May 19, 2010

What a rainy day !!!

It was raining when I started for training from my home . As usual the bus seats were all wet which left me standing for more than an hour . My classmate joined me with the travel to perungudi .We had an instinct that the hostellers wont come today and it was proved correct from a message from them. Anyway they are not to be blamed ,Who can ride a bike when its so darn rainy .The whole estate was flodded .We both reached the company , informed that others wont come and started to look into some of their Purchase Documents .The funny and the interesting part started when we went for lunch .It was raining so hard and loud that left everyone there amazed .I ve never witnessed such a noisy rain which was almost like ripping the asbestos ceiling away . We were not able to bear the force of it . The rain made its way to the room , almost breaking the door. When it went calm , we started from there and saw the effect of its force with signal posts and trees pulled off the ground. Somehow we got the bus and reached the home drenched.” Enough rain for one day “ ., that was the most widely given comment in the bus for today’s rain . I usually stay home when it rains heavily but today I had to take a long journey to the industry . Travelling in rain , though a part of it is just so disgusting , it was kind of fun .It was a different rainy day altogether for me …

First day of Training

Just another training , but the special thing about the company than others is the kind of rapo between the employers and employees .Even work is made done perfectly not with fear but with respect and loyalty .Our training started with a small presentation and we were separated into batches and its like , one day – one department thing .I wont say it was superb , but was o.k. The biggest part of the first day story was my travel .I missed buses , got down in the wrong stops , got irritated with a share auto wala who took me 4 km away from the exact location and got back finally after so much chaos . By the time i reached there i was almost exhausted .But the air conditioned ambience made me quite comfortable . Though it was depressing in the morning , we managed to take some photos when we started from there .On the whole my first day was  convincing but not interesting .

May 16, 2010

Sweet - Kaaram - Kaapi

That's how i would define my examinations .It strated with a sweet - Numerical techniques which was damn so easy and everyone had the  "I did well"., kind of expression on their faces .The next two exams were packed with extra spices , it was too hot .Cre and Heat Transfer were just pefect mirchi masala , though it didnt make our eyes watery it made most of us feel uncomfortable ,left us pretty much worried .The next three exams were like exquisite south indian filter coffee as they were very warm to us and made us feel way too happy ,and  there was even extra sugar with Process instrumentation , as most us finished in around 2 hrs and got almost all answers right .Finally comes Energy Engineering , no one even bothered to care about it as it was the best platform to unleash our story writing skills , and everyone wrote their own version of the story .Exams are all over , but I hope god showers us with a wonderful rain to bring us out of the mirchi effect .:-)