Jan 23, 2010

I'm a Wunderkind

Im back to the wonderland of songs.For over 3 yeras now all u can find in my mobile phone or my mp3 player are Soundtracks,soundtracks and soundtracks alone. I spend around 3 hrs a day listening to them.The angels and demons, Narnia 1 and 2 , Avatar are my top favourites . But now, Regina Skeptor's "The Call" hooked me back to the songs. Though the soundtracks (non-lyric) takes u to a field and lets u envisage without any boundaries , Songs do have their power to lure u into a world of their own. I believe the magic is in the perfect fusion of the music and the voice. And now i ve been listening to a few songs repeatedly . Imogen Heap's "Can't take it in" and Alanis Morisette's "Wunderkind" are running in my mind all the time .Especially the two time grammy award winner Alanis' song is wonderful that i feel like "I'm a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment..I'm a wunderkind" . In my journey im in a wonderland now :-)

Jan 12, 2010

Mother Nature

I am a force of the ancient world, a power that is unstoppable. I was born at the start of time, daughter of a mighty God, princess of a beautiful kingdom. I am Mother Nature.
I am the gentle breeze upon the dancing leaves of the old birch tree, I am the warm rays that reflect upon the ripples of a peaceful river, I am the rage of a forest fire, the icy chill of a deadly blizzard and the stampede of a mighty tidal wave. I am deadly as I am beautiful. I am Mother Nature.
Creatures large and small, mobile and immobile answer to my calls and actions. Sleeping through winter and awake during summer, my children follow me. But one of my children has become a power himself, capable of challenging my authority over this world.
That child is man. Already he has killed many of my children, dug deep into my flesh and is poisoning me with choking fumes of carbon dioxide. Man is causing me to die, but I am Mother Nature, I am far more powerful. If man does not change his ways, then I shall deliver upon him the final blow for I am Mother Nature.

Jan 9, 2010

The Mad Hatter is coming soon...

Johnny Depp is gonna come back , but this time not with the pirates ,but with Alice and the wonderland.The movie's recently released trailer is awesome .Tim burton has created a whole new fantastic and creative world ....which looks very much like a WWWonderland that u would think about.I am waiting to watch it . I believe Tim would take me to a whole new world like cameroon's Pandora and that too in 3D . Waiting to get into Alice's Wonderland!!!!

Click Here To Watch the Trailer

Dark and Difficult Times Ahead..

This year started with a very big surprise for me .I was amazed , literally shocked to see my Time table and the faculties who r gonna handle our subjects.Well!! What do u know....We have dean , ex-dean , hod and most of the big shots of our college taking classes for us.Though their classes are interesting and good ,i feel i'll have to study hard to keep pace with them. All ebooks collected , and im all set for the tough battle ahead. Hope everything turns Good and successfull!!!!!!!