Jun 19, 2009

Last Day of Training

Well the last of training was such a gruesome experience. All the students, almost around 100 were in the hall. By 10 or 10.30 a HR came , i dont know his name, but he'll look so dynamic, he gave a lecture once ,which was the best of all that we had , he gave us so much info in just half an hour , i mean all the essential stuff for the report, that day. Today he came in with a book and started asking some questions , ofcourse no one answered anyway, but none seem to know the meaning of what discipline is all about.He then said ,"As you people are not answering i will just give all details necessary", and then he went on for it.While he was speaking, students there were chatting ,some were laughing out aloud ,some messaging and some were just mocking him. I fell so different from others ,because even though i was not in a mood to listen i atleast pretended to do so giving him the respect he deserves......but I wonder how these people are so immatured. Then a lady came and asked us why we were shouting like KG students......i dont know whats so hilarious about her words ,everyone started laughing like anything.How can people attend a professional meeting even without knowing what manners ia all about!....Hope these Morons will change soon.......

Jun 17, 2009

Ebook- Petroleum refining

I found these books after great struggle.Use these to gain knowledge but do not try to use them for exams as our professors will not accept it.....because they go with local authors like Baskara Rao...and stuff.....







Also search http://www.esnips.com for more books

Salary Details in Cpcl

You might think that u can enjoy with all the allowances from cpcl if u work there....being a Public Sector Company.here are the details about the packages that I myself got to know by asking the workers there.I met a person who finished his diploma in kongu college having 9 years of experience in other companies and 3 yrs in cpcl......his take home salary is only 9000 Rs....On interogation i found that an engineer would earn around 25ooo Rs....total........We had a seminar on economic scenario by the Manager,Pricing,Cpcl who have so much experience and qualification is getting only 58k.............So my suggestion is that if opt for more money, go for some private concerns

Jun 15, 2009

Got the results for 4th Sem today ..7.20pm

Maths : C
Phy.Chem : A
Natural Gas :B
Petro.Refinery :A
Petro.chemicals :A
Instrumental methods :A
org.chem lab :S
Technical lab :S

GPA : 8.667

Industrial Visit

My industrial visit turned out to be the worst nightmare i ever had.I happened to get myself trained in CPCL , Manali. It was a 2 week training program. we spent the first two days in a hall listening to speeches and presentation.....the plant visit was on the following days 12.6.09, 15.6.09, and 17.6.09........i got to many things , what i have seen in books stood there gigantically but as i always thought it wouls be..it was noisy with bad odour everywhere ,people like me after doing their ug or pg work here in uniform in the midst of all these noises....i feel pity for them...so much of hard work for nothing !.. Hello! what happened to your individuality?
Even Before the trainng i ve planned not to enter this area and work like everyone else losing my individuality...I have set MY path clear .....my future is bright with people working for me.....and i live with so much respect.A few pics of mine in the plant area