Jul 15, 2012

Billa 2 Movie Review – A Random Juggling of Suits , Bullets and Blood

Ajith Kumar Billa 2 Movie Wallpapers

What’s It About !
A Srilankan Refugee with the thirst to be more and to be better , moves up the ladder to become one of the most feared Dons by eliminating all those who he thinks , are his enemies.
Actually he moves up ,pretty darn slow !!!

Analysis :
When they re-made the yesteryear Billa , there was so much expectations around it and it did deliver what was expected and acquired a cult status . Now we have Billa-2 , supposedly the first Prequel in Indian Cinema - a movie about the Don’s history . Chakri Toleti , given such a huge opportunity has miserably failed to deliver a worthy prequel . Billa wants to be a DON and he becomes one is the storyline . But how did he come to the level , should have been dealt with much care , rather than a dumb screenplay and nothing but murder all over .
Be it the hero or the villains , there is no proper characterization . Everyone just comes , walks around and dies . Though the first half is manageable , the second half is a total disaster . There is not a single scene in the movie that will make you wanna see again .It is difficult to sustain interest as the pace is going no-where expect to the floors .
The Dialogues is the only positive thing about the movie . After providing such huge hits with his previous films , Yuvan is seriously disappointing . This is definitely not the kind of music for Billa-2 , especially after what he provided for Mankatha and Billa-1 .
Even a good actor , with looks and talent , will need a good screenplay and a powerful music , to satisfy - if not the gen pop , at least his fans . The movie has nothing to invite the audience for the second time . And seriously why are there only items numbers in the movie ?? Probably that is a strategy to bring in repeated audience . But believe me , it is not going to work .

Performances :
Performance ?? – Where and who ??? is what you will think about when you actually see the movie . Mankatha had great scope for Ajith and he did the negative role with so much finesse and it was hugely appreciated . But this movie gives him nothing . Walking around with blood and a rock hard face isnt good enough . Almost all the characters in the movie has nothing to express . They just move their jaws to utter the dialogues , and that’s all there is and nothing more . There are a few scenes which are made to be get huge response from the crowd , but are just frivolous . (Especially the scene where he saves Parvathy and the climax helicopter sequence) .
Well the Ladies !! Bruna Abdulla is just bad .. There s nothing good about her . Parvathy Omanakuttan , despite her looks , fails to provide an impression .
Villain Abbassi is ok but Dimitriv is hilarious !!!

Bottom-Line :
Billa 2 is naïve and boring . Ajith and great cinematography alone cannot run a show . Music , screenplay & direction are just terribly bad . Wont even satisfy Ajith fans . Its for a very specific group of people .

Billa 2 the beginning – Could have been better.

Rating : 2.5/5 (for the dialogues,camera work and being true to the gangster tone) .

A change of Idea…of Shirts …of Pants


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