Mar 27, 2010

Prashanth Mohunta Memorial Award

23.3.10 was a special day to the students of  my college .It marked in our history , the presentation of Prashanth Mohunta Memorial Award for Academic Excellence , with full of frienship and hope.

  "A faithful friend is a strong defence and that hath found such a one hath found a treasure "
 It was not just another award giving function for the studious , it was more than that , a honour to a friend .This award was sponsered and presented by Shri.G.V.Prasad ,Vice-Chairman and CEO of Dr.Reddy's Laboratory ,who is also a close friend of Mr.Prashanth .The award was 25000 Rs for first and 15000 for the second ranked student of each year .The meeting was a re-union of the 1983 Chemical Engineering batch of our college .Mr.Kapil who was the Host, Mr.Prasad and all their friends came out of their professional boundaries and travelled back to their college days.It was lively with fun.
All ,scattered to different places were brought under one roof for one man's true friendship and the positive change he had brought in all of them during their coll days.Mr.Prashanth is the luckiest man in this whole world with all his friends remembering him even after his departure to the other world and honouring him by giving an award by his name.Most of them shared their memories about Him with us.Everyone's words were soaring out of them with so much love.What a great man Mr.Prashanth would have been to have gained such a great treasure -True friends . Mr.Prashanth still lives in all of them and now with the students of our college and will continue to . " Friendship's the wine of life ,it becomes special as it gets old. "


Mar 25, 2010

The Witch of Portobello

The Witch of Portobello is a a very unique and compelling tale. Part of what draws the reader in is the story itself and part is the very unique way it is written. Rather than a straight forward narrative, or a dialogue or even a series of letters this is a unique narrative technique. It is written as a series of first person accounts of individuals interactions with our unusual heroine Athena aka the Witch of Portobello.

Athena's story is told as other's tell it, through their own words, and with all of their emotions, anger, support, respect or disgust.Athena is a young woman who tries to fill the spaces, the silences in her life. The more she tries to fill them the more dissatisfied she becomes. Until she learns that it is the silences between the notes that make the music so powerful. When she learns to embrace the silence, the spaces, she finds a power an energy. She becomes a spiritual leader, some see her as a saint and some see her as a sinner. She is both revered and feared. A saint and a demon. The compiled documents help us to see Athena for who she was.

Not only is Athena's characterisation enigmatic,the others are crafted too well with each being a part of her and she being a part in them.The gypsy tradition, Mother nature ,transcendental state ,rituals , love, spirit guide ,finding your hidden powers or gifts., are all interesting and inspiring too .And i found it really amazing to enter her world through the audiobook ,as the voice of Rita wolf was as mystical as Athena's characterisation .An amazing and a different experience it had been!!!!

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Mar 21, 2010

Pandoravai Thaandi Varuvaya!!

A nice mix .Avatar mixed with our Vtv .Its really good ,even the dialogues sink perfectly .Awesome work.I dont know who did this ,but anyway congrats to his/her efforts.Sharing with u , with lots of Joy and awe ,


Music : Alice in Wonderland

01. Alice's Theme [05:07]
02. Little Alice [01:34]
03. Proposal/Down the Hole [02:58]
04. Doors [01:51]
05. Drink Me [02:48]
06. Into the Garden [00:50]
07. Alice Reprise #1 [00:26]
08. Bandersnatched [02:42]
09. Finding Absolem [02:41]
10. Alice Reprise #2 [00:38]
11. The Cheshire Cat [02:07]
12. Alice And Bayard's Journey [04:04]
13. Alice Reprise #3 [00:24]
14. Alice Escapes [01:07]
15. The White Queen [00:36]
16. Only A Dream [01:25]
17. The Dungeon [02:18]
18. Alice Decides [03:14]
19. Alice Reprise #4 [01:01]
20. Going To Battle [02:41]
21. The Final Confrontation [01:41]
22. Blood Of The Jabberwocky [02:37]
23. Alice Returns [03:14]
24. Alice Reprise #5 [02:55]

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Mar 18, 2010

Incredible India!!!

My India is always fabulous . Do u think i'm going to write about culture ?, politics ?, population ? or secularism ? . Not at all .Its Love that i'm going to  talk about. There might have been religious wars , so many communal clashes ,so many problems ,but still its united .We ask for seperation of states even divide one to two or three ,but still we all are Indians. Sounds ridiculous? .Will definitely do .But that's the truth .India is a place for those who love life , a place where crazed lovers live , it holds u in a tight embrace , it lets u hear its heartbeat ,hearts to your left , hearts to your right .It is not a country but a gathering of lovers.This is India. We fight ,we argue but we all remain together .India is just Incredible .Wondering what made me write all ?.It's Delhi-6 ,the movie .Fantastic piece of artwork .Just saw it today and really loved it. My favourite dialogue in the movie - "Look into the mirror , when you are happy u see a speck of light ,In every speck shines His divine light, Look within yourself ,He isn't far from you."

Mar 16, 2010

Blogger in Draft

Blogger has made its first major update in some time. For those tired (really, really tired) of the limited selection of templates available, it’s (finally) launched a template designer, as of last Thursday.
Of course, there were a number of sites that you could access to customized templates that went directly into the actual source code of templates to create new ones, and you could even muck with the HTML yourself. Still, none of those were supported by Blogger, and some of them caused issues.

With the template designer, currently only available by logging Blogger’s "experimental" login site, Blogger in Draft, you can start with a number of newly designed templates, customize them further, even down to (finally) being able to alter widths of columns, use stock photos for backgrounds, and more. You’ll find theBlogger Designer when you login at Blogger in Draft and go into your Layout tab (as above).
Click into the Template Designer and you’ll see the above. Below it will be a live preview of your site. From there you can drop into one of the sub-categories, even to Advanced where you can modify individual portions of your blog.
Here’s what Blogger said:
Here’s what we’re launching today to Blogger in Draft:
  • 15 new, highly-customizable templates from our design team, split into four families: Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, and Watermark
  • One-, two-, and three-column layouts for each template, with complete control over the size and arrangement of the columns
  • Hundreds of background images and patterns from iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace
Tips from the Blogger Team
  • Get your links to match a background image quickly by using the Background panel’s “Main color theme” to adjust all of your blog’s colors at once. This works particularly well with Simple’s second design.
  • With a three-column footer, you can fit in several gadgets to interest your readers after they’re done reading your post. For inspiration, read Derek Powazek’s post, “Embrace your bottom!”
  • If you’re using our new Pages feature, put the Page List gadget in the wide section at the top of your blog. We’ve added unique tab designs to all of the newtemplates.
  • Many of the patterns in the background image picker are semi-transparent, to let your blog’s background color show through. Look for the “transparency page curl” to see which patterns these are.
  • The Attribution gadget (added to the footer by all new templates) is there to give credit not just to the designer and artist of the background image, but to you as well. Edit its settings by clicking “Edit” on Layout > Page Elements to add your own authorship or copyright information.
So try the Blogger in Draft and I'm sure that you will like it .

Mar 15, 2010

Download google books!!!!

5 Tools to Download any Book from Google and save it as PDF

Google Book Search is a tool from Google that searches the full text of books that Google scans, converts to text using optical character recognition, and stores in its digital database. Many popular books are available with Google Book. The books available can be read online only and cannot be downloaded for later use. You can download certain books as pdf that allows public-domain works and are free from copyright protection. Only few books are available with full preview based on agreements with publishers.

Following are different tools using which you can download any Google book and save it as PDF file or print it.

1) Google Books Downloader

Google Book Downloader is a tool that allows you to save book as PDF from google to your computer. Before using this tool make sure you have properly installed Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1(Install)

How to use Google Books Downloader?

  1. Download Google Books Downloader. Extract or unzip the file. Double click mdgb.exe to run the application.
  2. Paste the URL of the book you want to download.
  3. Press “Check” button. Book will be checked and all available pages will be retrieved.
  4. Press “Download entire book” button to download all the pages in one go.
  5. Press “Save entire book as…” button. All downloaded pages will be saved in PDF format.

2) Leechvideo

Visit leechvideo and input URL of the book you searched from Google. Input the URL for the book you want to download and press the ‘Grab’ button. The page retrieval process in the form of image files will start as soon as you press the ‘Grab’ button. Click right mouse button on the links and save it manually one by one. You can use Orbit for batch downloading

3) Greasemonkey script

This is the most powerful and stable way to download Google Book. You can easily download any book from using Greasemonkey script. Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. This hack only works with firefox browser. Make sure you install firefox browser.
  2. Install Flashgot to firefox browser and restart your firefox browser.
  3. Search any book on and you’ll notice a download button at the sidebar as shown in screenshot.
  4. Click the download button to download the images of each. Select the pages you wish to download and then right click and select FlashGot Selection to download the selected pages.


Visit laneware. The tool works only on IE browser. Input the URL of the book you wish to download and you will get the links of the pages retrieved. I tried the tool but did not found much success. You can use its ‘FAQ and Help’ section for troubleshooting tips.

5) ClickBook

If you are looking for advance tool that can download google book and can print them for you as well then ClickBook is the best solution for you. The tool does not come free and is available for $49.95. Works only with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista. Visit ClickBook for more details.

6) Download book without using any Tool

  1. Open computer with admin privileges and launch your Internet Explorer (Not Firefox). Now visit to the page in that you want to download.
  2. Navigate to “C:\Documents and Settings\%admin_name%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\” of your computer machine and delete all of the content of the folder.
  3. Browse the pages of the books that you want to download.
  4. Open “Temporary Internet Files” folder. Copy all PNG files. These files are nothing but the pages of the scanned book
  5. You can print the png files and arrange them in order for reading.


Have some ethics...Do not support Piracy

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Mar 7, 2010

The Journey is finally over

The Journey through the magical world of Harry Potter is finally over .Awesome experience!!!.I finished The Deathly Hallows Audiobook only recently and Wow , its just so amazing .The quest for the hallows and the horcruxes is a fantabulous adventure.The Seven Potters,Bathida's Secret, Malfroy Manor , and the last 8 chapters are my favourites. But im a bit worried about the movie. David Yates who has spoiled the adventure by giving more importance to emotions rather than the story, is the big problem. READ THIS .Hope he doesnt spoil Deathly Hallows too...

He is Better !!???

I ve accepted my fault with my foe , but compromising and getting along together is an impossible thing , for me. Last week an argument started with my friend who claimed my foe is far better and most genuine than me , which left me quite disturbed. The core of this argument is that i had my foe's name as Joker in my phone.Is this a big issue???? But it seems to be one.And it is said i always blow up small things.. He stabbed at my self-esteem ,ego or whatever ,directly by saying im worst than that guy .And the only reason he could give is that i had his name as Joker. I dont see anything wrong in this. I do not take anyone's suggestion that easily but this guy, is a matured one who most of the time corrects me .But in this issue, there is no way of accepting his opinion. What do u think? ..Egoist,am I ? So be it.. If there is anything that has to do with the ones that i dislike , I am CRUEL....