meat in some utensils .A great success for a noble man’s effort . He is also awarded  by Cens - an environmental agency (please forgive me if the spelling is wrong) . Chinamayanandham’s  goal  is to get his idea to as many people as possible and control the usage of plastic  and he has also stated that if all other shop owners follow such idea , Madurai will soon be free of polythene .

Best wishes to the great man’s  goal . Lets do what we can do support people like him .

Subconscious and Alcohol

                   A movie i saw recently had a scene wherein  two friends , completely drunk were crying for what they have done , sharing their deepest secrets and expressing their feeling of guilt . This made me think if they are speaking the truth under the influence of alcohol . Then i related the scene with what happens in our society . We would probably have seen many such incidents in television or real life .People out of control , people getting into fights , some laying unconscious in streets , crying out loud , laughing , talking to self  and so on . Then i thought if these people were bare inside , naive . I wanted to  know more about this , so i googled .
                    I was wondering if this alcohol opens up their subconscious leaving them in some state of trance or dream  as in most cases they seem to give out their deepest stuffs - desire , emotion or whatever of that sort . Some websites state my opinion to be true and below is one such post

                  "Recent research indicates (but doesnt prove) that when one is drunk, they are in a state in which their subconscious mind is fully open, much like being in a dream.
When one becomes drunk, they release emotions and feelings that they often usually wouldn't, however research shows that most of the emotioins released are that of which the subject felt deep down (in the subconscious) but didn't want to release for a number of reasons such as fear.
Being drunk often feels like being in a dream; its different from being sober, you do what you want, you often dont understand things, or have a greater understanding of things and often don't remember much the following day. This is because the subconscious becomes open when you dream or get drunk.
One will often find that you dont have dreams when you are drunk because your mind see's no difference between dreaming and being drunk, thus explaining the un o- ordination experienced with being drunk."

                 Molestation  is one widely stated  complaint against drunkards . It may be due to the fact that their lust , hidden or controlled  by their conscious mind , is let loose making one unconscious , leaving the sub-c to take control and  quench their desires . So is the case with other problems too . Some people in different parts of the world use alcohol to get into a state of trance which feels real while they are in them. It's only when they wake up that they realize something was actually strange. One usual reason given by these people as to why they drink is that , they do that to forget their sorrows . But this does not seem to happen in all cases . Some get their sorrows planted deep inside, by doing so .
                    There is another concept , that a person continues to stay in the mood he/she was , after drinking but  just expresses  it more loudly .There are many cases in the web which we can take for reference . I read a forum where one guy stated that he likes getting drunk in the dance floor which leaves him out of this world ! and there was another guy stating that he always lost control of his body and that he wetted his bed  , every time he gets drunk , and so many cases like these . I ve even seen some movies where alcohol is used to investigate a person .   All these have one thing in common , which is that they lose control of their consciousness .
                      So i think alcohol opens up a person's subconscious leaving them to do what they like . Doing good or bad stuffs in turn depends on an individual . So at the end the sub-conscious is the executor of  one's deepest interests and who fuels it - the society .


Sep 5, 2010

Wake up sid - What a movie yaar !

This post is coming at you right after i saw Wake up sid . Seriously What a movie yaar ! Great .many of my friends wanted me to see this , they were all praises for the movie . I got kinda more curious . Happened to get this movie from my friend Nisha last friday . Must Thank her first .Thank u Nisha !!!
                     Ranbir's characterisation was great . Many scenes were memorable . Especially those shared by Aisha and Sid . Their frienship turning into cute love .It was nice .The kind of relationship they had , is what i dream of  having with my future partner - Best friends :-)!!(Hey guys Im not blushing!!!!).The Father-son , mother-son and almost all relationships potrayed in the movie was lively .
                   One of my friends , asked me to text her , after seeing the movie , if i liked ranbir's or Aisha's stupid boss's character . Well !!!Ofcouse i like sid's .There is not much of a characterisation in Aisha's boss .She was actually in an idea that i would like the boss's character . Im not that formal or a jerk . I may look formal in certain things that i do and i am dissident in thinking and in my way of approach to issues .But that doesn mean im so formal .My clothing may look like .But im not :-)Period .
                  Finally , Wake up sid - a great movie . Though Aisha was good , Ranbir's co-intern (Oh!forgot her name) was superb (hot) !!!!!!