Apr 3, 2014

Galaxy Note 3 - The Pen is mightier than the Light Saber

For me , a phone is something that is very difficult to stay away from .  Looks and the build quality has been my top priority when it comes to choosing a phone . All the beefed up specs that's gloriously packed in a wonderfully attractive design is the key for any flagship . To satisfy me after a round of unhappy stints, i arrived at the Glorious Galaxy Note 3 , and i proudly say that i am completely satisfied .
There are thousands of reviews and specs sheets out there . This is going to be the key important things that i find with the Note 3 .

For Detailed Review – Click here

Glorious Stuff :

  1. Splendid high pixel density , HD 5.5” screen .
  2. Decent design with a textured plastic (i basically hate samsung’s design ) which makes it look premium in all ways .
  3. The S Pen , much better than the previous version and is what that keeps other flagships far far away from this .
  4. Jedi tricks like, scrolling email and internet browser with your face movements . Waving your hand around to move things in the phone  , smart pause , smart play , air view , motions , hands free , multi window (& multi window inside multi window)and all that Samsung could muster to help you show-off . 

Not so glorious stuff :

  1. 13 MP camera is fine but is not a great performer in low light conditions and certainly not expected in a flagship . Grainy images in low light from a high end flagship – shame on you Samsung !!!
  2. Touchwiz does not look professional . With Note 3 advertised majorly around the professional side , the skin is a bit too cartoony , which seriously needs update . I would prefer Sense(HTC) or Flat(Xperia) UI when it comes to professional looks .
  3. For all the muscle power it has , there is a considerable lag in turning on the lock screen . Though its just around 5 secs , it just cannot be accepted . 

If you are fan of big gorgeous screen and would like to use (actually show-off) all the exciting unique features – note 3 is the one for you and that is exactly why is perfect for me . No dependency or whatsoever on any other device (laptop) , can use it stand alone .