Jun 28, 2010

Last week of my holidays !

                 Last week of my holidays .Im enjoying it to the core with my family . What is more superb than enjoying a movie with your family and that too in your home sitting or lying down comfortably . Telugu movies all through the week .Was enjoying them !!! Thank God they all had subtitles in english that help me go on with the movie and enjoy it to the fullest .Of all the movies i saw , Leader - 2010  impressed me a lot .I saw it twice in the same week , was really great .But today has been the worst day for me this year .There was no power supply in my area since yesterday night , due to rains .Got it back only now. Aaarg !!! No power , no computer(i spend almost all my with it) , no charge in my phone and ipod  , it was like beind in a strange island all alone . Bloddy hell!  But, Thank God it came now.

Annoyingly Friendly !!!

  Mohamed Shahid , my class mate , an ambitious, hard working , annoying and overall a different personality .People find it hard to share time with him due to his nature .But myself and my friend saravanan were the only ones of our class who were atleast a bit closer to him. He shares almost all of his opinions with me .This guy has an unusual habit of calling me everyday by 7 or 8 pm and talk some non-sense over the phone (i mean - just mokka) .It was very annoying for me in the beginning . When my friends asked me why i still hang out with him , i just said that it was for some courtesy .But actually I was wrong .His annoying calls later turned out to be a usual thing everyday .I started to miss his calls when he didnt call me .And i was really pleased that this guy called me almost everyday even during the holidays , no matter where he is . Then i realised his affection or friendship for me . Though his calls were annoying , i missed it , when he forgot to do so. This annoying Friend will always stay in my memory :-) .Thanks for your friendship Shahid !!!

Jun 5, 2010

I just dont like it !

I am friendly with almost everyone i meet , but that doesnt mean that they are my friends. My way of choosing friends is different and I keep each one in each stage . I prioritize people , and i think its really good . The higher stage they are in , the closer they are to me .I dont like someone out of my circle to comment on me . Recently a guy , a senior to me in college , commented on one my photos in a way which i didnt like .I was very much irritated to see someone out of my legion , my world to comment on me that way . It actually made me extremely angry and asked him for an explanation , and an apology .He simply calls it to be a joke and calls me sensitive .Who wouldnt be , if some stranger comments on them . Sensitive I am ! but not to those around me , For I have enough self-respect and ego , if u would like to call it that way , to show my anger to that stranger who comments on me . I would be the most friendliest person , for a stranger to meet and talk with . But im just the opposite , the other way around .

An adventurous voyage !!

Holidays !!! Really boring, with no serious work to do I just killed my time, playing some games and watching movies . It was damn so bad without friendly arguments , fights ,etc.,I miss all those . I'm waiting for my college to reopen . One fine day , when i was day dreaming , as i usually do when i have no stuff to do , i saw a great golden lion running towards me , and there a bulb glowed above my head , an idea !. I planned to go to narnia ., as in harry potter , I used my mp3 player as a portkey to get there . Got onboard the Dawn Treader , finished my voyage with King Caspian's crew and explored the wild east .It was a great adventure , with the death lake , dufflepuds , magician , sea-serpent , and ofcourse with my favourite Reepicheep . Now that my voyage is over , Im on a mission to find the Silver Chair . Hope the mission is as adventurous as always.