Jul 22, 2010

Ebook : Petroleum Testing Lab Manual

Petroleum Testing Laboratory
Department of Chemical Engineering
Petroleum refining and Petrochemicals

List Of Experiments :

  1. Flash and Fire point
  2. Redwood Viscometer
  3. Saybolt Viscometer
  4. Engler Viscometer
  5. Distillation Characteristics
  6. API Gravity
  7. Moisture content Determination
  8. Softening Point
  9. Smoke Point
  10. Aniline Point
  11. Cloud and Pour Point
  12. Melting Point of Wax
  13. Copper Strip Corrosion Test 
  14. Congealing Point of Wax

Download Manual .doc

Download Manual  .pdf

Word Master - A perfect aid for competitive exams - Audiobook

Word Master - 2006

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Jul 18, 2010

Have had enough for a day

Why the hell do people consider differences to be psychotic . In my previous post , i said i wont come , and the direct reason is just that i dont like it . Everyone considers roaming and just going out with friends is fun , Well ! I see it in a different way .Right after posting it, I received a call from my friend . He started like " nee yaenda ivvalo mosama ayite " (why ve u become so bad ? ) , as if its a big crime .Then he went on saying that im immature , narrow minded ,insane psycho . Saying that I dont like it , is psychotic? , and i was cursed that i  will regret all that .Why would I regret , if i consider it not even worth thinking about .It was 9min 44sec and i heard all that i needed to , and that too from friends .Looks like none have accepted me as what I am .Funny!!!

Jul 7, 2010


  Finally we have got what we were very badly in need of . It is a fact that a person needs both knowledge and language to survive and shine .The very bad state of our class is that , most of the top ranking students find it really hard to frame even a sentence and end up losing the race . There are lot of factors like hesitation , fear of making mistakes ., etc., but many dont realize that one has to overcome all these to master a language .I was always hoping for something to make them overcome the difficulties in handling a language and be interview-ready . All thanks to Dr. Nagendra gandhi , who is the faculty in-charge for our Comprehension and communication improvement . We had his first class today and was really promising . His way of making students to overcome hesitation was unique and effective .Most of them had their legs shaking , voice breaking  and heavily sweating , once they were on stage .But , it was a good start .In a few months time I see my class , being able to actively participate in social and professional discussions with any hesitation and with confidence :-)

Jul 6, 2010



Well ! I saw a movie today - Triangle 2009 .My friend said it was a nice movie and not to read any reviews before watching the movie. The movie starts off in a promising way , takes you with it and does not leave your mind even after its over . Its a mystery mind-twister .Right after 10 min of run time u start thinking and stay thinking even after its over.New things are added up , when least expected and explained quite well . This movie left me scratching my head  .  There are a few scenes when u really start blinking and try to figure out  what the hell happens there .I am not clear if i liked the movie , but i didnt hate it . Triangle - a complex mystery thriller that demands your attention and leaves you scratching your head when its over .