Nov 20, 2009

After a Long time!

Blogging after a very long time!!! Blimey! It feels great. Last assessment tests took my time off. After all the tests , end sem practicals now im free. My end sem exams are going on, but thats alright , there is plenty of time between two exams.I've done my exams well till now.

Apart from all these exams and stuff now the thing that is bothering me, is what to get for my birthday.I had four options,
1. 2-gb RAM
2. Wrist watch
3. Shoes
4. something other than these.

My system runs with a 512 mb ram and i am so sick of it.So was thinking about geeting a 2G ram.But i dropped it. Now, in a great confusion whether to get a watch or shoes.My mom says go for fastrack, and my brother wants me to get a branded shoe ( because he could use it).
My Timex wrist watch is pretty old with so much scartches and my shoes are old too. Deciding that i would go for a watch i was surfing through fasttrack's website and you know what, It is not those watches that got my stares but the wallets they have.They are so Good but there arises a qusetion "Is it really necessary to spend 300 to 500 Rs/- for a wallet ?"......My mind says , "If i could get one for 80-150 rs why go for a costlier one ,so dropped the idea.Now in great confusion.I have 3 days left and i've no clue for what im gonna buy .
I think it would be option 4.
God only knows !!!!!!!!!!

Music:Pirates of the Caribbean-Soundtracks

Hans Zimmer Rocks! Wondering why? I am one among those who loves listening to soundtracks, and my recent time favourite is the soundtrack of Angels and Demons. I just love it and i listen to those (atleast air and fire) once in a day.This way i started liking Hans Zimmer's music and went on to download his other works and i started with the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Bloody hell!!! Its so Great. For sometime from now this will be my favourite until i find some other amazing work of Hans.

Download Links

Download The Curse Of The Black Pearl Soundtrack-Klaus Badelt.

Download The Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack

Download At World's End Soundtrack

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