Mar 22, 2015

100 days of love - An Experience

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.

Now!!  that's the line to start describing this experience with.  I'm not an avid follower of malayalam movies but the good ones doesn't get to evade me so easily. The first look poster,  DQ - Nithya,  and with the way the trailer leaves an impression with its wonderful music and an intriguing cinematography,  this movie went into my must-watch list instantly. Today I had the pleasure of experiencing,  as I would like to call it,  Jenuse mohamed's 100 days of love.

What makes this movie special apart from the technical finesse is the great performance.

The best thing about the protagonist, DQ is his subtlety and he fits perfectly into the role of BKN. You don't get to see a single scene where he either over-performs or under-performs. Nithya is gorgeous (if that word can actually define just the being she is) .

"Her smile was magic",  exclaims BKN when describing their special moment to his friend Ummar.  I second you dude.  It indeed is magic. She is unconventional and that makes her truly special,  as the character she portrays - Sheela. So the movie is exactly 100 days of love from BKN's perspective,  with the 100th day being the climax . The director's love for art and his interest in retro and classics is quite evident and that makes the movie all the more interesting.

100 days Of Love Official Trailer:

Ummar - BKN's friend,  Mr.Rahul - (such a cliché - that's exactly how Jenuse describes the character) and Sheela's parents,  all have done their part perfectly.

Govind Menon's songs are good but the background score is in a completely different level and is scintillating.  He lures you graciously into the dreamy romantic experience the story is set to offer you. The trailer is more than enough to stand as proof.

‘Hridayathin Niramayi’ 100 Days of Love - Time to go retro with romance -

The cinematography paints Jenuse's romantic tale with magic and the colors that would definitely make you love the painting,  the movie is.  If it's one scene to quote,  it would be the one where BKN and Sheela first meet - the rain,  the reflections,  her smile and his awe - just perfect and magical.

I have tried my best to not stride in the path of revealing the story / plot and spoil the experience but couldn't resist the urge to applaud the simplicity and the talent.

The movie is like a painting,  simple and yet beautiful,  that leaves you with warmth and a smile on your face.

I give it a 4/6 ( why rate it always on 5 ;-))