Jan 12, 2014

Losing my phone

Can you live without your current smartphone for a day or two ?

The answer is definitely Yes but its very very difficult for most people like me . In an era where smartphone has become an integral part of many lives , losing it or not being with it is not an easy task .

So , what do i do with my smartphone ?
  1. Most important thing are my contacts .
  2.  I keep in touch with as many as i could and maintain my circle of friends , share things , hardships , fun , photos , etc.,
  3. Email Accounts , Social networks , Chat services , sometimes banking apps .
  4. Imporant documents either as a primary copy or for backup .
  5. Almost 16 Gig contents (music , photos , and videos)
  6. And more importantly , my smartphone has become an extended part of myself that i would always keep with me and never leave it alone .. I mean never .

Mine was also a priced proud possesion . It was sony's first waterproof , scratch proof and SHATTER proof smartphone and had an awsome 12 MP camera . It soon became something extraordinary and everybody got to know about it as the phone which still works when dropped a 100 times and drowned in water several times . I was proud to hold it in my hands . It was not a shimmering piece of work but a sturdy rugged one that i loved holding in my hands . More than all that , it held a lot of me within it , a lot ..and became something of a bridge to my past and future .

I missed it in less than a minute . It was in a movie hall . I stood up from the seat and took two steps and realized my heart dropping down to my knees . It was missing . That weight is gone . I start swearing and cursing and barged in and broker the crowd moving from their seats . I knelt down , searched around , as much as i could and it was gone . But i still had hope the i could find it . I quickly ran around trying to observe and identify any single thing that could lead me to my phone , but in vain . The added crowd in the cinema's lobby for the new releases made it even more difficult .
I found a friend , borrowed his phone and gave a ring and it rang and for a moment i was happy , happy that someone would pick it up and tell me ' Oh !! is it yours !! I just found it here ' ... but didnt happen . The next call went directly to voice mail and all the hope i had drained away that i felt so stranded .

It became quite clear that its gone - stolen !! The worst thing is that i didnt have a password lock .
I cant help the data but i could save my email accounts , i quickly started resetting access to everything and blocked my sim . Now that it gone , i am vulnerable to too many complications , so i started creating proofs and eveidence that i reported my phone stolen . If you ever come to my situation , go to this link and register a complaint first : https://online.met.police.uk/report/report.php .
It was very very useful .

I also called the non-emergency number for london police and was told that a complaint would not be taken if it was lost in a privately managed place . Confused , i began to worry more . But next day , i was called by london police with reference to the complaint i registered online and all details were collected including IMEI . Anyone tried to sell my phone in any registered exchange or cash converters , a check for the IMEI would be run and police would be notified and that i have a slightlest chance of getting my phone back .

It was quite clear that i am not going to get it back but i made sure i save myself and my data getting into any further complications

If you have lost your mobile , this is what you will do .

  1. Reset all applications password .
  2. If you lost it in london , register a complaint here 
  3. Call your network provider and block your sim card or if possible your phone too with its IMEI number .
  4. Have slightest satisfaction that alteast you have some proofs with you to fight your vulnreability .
and lessons learnt
  2. Install some apps which would help you locate or lock down your phone remotely .
  3. If you are an android user ,make sure you have this configured - https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager
  4. Always have a back up of your data . Sweat not !! There are loads of apps which perform scheduled backup .
Hope you dont lose your phone , but if you do , make sure you are not as unprepared as i was .
My next , shall not be just another phone but something more .